learn to love nautical

26 February 2010

Apparently I should be learning to like (or love?) the whole nautical, stripes, spots, reds, blues trend. And so I have been searching high and low for things I like..

It took quite a while for me to find items I like let alone some i'd wear. I'm just not so sure i could pull it off :s

But here are a few things I kind of like anyway..

This long top's only £15 from boohoo.com and i like how it's quite simple with pretty detailing on the shoulders

Unsure about this.. I don't do polka dots, ever. But this dress includes the lace insert and belt too for only £20 .. that's a pretty good price i think. Enough to try it atleast.

Now these i like! Accessorize earrings are becoming more and more appealing to me lately.

This t-shirt is from newlook and i do quite like it compared to others i've seen but i still know know..

i wish it were cheaper to order in things from forever21. I love this top so much!

I like how simple this is &that it's only £12 but I know the sleeves would annoy me as they just don't look long enough! I'm sure there are tonnes of similar tops out there at the moment though.

If you want to get to any of these products, just click on the pictures :)

Also.. link me to your favourite items for this trend.. try and make me love it!!

♥ abby xx

i failed!!

24 February 2010

I was so so sure that i'd be able to make it! That i wouldn't have to shop, that i could avoid it comepletely! But no :(

I'm pretty disappointed in myself really.. Living literally 2 minutes walk from a mall and having a rather stressfull weekend of moving (things didnt go so smoothly!) and having to hunt for a present for my mum just didn't seem to support the task of giving up shopping.

So shifting away from my failure.... I orginally went to town to look for a birthday gift for my mum (which i still havn't bought! Nowhere has slipper boots in anymore!) &here is what i was so tempted by..

I love this bag! Though the lighting isn't doing it much justice, It's quite a nude pastel pink :) &It was the last one on the shelf & i was told my local New Look store wouldn't be getting anymore of this colour in so naturally i had to pick it up.. oops.

Then i nipped into Accessorize still looking for a gift for my mum and came out with the earrings i had admired in an ealier post, the matching necklace and a forget me not bangle :) They were all so pretty........

& lastly.. i bought these bangles in Internacionale. The floral one was £3.99 &the lace was £4.99 & they're really chunky :D

So all in all.. i failed but i got some pretty things so nevermind. Tattoo will have to wait i suppose.... hehe.

What did you give up for lent and how's it going? Be honest! :P

♥ abby xx

blasts from the past

23 February 2010

Look at what i found!

An awesome Sharky & George tee :D

Now i don't often wear t-shirts but this is brilliant! & at only £12.99 for a ladies size i really really want it!

I used to love sharky & george haha amongst other kiddies programmes.. what were your favourites and do you have any clothes with them on? I know a few people with danger mouse tees but that's about it.. so please share :D

much love,

♥ abby xx

the last bits and pieces

19 February 2010

My original intentions for town last saturday was to buy the last little things we needed fot the house. I'm missing cutlery, a wooden spoon and a chopping board. My plan failed miserably! But i got some pretty things see.. :)

I've wanted this miss selfridge dress for about a month but they only had it online at first and then were always sold out of 8's! I finally got the last 8 on saturday and it fits perfectly! I love it :D

Miss Selfridge also had a sale on jewellery and i picked up these 3 items for £9 overall!
The bows are earrings but i probably wont use them as earrings.. not sure yet.

This Cath Kidston mug was only £4 in house of fraser!

If you ever have chance to smell the Yankee Candles then do! They each smell incredible! & this vanilla cupcake one was my favourite :):) I think it was around £7 which i imagine to be pretty expensive for a candle but the smell made me buy it :P (atleast that's what i tell myself)

After reading bubblegarms post on ocean salt from lush i knew it was exactly what i needed. It was a straight in and out of Lush though.. or i knew i'd buy (more) things that i didn't really need. I've yet to try it but i'm sure that it will have the desired effect on my skin.

