mini haul

24 October 2009

Yesterday I went into town to buy a dress for this weekend and came out with a dress, some sexy shoes, a hat and some gloves :) I'm pretty pleased with my purchases.

This hat is soo cute on :D & was only £3.99 from h&m & the gloves were £1.99

£18 from New Look
I love these shoes so much! £30 from New Look

Hope you guys like what I got too :)

Take care.

♥ abby xx

it's all about the hair

Hi :) So this is going to be my Hair Routine.. I'll include all of the products that I use, if they're any good and products that I would NOT recommend.

As I mentioned in another one of my posts, I recently decided to change the shampoo and conditioner that I use as I wasnt pleased with the results I was getting from Tresemmes Salon Silk Shampoo and John Freidas Sheer Blonde Go Blonder. For the simple reasons that the shampoo did not make my hair feel or appear even remotely like salon silk, if anything it felt dry and looked worn. And go blonder should of been titled go yellow because that is definitely the way my hair was turning using this. I definitely DONT recommend these products.

Now I have changed the shampoo and conditioner that I use, but if i'm honest.. i'm still not happy. I think that I need to get away from tresemme when it comes to every day use because i'm just not getting my desired results. Pleeeease if you have any recommendations don't hesitate to share :)

My hair is fine and not overly thick but nor is it thin.. It doesnt get dry or greasy easily so i'd say that I dont have problem hair but I do like it to feel super soft and have shine to it as I find myself running my fingers through it a lot!! On that note.. here are the products I use;

Tresemme 24 hour body shampoo (but we dont care about this because I dont like it that much..)

Tresemme Thermal Recovery conditioner (again I dont really like this and although I straighten my hair most days and blow dry it quite often too i'm not entirely sure why I reached for it!)

Every couple of weeks I use Tresemmes Deep Conditioning Masque and this is one Tresemme product that i do love!! (maybe thats what made me buy all of the other shoddy ones..) It really makes my hair feel incredible, it feels repaired and protected and soft and sleek and has shine and just looks gorgeous. I love love love it :D

I recently purchased the Toni & Guy Blonde Instant Calmer and Strengthener and have been using it for about a fortnight now, I apply it when my hair is wet to the roots and ends. This product seems to do the job that I bought it to do though I dont feel I like it enough to shout about it.. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I do have one complaint however, the product is a thick bright gold and glittery cream.. it leaves my hands extremely shimmery (which is fine because its easy enough to wash them) but all this shimmer and I see none in my hair.. what's that about? I do hope that I learn to love this product but I guess we'll just have to wait and see..

I would always rather leave my hair to dry! I hate attacking it with a hair dryer unless it is to get a bit of volume.

However if I have to blow dry it I don't use a heat protectant, not sure why.. I just dont. To add volume while drying I have my huge round Tresemme brush - I don't want a whole lot of it.. just enough so that my hair doesnt look totally flat all day and this does the job perfectly for me :)

So I dont use a heat protectant when I blow dry but I always do while straightening! I reach for Tresemme heat protectant for each layer I straighten. Alsooo.. I never pull my hair dead staright because the way that it frames my face isnt nice, theres just no shape to it! So i pull it up at the roots for a bit of volume and so as not to flatten any that I have just created and then I curl under the ends and fringe just enough to bring it into my face or simply make it not too straight!

I dont use a serum very often but when i do I reach for Avons Dry Ends serum, for the simple reason that if i havnt had my hair cut for a while then the tinyest amount of this works wonders.

To finish my hair off especially after blow drying or straightening it I will run a small amount of John Frieda Spun Gold shine balm through hair (mainly the roots and ends) to get rid of any frizzyness and add a bit of shine but not too much :) This is without a doubt my favourite product of my hair routine and also the one that I always carry around with me to catch those fly aways or to give my my hair a lift during the day.

Unfortunately this isnt my natural hair colour.. Naturally I am an ash blonde or mousey blonde (how my hairdresser describes it) I dye my hair every 3-5 weeks depending on its growth and how much the colour has faded - this time around it was 5 weeks before i started to see a darker blonde coming through. I use Garnier Nutrisse in shade 10 Camomile (yes the same as Anna - the style diet) it really is such a gorgeous colour! I love it on the both of us :) And Garnier Nutrisse is amazing! The day after I dye my hair is actually when my hair feels the softest and strongest throughout the whole month. I definitely recommend this dye and the conditioner that comes with it is incredible! If i could use it everyday then I would.

