our beauty resolutions

14 December 2009

So we all have our resolutions for 2010 right? What about your beauty resolutions? Now I know that you wont all have them, so here are mine for some inspiration :) Let's see how many I can keep!

  • First off i'm going to go for the usual, drink a lot more water. I have been trying to do it recently.. but admittedly havn't tried very hard! I hate tap water and so it has to be filtered first, whether that means through a brita filter or I must buy bottled water it just makes it a little less convenient.
  • I feel as though I should moisturise my body more.. i've been focussing a lot of my attention on my legs over the last 6months and now that I have found a product theat doesn't bring them out blotchy and nasty I can get the rest of my body upto scratch too :)
  • I recently heard that liquid foundations can clog your pores and am not entirely sure how I was so unaware of this! So I have decided that when the weather lightens up a bit and my skin doesn't need so much moisture that I will swap my makeup routine around a bit. I've heard a lot about bare minerals and am intreagued to see how it could work for me, maybe as well as other similar products.. we will see :)
  • I have been working on my eyebrows for a couple of months now. Yes I made the fatal mistake of plucking on top rather than below! You dont need to tell me i'm an idiot.. I was a clueless 14 year old that actually thought I knew a lot :P Anyway.. I am determined to grow them in fully in the new year! Without using any assistance from regrowth products though, sorry girls i've heard many non-biased professionals say they are complete pishtosh! I must learn to be more patient and not get so frustrated.
  • I'd like to remember to wear perfume more often. I own about 10 - 15 yummy bottles of perfume and yet each day I wear impulse siren body spray.. Even when I go out on the town or to meals.. everywhere! I'm not sure why I do it but a friend mentioned to me that it may be because perfume doesnt last as long and I am subconcious that I may smell not so nice.. lol sounds lovely right! Anyway, I'm going to wear perfume more often but would love it if any of you had any tips or tricks on making the scent last longer? That way I may remember more often.. Maybe :)
  • I will have a make up clean up when I move out in the new year, I will I will I will! Rid of the old makeup.. clean my tweezers, brushes (not that I don't anyway) & eyelash curlers and even sharpen my many eyeliners!
  • Finally.. but I feel most importantly, my main resolution for the new year is to get fit and healthy and stay that way. It will not only include drinking lots more water but also eating more of a healthy and balanced diet, I intend to start eating a healthy breakfast each morning and excercising a whole tonne more seeing as right now I do no form of excercise other than walking to work in the mornings. It isnt enough, I don't feel healthy and I don't want this unhealthyness to be reflected on my skin. I will do it.. even if it means some how becoming able to afford to go to the gym!!
 What are your beauty resolutions? &if you don't have any yet.. i'd love to hear your general new years resolutions too! :)

♥ abby xx

review: american cream conditioner from lush

6 December 2009

Compared to my other reviews this one will be quite short..

Okay so Lush say that their conditioner, American Cream, is the fruity and creamy product us girls should use to make our hair strokeably soft before dates etc.. Well  i'm not so sure that I would! Don't get me wrong american cream feels as though it is doing as it should and conditions through your hair rather than adding a layer around it like most chemical filled conditioners do. I can tell this as when moving the conditioner through my hair it doesn't feel so silky soft and easy to pull my fingers through. Now that has to be a good thing right? I think so.

Now onto the smell.. This is the only reason that I cannot and will not be purchasing american cream. A lot of people may think that i'm mad but I cannot stand the smell of those parma violet sweets.. I hate the taste, the smell and even the look of those powdery little monsters, the smell especially makes me feel sick! When in the bottle, american cream doesn't seem to have much of a scent but when warm and in contact with my hair it transforms :( I was not impressed! &I have to say if on a date I wouldnt want a guy to remember me as the girl whos hair smelt like parma violets..

I was gutted about the smell of this product being so vile especially after I had blow dried my hair and could feel how light and fluffy it was!

So to recap.. If you like the smell of parma violets then this is definitely worth a shot! But if not.. stay well away!

♥ abby xx

review: big from lush

2 December 2009

Love love love love loving big! & how big it's making my hair at the moment.

Normally i'm just a straighten it and leave it kinda girl but before using big I had started to want more volume and began to blow dry my hair mostly upside down, teasing the roots of my hair in places and using hairspray! (which I never ever resort to) But after using big a few times I feel I wont have to resort to this very often anymore.. Yes i'm still hanging upside down when I  blow dry my hair but thats half because of the fun of doing it
and because I look kinda crazy when I stand up properly :p

I found the consistency of this shampoo extremely bizarre! To me it just feels like a tonne of rock salt in a tub with a bit of liquid in there to kinda hold it together.. and that is exactly what it is! Because of the amount of salt in this product I was extremely unsure on how much I was going to need to work with my hair and get enough of a lather going.. it turns out not a lot. Though it does feel extremely odd and takes a lot of effort to get a lather going. I've learnt that if you make sure your hair it drenched through completely and then add a dollop of the shampoo it lathers at its best (but don't expect a lot from it!)