Sorry for the really bad lighting but the boots i ordered last week also came in the post :)
These were £25 from dicountshoestore.co.uk

I spent far too much money in boots :( and was most unimpressed about it because it wasn't even exciting things so here are a few i really rely on & the only things i bought that i actually needed :P My hair dye was on offer, 2 of £8 and i finally picked up the botanics face balm

& now after all that.. i'v given up shopping for lent. It started on wednesday and i'm struggling already :( There's so many pretty things i want! People keep linking things on twitter and to top it off Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Republic and River Island keep sending me newsletters! It's not fair! They're just trying to make it hartd for me :P

Hope you all have a great weekend!

I'll be moving! :D:D

♥ abby xx

my dream room

17 February 2010

We all say that the beginning of 2010 is our fresh start but this is mine. Saturday is the day! & i can't wait :D

I've never had my own big room, I shared a medium sized room with my sister for years and then moved into one where i can barely move about in it. So you can imagine how excited i am to move into not only my own place but a huge room! It even has a roof terrace attached :)

I'v been working hard on getting all of the cute little bits together for my dream room :) :) it's exciting! So i thought i'd share with you a few of the bits and bobs I have, those on the list left to get and a few 'i wish' items too..

First being a black metal or leather kingsize bed

But.. the house we've got is part furnished and I already have a pine bed in the mahoosive room that is going to be mine.. Will kind of ruin the look i want for the room but my best friend and I are going to manipulate it to what I want..ish! Ideas welcome!! :)

I have this duvet set                            and want this one too :)

I got this pillow for christmas.. mum knew exactly what I wanted :P She got me the duvet set too.
Also have 2 square black satin cusions

White dressing table with all sorts of goodies on it.. to be shown in a seperate post :)

White vintage bed side tables, chest of drawers and wardrobe.
These are very much i wish items as i just can't afford them at the moment, i'll have to make do for a while.

Black Shelves for perfume and dvds, to be made by my housemate :) He's a carpenter.

White wooden shoe rack, at the moment i have a metal one but that will soon be going

Black Coat and hat stand.. on order!

Mannequin with black and maybe silver on it too .. i wish!

The elephant doorstop I bought on etsy :D

I'll have a low dark brown 3 seater leather sofa at the foot of my bed, though i'm not sure when i'm going to get this just yet. But i shouldn't complain as i don't have to pay for it :)

I have also very kindly been given a rather large tv. I havn't actually seen it yet but I can't wait to pick it up on saturday :D
(people are being so generous! i must remember to buy /make thankyou cards!)

I have a stack of 8 black plastic drawers that i store all of my makeup in, but am thinking i need another set of 4 to go with them now. I like to be organised and having bronzers in with blushers etc is annoying me :s

This set of 3 mini suitcases will store paperwork, medicines etc and receipts :)

I found this on ebay & am going to store either my hair brushes or make up brushes in it.. havn't decided yet but i'm looking out for another jug the same sort of style :)

That's about it for now. I could bore you with all of the other pretty things that are to make up my room but maybe i'll just show you when it's finished instead?

Hope you all had a great wednesday!

♥ abby xx

pretty florals

16 February 2010

I want to embrace the florals this spring /summer as well as the nudes.. & so here are a few things i'm after. Any more recommendations? Let me know :)

Miso floral dress from Republic Only £19.99

£27 for this Cath Kidston Folded Zip Wallet

New Look Floral Print Hooped Earrings for £3

These Striped Rose Placket Ladypants are £4 in topshop. A hint of nautical and floral.. these pants are right on trend :P

£25 floral ruffle vest from topshop. i've never owned this style top and really want to see if it would work with my figure

I have this.. Figured it would work really well under low tops and blazers for work in the summer & it was only £6

Intregued yet sort of scared by this boohoo dress

Now this is more me.. simple and understated with splashes of blue :)
do i buy this real quick before the shopping ban tomorrow?!

This £20 miss selfridge top is my kind of floral but i dont think that it really counts.. ?