Hope you enjoyed this guys.. once again i'm really sorry it's so long!

♥ abby xx

p.s If you have any recommendations for great shampoos and conditioners i'd love to know! thankyou :)

my clear skin routine

10 October 2009

Okay so this evening I tweeted asking whether I should post a Skincare, Haircare or Perfume blog and the score was Skincare: 5 Haircare: 3 and Perfume: 1

So here is my Skincare Routine.. & yes I hardly ever get spots with this routine! :)

please excuse the poor lighting.. i'v broken my lamp :(

This isnt necessarily going to be in order.. It really depends on the time of day and condition of my skin as to whether I skip a step or just intend to do it later on. But these are my regularly used skincare products that work really well for me :)

Firsty I use Avon Clearskin Cleansing Cloths to remove makeup. These really arnt the best wipes available in my opinion. They are full of too much moisture and dont remove all traces of makeup because of this. I simply use them because they are cheap and I go through wipes very quickly so dont like to use expensive ones. They do however seem to keep my spots at bay unlike other cheap wipes I have used in the past, other than reason.. I would'nt recommend them

I use Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion for sensitive skin to remove any last traces of makeup &cleanse my skin. The front reads "Oil-fighting formula cleanses effectively and helps prevent spots" this I totally agree with! I have a fairly oily t-zone that loves to get spotty but since I have used this i'v found they have become less frequent.

Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner works really well at tightening my pores! You may see in some of my photos that the pores on my nose are pretty big sometimes :/ Well that's only if I dont use this atleast once a day! It's brilliant! I love it & I love the refreshing feel that tea tree has on my skin as if it can breath again :)

To remove my eye makeup I use superdrugs own cream eye make-up remover from their vitamin e range as I have pretty sensitive skin and anything other than a cream leaves my eyes feeling sore and irritated. The reason that I choose this one to use is because I used to work in superdrug so it was easy to find a cheap one that didnt smell nasty. Other than that this EMUR is apparently supposed to "revitalise & protect the skin" I havnt personally noticed this.. I just use it to rid of my eye makeup smoothly.

I dont use Avon Solution Pure Pore-Fection Self-Foaming Cleanser all of the time because my skin simply doesnt need it.. Only when I feel my skin is particularly oily or my pores have become quite big all of a sudden will i was my face with this and normally it only takes 2pumps of the cleansing foam in the morning and evening and I wont need to use it again until next time! I think it's a brilliant product but a little too harsh for my skin for everyday use.

Through my oily teenage years I experimented with tonnes of so called 'targeting' spot formulas and now that I am 19 I have finally found one that really works for me! Garnier Pure Sos Anti-Imperfection Pen claims that it purifies skin, targets and helps dry imperfections, purifies imperfections and marks & shows results within 5 hours.. I have to say all of this is true! I do however believe it works quicker than 5 hours! Or atleast it seems to work that well on any blemishes I may have :)

Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation Anti-Shadow EyeCream is without a doubt the best eye cream that I have ever used to battle my dark circles! I love it and if they ever discontinue it I think i'll actually cry.. :/
I do have another eye treatment that I probably couldnt live without either.. that being Avons Solutions Total Radiance Plus Illuminating Eye Cream. On days where I want to wear less makeup I use this because it brighten up the skin around my eyes making it feel firmer and making me feel a lot more confident!

Although I use a lot of oil fighting products I do actually have combination skin (especially through the winter months) and so if some areas of my face need moisturising then I use Garnier Pure A Anti Blemish Daily Treatment Moisturiser. Keeping with the spot and blemish fighting regime because even though I am adding moisture to my skin I still want to keep blemishes at bay! I'v tried a couple of others including Neutrogena and Clearasil's moisturiser and found it has only made my skin worse and the clearasil in particular seemed to clog my pores which just felt horrible!<

Anyway that's it for my Skincare Routine.. Sorry it is soooo long but I really do love my skin 99% of the time and it is all thanks to these products! :)

I hope it was interesting and helped any of you guys out who havnt quite found what works for you yet.