As for washing 'big' out.. it isnt the easiest task in the world, atleast not for me. I find that the salt is washed away easily enough but it almost doesnt feel as though the residue from lathering has gone. This isnt you conditioner-like soft and smooth feeling oh no.. it's starchy and almost feels like you havnt brushed you hair for a few winter windy days. It doesnt feel great! I was a little scared when I first used it, thought i may of damaged my hair from the amount of salt! But don't fret.. it's fine! :)

What's in it? Lush say that Big contains 50% salt (though it feels like a lot more!) But what else is it this shampoo? well the things that i recognise the names of are.. Fresh Organic Lemon Infusuion, Fresh Sea Water, Toothed Wrack Seaweed Infusion, Fresh Organice Lime Juice, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Mandarin Oil & Vanilla Absolute :)

I think thats about all i have to say about this product. Just don't be afraid of the amount of salt and the lack of frothy bubbly-ness.. it really does work at adding volume and ofcourse cleaning your hair.

♥ abby xx

christmas is in!

25 November 2009

The Loveeely Lauren tagged me to do this and I think its a brilliant idea! I mean I know that I do an in and out post each month but there are certain things that we all love about the festive season and it's interesting to know what everybody else likes most about christmas. Plus this way we all get to share the festive spirit and excitement leading upto the special day :)

I think my most favourite thing that reminds me most of christmas is the smell of cinnamon and apple. One of my latest favourite products is partially the smell of sweet cinnamon and its becoming addicting :) (Review to come soon!) Also the smell of mulberry wine.. I mean wow! My mum even buys the ambi pur air freshners at christmas so that our house is filled with the yummy fragrance.. I love it :)

Being allowed to bring a massive great tree into the lounge!! Now my mum doesnt go all out but I love visiting my daddy at christmas because he always has the biggest tree possible in his sitting room! Sometimes I think he'd like to make a hole in the roof just to fit an even bigger one in!( Kinda like the guy below) Plus theres that yummy smell that fills the room and I love the piles of needles that accumilate around it for some strange reason..

Source: Google

I think that the build upto christmas is about the only time I bring myself to wear red.. whether that means red lipstick nails or clothes.. it seems to be the only time I pull it out. But hey its nice to have a change :) even if I do look a bit odd!

Christmas clothes and accessories.. Okay so I don't own any christmas clothes though i'd love an oversized tank top with rudolph on to wear on christmas day! That'd be brillant :D but instead I went for the jewellery and bought 2 sets of bauble earrings from this ebay seller here. I'll admit I look a bit of a goof with them on at the moment but it's not quite the time yet.

Source: emookieSource: emookie

Mistletoe Kisses! I discovered these yummy things last year when they launched are they are sooo good :D I wish they were sold all year round! "Three Galaxy chocolate pieces with an indulgent mousse & caramel centre." Doesnt that just sound so yummy?!

FOOD! I love having so much food in the house, covering the table on christmas day with mountains of meat and vegetables. Unlike probably a lot of you I love sprouts! So I love the huge amount of them that seem to appear at christmas. Also.. turkey &stuffing sandwiches.. yum!! & the big chunk of ham that is always left over untill about new years day because it was just far too big.. but whos complaining? Bring on the cold ham, turkey, pickled onions, fresh warm bread and yummy goodness! :D ..yes I love my food! haha

Source: Google

I spent the past weekend preparing for my little brother &sisters christmas fete and had tonnes of fun getting my creative side out again! Now for christmas I have baubles to decorate and a cracker to fill as a sort of secret santa for my brother and then decorate too! Christmas seems to bring out the creative in a lot of us it seems! I'm even thinging of making my christmas cards this year.. plus it would be a lot cheaper!!!

I love how there is a christmas film on everynight leading upto christmas.. it sort of builds the excitement and gets everyone in the house in the festive spirit. So we start the fire and curl up on the sofas with some nibbles and watch :)

Ofcourse it's amazing how every body seems so happy and jolly throughout the streets and even on the phone.. makes the days go quicker and a hell of a lot better!

