trending: reds

26 September 2017

For a number of years varying deep red colours have been on trend throughout the colder seasons and this year appears to be no different than the last. Be it a top-to-toe burgundy outfit, dark red knitted accessories or a simple sparkling wine nail polish it's hard to resist the allure that these rich red colours present. With that in mind, shopping for wine coloured items becomes much easier starting from around this time of year so finding trending pieces in your favourite shades and at good prices isn't as difficult as you might first have thought.

fringe it

17 September 2017

Fringing and tassels seem to be a very much left over trend that was perfect for the many (many) festivals that happened all over the world this summer. With the big (muddy) parties coming to an end the trends are moving on and little remains from what was the sunny and warm summer months. Fringing may stick around but if you have none and fancy yourself a bit of fringe then it might be best to grab it before it disappears again and forms into a token fringe - as represented by tassels.