£4 from accessorize.. what's not to love about these? I want :)

Unfortunately seeing as my shopping ban starts on wednesday this is pretty much just a huge wish list.. hmm. Lets hope a lot is still in stock in 4 weeks!!

♥ abby xx

a lovely lot of gifts

15 February 2010

Last monday I got a package from angeldiva25 full of house warming gifts which was super kind of her! She even sent me my very first moving a card to go with it! :):)

I knew this was coming and was so happy to receive it! Thankyou :D

She sent me some pretty earrings, a mascara, a yummy body spray, the ex factor & what i think is butterball from lush and a new tin of my much loved john freida spun gold balm! Then to top all of that off.. in the card was a £5 off when you spend £10 in bodyshop! Thankyou so much lovely!!

&Look at how cute the card is!

If you arn't already following angeldiva25 on twitter then go and do it now! :):)

♥ abby xx

moving the contest

Okay so because of moving out and my decision to give up shopping for lent, I think it's best that I extend my giveaway to occur at 200 followers.

So thankyou all for being so patient and most of all thankyou all ever so much for following! Every one of you that clicks that little button.. it means a lot :):)

Hope you can wait.. the prizes will be better then. I promise! :D

♥ abby xx

pretty pastels

13 February 2010

I'm loving the pretty pastels and nude trend! Have some things I want/need/must have ;) So here are a few of them..

River Island love this and so do I. It's £39.99 I really want it.. but do I buy it? (after lent)

Pointed out by Zoe.. (thankyou!!) these shoes are gorgeous. I don't own any patent shoes & wasn't surprised to see they had sold out in my local new look :(:(

£18 Nude floral tee from dorothy perkins.

Unsure about this miso dress from republic, i'm not a frilly kinda girl. But i do like it..

£18 floral crochet longline top from new look

£16 cobweb knitted snood from topshop

£15 basic draped crop vest from topshop

There's quite a ew other items that i like &have seen in the shops but found it really had to find them online :(

What do you think of the nudey trend? Or is there a different styleabout at the moment that's caught your eye?

♥ abby xx

pretty packages

12 February 2010

This week i've received quite a few packages in the mail. Does anyone else get a bit too exited when this happens? Apparently i do..... but that's because they're always pretty things that i'm excited to receive!!

Today my russian doll necklace arrived!!

I bought this from Claire at the fashion teller notes earlier on in the week after reading her jewellery post: my little pretty creations

Claire has recently began making her own jewellery and so decided to show us what she can do. From what i can see she got an amazing response from it and is going to persue it further.. At least i think she should anyway :P *hinthint*

I love my necklace! &a few other pieces caught my eye too. This fashion teller definitely has an eye for pretty and unique things! So click here to follow her blog and look out for the up and coming alice in wonderland collection.. I will be :)

♥ abby xx

what are you giving up for lent?

images source: weheartit.com ct=

At first I decided i'd be giving up nothing. But then after I really thought about it I realised this is a great opportunity to save some money.

So I am giving up..
the conditions:
i may buy food, drink (including alcohol.. bit of a cop out i know) & necessities for the house
i musn't buy toilettries, makeup, clothes, shoes and anything else along those lines

This is quite possibly going to be one of the hardest things i'v done in a while but I think at the end of it, it'll be worth it.

As most of you know i'm moving out and into my new flat next saturday. This is a big step and i'm not going to have a lot of money for myself as it is. What money I do have should be saved for a better cause right? Right!

Lent is the perfect excuse for me.. the money I save from not shopping is going to go towards finishing off my tattoo. I'v been meaning to get the money for this sorted for a little while now, this will give me the push to do so!

And so as of Wednesday 17th of February (ash wednesday) I will give up shopping.

Wish me luck!

What're you giving up for lent? & more importantly do you think you'll be able to do it?!

♥ abby xx

p.s.. i'm going shopping tomorrow :D