&finally.. just like Lauren I love to bake! & christmas time is the absolute best time to make tonnes of batches of cookies, cakes, muffins, shortbread and tonnes of other yummy things. As I do it this year i'll post pictures of what I produce :)

Source: GoogleSource: Google

Hope you liked this post! &I know it's mega early but.. MERRY CHRISTMAS :)

♥ abby xx

review: secretconquest.co.uk

19 November 2009

A few weeks ago now I was asked if I would review a website named secretconquest.co.uk

They supply shoes, bags and a range of bracelets and necklaces. After recently adding the bracelet line to their collection I think that it is obvious this site is still growing and more lines will be added in the future.

The site is farely easy to navigate though I feel it could be better as it's a bit awkward in places and not so clear where some things are.

I would've preferred to order something from these guys before telling you about them but in all honesty my lack of funds stopped me! &to be honest I just didnt want to keep it to myself when so many of you don't know about this site.

Not having the money to buy a new pair of heels is pretty gutting for me because I loveee these shoes!! :)

If you checkout the Special Offers page there is usually an offer going on. Currently if you spend over £35 thoroughout the site then you will receive one of two free necklaces! Now considering majority of the shoes and bags are over £35 anyway.. thats a pretty good deal i'd say! :)

Heres a selection of my favourite items on the site..

I think considering the limited number of these items being made, the prices are brilliant. Once they're gone they're gone though.. so if something takes your fancy i'd say grab it quick!

For regular updates and general style chit chat follow secret conquest on twitter or become a fan of them on facebook.. I have :)

♥ abby xx

review: mineral infused face primer from e.l.f

16 November 2009

Source: eyeslipsface.co.uk Own image to come..
Of the four products I purchased from eyeslipsface.co.uk this has to be my favourite! I was simply in need of a primer to replace my gosh velvet touch which was on its last legs and so added this to my basket without a thought .. £6 seemed like such a bargain.&what a bargain it is!

In all honesty I wasnt too excited to try this primer untill over the last few days i noticed other bloggers asking about it and figured I could well be onto a good thing!

After my first use on friday morning it didnt seem that the primer got along with my skin nor my foundation, the primer didnt appear to soak into my skin as much as i'd like and so i left it for a few minutes before applying my foundation and then this decided to clump in places as I applied it.. not a good look!!

But I had faith.. using it again over the weekend I used even less than before, barely a full pump, infact i'd say it was about the size of half a pea! This was the perfect amount for my face, it spread evenly covering my face and my skin felt smooth enough for me to apply my foundation. As I did so with my fingers (like normal) I noticed that it wasnt clumping at all.. my foundation was applying as normal! hoorah! :D and it even seemed to last all through the day, I didnt re apply any powder or blusher toward the evening because I just didnt need to.

Now for the best bit - I have combination skin.. that being a combo of dry patches on my cheeks, an oily nose and chin and dry almost flaky skin on the bridge of my nose. Waking up this morning i cleansed and toned my face as normal then reached for my moisturiser, now I dont use this everyday because my skin is so up and down so I checked my face and cheeks to see where I would and wouldn't need to apply moisturiser and was amazed to find no dry nor oily patches anywhere! Yes I has a couple of blemishes on my chin but no primer is going to help them out!

So all in all this primer.. amazing! You only need the tinyest amount, it isnt going to cost as much as others and it has totallly helped out my combination skin after just 3 days! :)

I'm a very happy Bunny!! :D

If you try the elf mineral infused face primer i'd love to know how you get along with it! & fingers crossed you'll be as happy as I am :) :)

Hope you enjoyed my first review ever! As there will be many more to come..

♥ abby xx

lush, body shop & e.l.f goodies

15 November 2009

Yay I went shopping!! :D

I intend on reviewing each of these seperately so take a look and if anything tell me if you'd like me to review something ahead of the others

American Cream - Sample
Veganese Conditioner - Sample
Big Shampoo - Sample
Star Melt
Butterball Bath Ballistic - Freebie :)
Fairy Tail
Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo
& Cosmetic Warrior face mask (it's in the fridge)

Body Shop
Moisture Foundation Shade 04
Hi Shine Lipgloss
amp; Lipstick 54 Pastel Rose

2 in 1 Conditioning Gloss
Lip Primer and Plumper
Mineral Infused Face Primer
& Warm Bronzer

In boots I bought my hair dye and a barry m nail paint, shade 273 Raspberry :)

♥ abby xx

shop shop shopping! ..online?

12 November 2009

I do A LOT of online shopping! Infact.. I tend not to even venture into town and instead do it from the warmth of my own home. So i've decided to share with you gorgeous people my favourite sites that I trust, love and have used in the past.

My new favourite store! Online and off I loveeee their style. My best friend works at dp and pretty much only wears their clothes, she always looks gorgeous!! &I also love how much they tweet and the advice they give out, so they are well worth following! Find their twitter here :) The delivery has never been late for my and is pretty well packaged, but the main appeal is the clothes and the fact i can get discount everytime i buy it :P checkout my side bar for discount codes for this one.. dp almost always have one going!
Is simply amazing, tonnes of gorgeous items, always up to date and I love the community section too. Everyone gives great advice! Although i've heard people say bad things about asos customer service department, whenever i've had a problem they've ALWAYS done their best to resolve it asap, their so lovely! Worth following them on twitter too :)
Although I havnt ordered from here before I have close friends who have and say that they never disappoint. I love the clothes! I simply havnt got around to buying anything just yet.. soon I hope!
Now this is a store that never ever disappoints! Delivery is always on time the clothes are always gorgeous and totally in style and you can quite often find a discount code out there too ;) again.. check my side bar.
This is just like Choice, the catalouge. Infact Additons, Choice and Littlewoods are all run by the same company and all have the same stock, offers etc.. I just choose to use Additions. It has a really good general catalouge of blahzay styles and simple wear that I resort to for simple little things like plain shrugs, scarves and tops.
What can I say? It may be an american site with prices in dollars but the tees are brilliant!!! A friend of mine has a tonnnne of these tops and he looks brill in every one of them! I'm waiting for the perfect pattern that defines me so I can snatch one up!!

Amazing Products, Amazing Colours, Amazing Site, Amazing Brand.. you all know what barry m is all about so I wont go into it but £1.95 delivery on top of all that?! Yes please :D
With the love your body loyalty card you can get 10% discount both online and instore. Now I use my mums when I go in to the shop but my code is registered online (I lost my card, this way mummy gets the loyalty stamps and the free gifts!) I mention body shop because not only do they have some really great products but I only ever buy bodyshop toner and foundation, I exprimented with others but have been using these for a couple of years now and wouldnt change for the world! They're perfect. Besides all that.. they use secure packaging and I have never opened a package to find any sort of broken powder which is always a good thing! and the delivery is mega quick! My orders have always delivered to me with 3days max.
We all love lush right? because it's lush :) Well the site just got better.. it is now easier to manage and find exactly what you want, along with it being a lot prettier! I've always admired the products from a distince but now i'm loving them! Reviews to be posted soon :)
Possibly the best collection of beauty brands ever. Screw going into Boots for benefit ahnd all the rest of it, majority in in this section here and again.. asos.. i just love them.
I recently made my first order ever from these guys and I have to say I was very impressed. Well packaged, super quick delivery and I cannot wait to try out the products I ordered! Reviews to come :)

Although when it comes to shoes (not boots) I would much rather go in store and try them on.. I felt I have to share my new look problem with you. New look clothes.. blah, New look accessories.. blah. But when on my way to the changing rooms to try on some blah.. BAM! I leave with atleast one pair of shoes.. Yes I have issues but the words "your feet look gorgeous" on the insole call out to me ;)
Strangely ebay is my favourite place to shop for shoes! mainly boots. I have a few sellers that I just loveee to by my boots from. Infact my most recent pair, which you can see here, are from ebay and only cost £26.98! :D

Hope you all found this helpful or it introduced you to a site you'd never considered using before or been wary of. Some people are afraid to purchase things online.. but the way i see it is so long as there is a legitimate payment gateway then it is safe to use it.

Happy shopping!

♥ abby xx

in & out for november

5 November 2009

Here goes..

Healthy nails! Last months attempts at getting my nails stonger &looking healthier worked :) I ate all of the right things and the barry m nail hardener worked wonders! Now if they could just grow a little faster i will have sexy nails and hands again :)

Moving on up! Yes i'm finally moving on and moving out!! Its been really tough the last few months as you guys can probably tell from my tweets.. it seems to be one thing after the other! I actually have swine flu at the moment but i'm not going to let things get to me so much this month! From here on out it's onwards and upwards.. yeah so what i have money issues and i'm living with a complete d**k.. I'm getting a second job soon and moving out with 2 of the best friends ever in january. All will be well :D

My new hair regime.. aussie products are working wonders so far! &i adore the smell of my hair when using them so i'm going to carry on using them and may even add more to my routine.. we'll see.

My mum has now turned the heating on :) so no more cold nights and getting into a freezing cold bed! ayering clothes, cold yet refreshing winter mornings, hats &scarves, snuggling up with a blanket (or loved one) by the fire and the smell of mulled wine around the house :) It may be fall but winter is fastly approaching and i'm loving it!

Bronzing Pearls..I'm pretty fair skinned and have been using multi-toned bronzing pearls from avon for sooooo long now! I need to use something a little more convinient to carry around.. so if any of you have any recommendations then please share :) :)

Feeling ill! Go away swine fluuuuu!! &don't come back please.. thanks.

X factor! though it was never ever in!!! eurghh.. awful show.. always was tbh.

Time to stop feeling sorry for myself.. chin up! Christmas is coming :) &2010 will be my year!

Although my nails are not completely upto scratch yet it's byebye to Bare nails & hello to nails of the day posts &pretty colours :)
♥ abby xx

6 things that i cannot live without: tag

2 November 2009

It really is hard to find just 6 items that you cannot live without! I have been pondering them for a couple of days now and came up with some sort of structure i guess.. I decided to pick 1 Hair product, 1 Makeup product, 1 Skincare product and 3 Miscellaneous and here is what I eventually decided upon..

Hair product here - John Frieda Sheer Blonde Spun Gold Hair Balm. I dont need a hair drier, no straightners nothing I need this! although there are a couple of other products that help my hair on its way, this is the one that really gives my hair its shine and calms any frizz it is especially useful now that the wind hits me in the mornings as I walk to work and fluffs my hair out! A small touch of this stroked through my hair and its all pretty again :)

Maxfactor False Lashes Mascara- only mascara that I have repurchased - ever! and I will again and again :)

King of Skin - may be my newly found love but it is incredible and there is no way i'm turning back! I use it atleast every other day on my legs and it is the only thing i have ever used that doesn't make them blotchy, i love love loveee it :)

Garnier Pure SOS Spot Treatment Pen - incredible at targeting spots and keeping them at bay. It may cost £4.99 for this tiny tube and not last a vast amount of time but it is the only thing that really does its job for me &i'm very greatful of its skill to do so.

Both Nivea & Avon Eye creams - You may of seen these in my skincare routine post.. They really are pretty important for me, without these my eyes would look dead and dull everyday and that just isnt something any of us want is it?

Dental floss - this may sound a bit weird as my 6th thing. But since having braces and having to clean my teeth everyday I find it really irritating not doing so but often I just cannot bring myself to carry a toothbrush around everywhere with me so this comes instead :) i'd feel really horrible greeting people if I didnt use this as much as I do!

Nobody in particular tagged me to do this. I simply decided to after seeing it on a number of blogs. So if you fancy trying to give it a go then go ahead :) I tag YOU!

♥ abby xx

mini haul

24 October 2009

Yesterday I went into town to buy a dress for this weekend and came out with a dress, some sexy shoes, a hat and some gloves :) I'm pretty pleased with my purchases.

This hat is soo cute on :D & was only £3.99 from h&m & the gloves were £1.99

£18 from New Look
I love these shoes so much! £30 from New Look

Hope you guys like what I got too :)

Take care.

♥ abby xx

it's all about the hair

Hi :) So this is going to be my Hair Routine.. I'll include all of the products that I use, if they're any good and products that I would NOT recommend.

As I mentioned in another one of my posts, I recently decided to change the shampoo and conditioner that I use as I wasnt pleased with the results I was getting from Tresemmes Salon Silk Shampoo and John Freidas Sheer Blonde Go Blonder. For the simple reasons that the shampoo did not make my hair feel or appear even remotely like salon silk, if anything it felt dry and looked worn. And go blonder should of been titled go yellow because that is definitely the way my hair was turning using this. I definitely DONT recommend these products.

Now I have changed the shampoo and conditioner that I use, but if i'm honest.. i'm still not happy. I think that I need to get away from tresemme when it comes to every day use because i'm just not getting my desired results. Pleeeease if you have any recommendations don't hesitate to share :)

My hair is fine and not overly thick but nor is it thin.. It doesnt get dry or greasy easily so i'd say that I dont have problem hair but I do like it to feel super soft and have shine to it as I find myself running my fingers through it a lot!! On that note.. here are the products I use;

Tresemme 24 hour body shampoo (but we dont care about this because I dont like it that much..)

Tresemme Thermal Recovery conditioner (again I dont really like this and although I straighten my hair most days and blow dry it quite often too i'm not entirely sure why I reached for it!)

Every couple of weeks I use Tresemmes Deep Conditioning Masque and this is one Tresemme product that i do love!! (maybe thats what made me buy all of the other shoddy ones..) It really makes my hair feel incredible, it feels repaired and protected and soft and sleek and has shine and just looks gorgeous. I love love love it :D

I recently purchased the Toni & Guy Blonde Instant Calmer and Strengthener and have been using it for about a fortnight now, I apply it when my hair is wet to the roots and ends. This product seems to do the job that I bought it to do though I dont feel I like it enough to shout about it.. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I do have one complaint however, the product is a thick bright gold and glittery cream.. it leaves my hands extremely shimmery (which is fine because its easy enough to wash them) but all this shimmer and I see none in my hair.. what's that about? I do hope that I learn to love this product but I guess we'll just have to wait and see..

I would always rather leave my hair to dry! I hate attacking it with a hair dryer unless it is to get a bit of volume.

However if I have to blow dry it I don't use a heat protectant, not sure why.. I just dont. To add volume while drying I have my huge round Tresemme brush - I don't want a whole lot of it.. just enough so that my hair doesnt look totally flat all day and this does the job perfectly for me :)

So I dont use a heat protectant when I blow dry but I always do while straightening! I reach for Tresemme heat protectant for each layer I straighten. Alsooo.. I never pull my hair dead staright because the way that it frames my face isnt nice, theres just no shape to it! So i pull it up at the roots for a bit of volume and so as not to flatten any that I have just created and then I curl under the ends and fringe just enough to bring it into my face or simply make it not too straight!

I dont use a serum very often but when i do I reach for Avons Dry Ends serum, for the simple reason that if i havnt had my hair cut for a while then the tinyest amount of this works wonders.

To finish my hair off especially after blow drying or straightening it I will run a small amount of John Frieda Spun Gold shine balm through hair (mainly the roots and ends) to get rid of any frizzyness and add a bit of shine but not too much :) This is without a doubt my favourite product of my hair routine and also the one that I always carry around with me to catch those fly aways or to give my my hair a lift during the day.

Unfortunately this isnt my natural hair colour.. Naturally I am an ash blonde or mousey blonde (how my hairdresser describes it) I dye my hair every 3-5 weeks depending on its growth and how much the colour has faded - this time around it was 5 weeks before i started to see a darker blonde coming through. I use Garnier Nutrisse in shade 10 Camomile (yes the same as Anna - the style diet) it really is such a gorgeous colour! I love it on the both of us :) And Garnier Nutrisse is amazing! The day after I dye my hair is actually when my hair feels the softest and strongest throughout the whole month. I definitely recommend this dye and the conditioner that comes with it is incredible! If i could use it everyday then I would.

Hope you enjoyed this guys.. once again i'm really sorry it's so long!

♥ abby xx

p.s If you have any recommendations for great shampoos and conditioners i'd love to know! thankyou :)

my clear skin routine

10 October 2009

Okay so this evening I tweeted asking whether I should post a Skincare, Haircare or Perfume blog and the score was Skincare: 5 Haircare: 3 and Perfume: 1

So here is my Skincare Routine.. & yes I hardly ever get spots with this routine! :)

please excuse the poor lighting.. i'v broken my lamp :(

This isnt necessarily going to be in order.. It really depends on the time of day and condition of my skin as to whether I skip a step or just intend to do it later on. But these are my regularly used skincare products that work really well for me :)

Firsty I use Avon Clearskin Cleansing Cloths to remove makeup. These really arnt the best wipes available in my opinion. They are full of too much moisture and dont remove all traces of makeup because of this. I simply use them because they are cheap and I go through wipes very quickly so dont like to use expensive ones. They do however seem to keep my spots at bay unlike other cheap wipes I have used in the past, other than reason.. I would'nt recommend them

I use Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion for sensitive skin to remove any last traces of makeup &cleanse my skin. The front reads "Oil-fighting formula cleanses effectively and helps prevent spots" this I totally agree with! I have a fairly oily t-zone that loves to get spotty but since I have used this i'v found they have become less frequent.

Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner works really well at tightening my pores! You may see in some of my photos that the pores on my nose are pretty big sometimes :/ Well that's only if I dont use this atleast once a day! It's brilliant! I love it & I love the refreshing feel that tea tree has on my skin as if it can breath again :)

To remove my eye makeup I use superdrugs own cream eye make-up remover from their vitamin e range as I have pretty sensitive skin and anything other than a cream leaves my eyes feeling sore and irritated. The reason that I choose this one to use is because I used to work in superdrug so it was easy to find a cheap one that didnt smell nasty. Other than that this EMUR is apparently supposed to "revitalise & protect the skin" I havnt personally noticed this.. I just use it to rid of my eye makeup smoothly.

I dont use Avon Solution Pure Pore-Fection Self-Foaming Cleanser all of the time because my skin simply doesnt need it.. Only when I feel my skin is particularly oily or my pores have become quite big all of a sudden will i was my face with this and normally it only takes 2pumps of the cleansing foam in the morning and evening and I wont need to use it again until next time! I think it's a brilliant product but a little too harsh for my skin for everyday use.

Through my oily teenage years I experimented with tonnes of so called 'targeting' spot formulas and now that I am 19 I have finally found one that really works for me! Garnier Pure Sos Anti-Imperfection Pen claims that it purifies skin, targets and helps dry imperfections, purifies imperfections and marks & shows results within 5 hours.. I have to say all of this is true! I do however believe it works quicker than 5 hours! Or atleast it seems to work that well on any blemishes I may have :)

Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation Anti-Shadow EyeCream is without a doubt the best eye cream that I have ever used to battle my dark circles! I love it and if they ever discontinue it I think i'll actually cry.. :/
I do have another eye treatment that I probably couldnt live without either.. that being Avons Solutions Total Radiance Plus Illuminating Eye Cream. On days where I want to wear less makeup I use this because it brighten up the skin around my eyes making it feel firmer and making me feel a lot more confident!

Although I use a lot of oil fighting products I do actually have combination skin (especially through the winter months) and so if some areas of my face need moisturising then I use Garnier Pure A Anti Blemish Daily Treatment Moisturiser. Keeping with the spot and blemish fighting regime because even though I am adding moisture to my skin I still want to keep blemishes at bay! I'v tried a couple of others including Neutrogena and Clearasil's moisturiser and found it has only made my skin worse and the clearasil in particular seemed to clog my pores which just felt horrible!<

Anyway that's it for my Skincare Routine.. Sorry it is soooo long but I really do love my skin 99% of the time and it is all thanks to these products! :)

I hope it was interesting and helped any of you guys out who havnt quite found what works for you yet.

♥ abby xx

what's in my purse? / handbag: tag

3 October 2009

Lauren at ParisBoutique and I decided to tag eachother.. lol so here is my Bag tag :)

I love love loveee my bag! This is my favourite handbag ever and i'v had it for about 3 months now. I spent forever looking for it and when i eventually found it i had to spend the money there and then! Even though it meant importing it from the US which turned out to be a fair bit of money.. but nevermind, was totally worth it!! This bag is pretty big with a number of pockets including hidden ones which are brilliant for girly little secrets :P Basically.. I can fit tonnes in it which you will find out if you read on :)

Just so you guys know.. I've not added to or taken anything embarassing out of my bag.. This is genuinely what I took to work and came home with today and every day its pretty much the same, so here goes;

dental floss & listerine mouthwash
hair bands, large bands and grips
fox's purse - the reason for purchasing the matching bag! :)
deodorant & body spray
glasses & sunglasses
mini cw hairspray & sheer blonde shine balm
spare pair of stud earrings

travel tissues
tampon tin
mini cocoa butter :D

lucozade glucose tablet - my blood sugar plummets every so often for no reason :s
chewing gum
sticky roller - thing to roll fluff off of clothes.. i'v forgotten what it's called!
hair brush with mirror
hello kitty makeup bag - with essential bits and bobs!!
LUSH honey trap lip balm :D
LUSH whoosh temple balm - wakes me up in work :P
pain killers
hand sanitizer
keys and headphones
spot treatment

&last but not least.. my phone! :D (which isnt in the pile because i'm taking the picture with it :)

wow i take a lot of stuff around with me really.. lol o well :)

The scarf is because I normally have whichever one goes with what outfit i'm wearing. Just because it could come in handy really (living in the uk it can get pretty cold!) but I also like how I can hide the contents of my bag with a pretty scarf and not having to do the zip of my bag up :)

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed!

♥ abby xx

what i am using right now: tag

2 October 2009

I havn't posted for a few days due to not being able to take pictures. This being because I do not have a camera, I use my phone! and frankly.. its rubbish!! When I get an iphone in january I will totally buy a camera! promise :)

Because of the camera issue.. I'v been looking through a number of blogs by you gorgeous people for a tag that I dont feel I need pictures for and here it is.. A simple 'What I am using right now' tag that lollipop26 did back in February.

Pretty much all this will be is a list of products i'm using right now from my head right down to my toes :) Hope you enjoy :) Join in and post this tag too!

Shampoo: Tressemme Moisture Rich right now though I am about to change my hair routine a bit though because i'm not happy with the results from the shampoo and conditioner that i'm using right now. I have Tressemmes new 24 Hour Body Shampoo to try out :)
Conditioner: John Freida Sheer Blonde Go Blonder This has made my hair yellowy from dying it so i wont be using it for much longer! Plan to purchase a the Colour Lasting Tressemme Conditioner.
Styling products: Avon Smoothing Cream - Though, Tressemme Salon Silk Serum and John Freida Spun Gold Shape and Shine Serum (I loveeee this! gives a tiny hint of shimmer and shine to my hair, not too much, the perfect amount!)
Hair mask: Tressemme Restructuring Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque. I'v used this for years! &have never even considered any other because I love what it does to my hair!

Shower gel: Palmolive Natural Shower Milk &honey or Original Source Lime Shower Gel - Depending on my mood and whether I need to wake up a bit haha
Body moisturiser: King of Skin from Lush :) My new found love!
Deodorant: Sanex Sensitive Roll On
Fake tan: Although i'm fairly pale I dont wear fake tan. It doesnt seem to go onto my my skin as well as i'd like and no matter what I try I appear orange or streaky. It just isnt a good look for me. So a bit of bronzer here and there works for me and I attempt to lay out in the sun whenever possible! (Which isn't very often)

Cleanser: Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin Deep Cleansing Lotion
Toner: Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Toner
Eye makeup remover: Superdrugs Vitamin E Cleanser & EMUR
Exfoliator: A mixture of Superdrugs Vitamin E Body Scrub and Body Shops Exfoliating Gloves, Loofah and Body Brush.. Yes I like to exfoliate! :D 

Primer: Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer - I dont rate this too much for me it's a bit hit and miss.
Foundation: Body Shop Moisture Foundation in shade 04 I loveee this! I have tried so many different foundations and always come back to this very one. Plan to review this soon just to get across to you guys how much I loveeee it :D
Foundation brush: For other foundations that i've tried I use either Gosh or Sigmas Foundation brush, Sigma being the better of the two. But I find with my Body Shop foundation i dont need to use a lot and it seems in order to get the most out of the product it is best for me to apply it with my ring and middle finger. I know how against the rules it is but they just work best honest :)
Concealer: If i do feel the need to use a bit under my eyes or on blemishes then i reach for Famous in their lightest shade. I havnt had to use this for a while though because thanks to my skincare routine right now I have no spots or blemishes or even undereye circles :) yay!
Powder: Gosh Pressed Powder 02 So Natural
Blusher: A mixture of both Bourjois 54 Rose Frisson & 85 Sienne, but I think that I am in line for a new blush because although these are handy to pop into a mini makeup bag i'd just rather use something a bit more accessible and of a similar shade while at home.
Bronzer: Using Avons Bronzing Pearls as i love the multi-tones however they are extremely inconvinient to pop in my bag so I plan to purchase something different over the next few days, if you have any recommendations let me know :)
Highlighter: I know there are plenty of great highlighters out there but everytime i want a bit of a highlight I reach for Bourjois Little Round in 90 Blanc which is a nice bright white that appears as a sheer and pretty highlight :)
Eyeshadow base: Too Faced Shadow Insurance for no other reason than I locate it first in the morning. Tomorrow I am planning to wear MAC's Constructivist - yes I have actually planned :)
Eyeshadows: In love with my NYX jumbo pencils at the moment! Milk and Baby Blue look amazing together with a little help from coastal scents 88 pallette. Other than that i tend to reach for my Bourjois Little Rounds collection in the softer Beige and Brown shades (05 Brun, 08 Beige Rose & 54 Marron) 
Eyeliner: I have sooo many eyeliners in every shade it really is quite ridiculous but I suppose those that I use the most would have to be Bourjois Khol & Contour Duo which is a double ended eyeline, one white one black, Rimmel Soft Khol Kajal in Stormy Grey and Barry M black liquid liner.
Eyelash curler: Had mine so long that I dont even remember the brand
Eyelash base: I dont tend to use one especially when wearing maxfactor mascaras they seem to last all day so I have no need for an eyelash base.
Mascara: I've had Maxfactor False Lashes in Brown/Black ever since it was launched here last year and i love it so much that i've repurchased it twice!
Lipstick: GOSH Velvet Touch 134 Darling. Originally discovered this when i was working in Superdrug and have loved it ever since!
Lipgloss: Either Mac Dazzleglass in Bare Necessity or Barry M Glossy Tube 1 in pink sparkle (love the smell of this!)
Nail colour: My nails are extremely pathetic right now.. I recently gave up my addiction to acrylic nails and since then they have been extremely thin and brittle leaving me with rubbish mainly nails.. makes me sad :( So i simply use a coat of Barry M's Nail Hardener /Top Coat /Base Coat.. exciting right!

Feel free to do this tag if you like! I'm interested to see what you guys are using right now too :)

Thanks for reading!

♥ abby xx