♥ abby xx

what's in my purse? / handbag: tag

3 October 2009

Lauren at ParisBoutique and I decided to tag eachother.. lol so here is my Bag tag :)

I love love loveee my bag! This is my favourite handbag ever and i'v had it for about 3 months now. I spent forever looking for it and when i eventually found it i had to spend the money there and then! Even though it meant importing it from the US which turned out to be a fair bit of money.. but nevermind, was totally worth it!! This bag is pretty big with a number of pockets including hidden ones which are brilliant for girly little secrets :P Basically.. I can fit tonnes in it which you will find out if you read on :)

Just so you guys know.. I've not added to or taken anything embarassing out of my bag.. This is genuinely what I took to work and came home with today and every day its pretty much the same, so here goes;

dental floss & listerine mouthwash
hair bands, large bands and grips
fox's purse - the reason for purchasing the matching bag! :)
deodorant & body spray
glasses & sunglasses
mini cw hairspray & sheer blonde shine balm
spare pair of stud earrings

travel tissues
tampon tin
mini cocoa butter :D

lucozade glucose tablet - my blood sugar plummets every so often for no reason :s
chewing gum
sticky roller - thing to roll fluff off of clothes.. i'v forgotten what it's called!
hair brush with mirror
hello kitty makeup bag - with essential bits and bobs!!
LUSH honey trap lip balm :D
LUSH whoosh temple balm - wakes me up in work :P
pain killers
hand sanitizer
keys and headphones
spot treatment

&last but not least.. my phone! :D (which isnt in the pile because i'm taking the picture with it :)

wow i take a lot of stuff around with me really.. lol o well :)

The scarf is because I normally have whichever one goes with what outfit i'm wearing. Just because it could come in handy really (living in the uk it can get pretty cold!) but I also like how I can hide the contents of my bag with a pretty scarf and not having to do the zip of my bag up :)

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed!

♥ abby xx

what i am using right now: tag

2 October 2009

I havn't posted for a few days due to not being able to take pictures. This being because I do not have a camera, I use my phone! and frankly.. its rubbish!! When I get an iphone in january I will totally buy a camera! promise :)

Because of the camera issue.. I'v been looking through a number of blogs by you gorgeous people for a tag that I dont feel I need pictures for and here it is.. A simple 'What I am using right now' tag that lollipop26 did back in February.

Pretty much all this will be is a list of products i'm using right now from my head right down to my toes :) Hope you enjoy :) Join in and post this tag too!

Shampoo: Tressemme Moisture Rich right now though I am about to change my hair routine a bit though because i'm not happy with the results from the shampoo and conditioner that i'm using right now. I have Tressemmes new 24 Hour Body Shampoo to try out :)
Conditioner: John Freida Sheer Blonde Go Blonder This has made my hair yellowy from dying it so i wont be using it for much longer! Plan to purchase a the Colour Lasting Tressemme Conditioner.
Styling products: Avon Smoothing Cream - Though, Tressemme Salon Silk Serum and John Freida Spun Gold Shape and Shine Serum (I loveeee this! gives a tiny hint of shimmer and shine to my hair, not too much, the perfect amount!)
Hair mask: Tressemme Restructuring Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque. I'v used this for years! &have never even considered any other because I love what it does to my hair!

Shower gel: Palmolive Natural Shower Milk &honey or Original Source Lime Shower Gel - Depending on my mood and whether I need to wake up a bit haha
Body moisturiser: King of Skin from Lush :) My new found love!
Deodorant: Sanex Sensitive Roll On
Fake tan: Although i'm fairly pale I dont wear fake tan. It doesnt seem to go onto my my skin as well as i'd like and no matter what I try I appear orange or streaky. It just isnt a good look for me. So a bit of bronzer here and there works for me and I attempt to lay out in the sun whenever possible! (Which isn't very often)

Cleanser: Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin Deep Cleansing Lotion
Toner: Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Toner
Eye makeup remover: Superdrugs Vitamin E Cleanser & EMUR
Exfoliator: A mixture of Superdrugs Vitamin E Body Scrub and Body Shops Exfoliating Gloves, Loofah and Body Brush.. Yes I like to exfoliate! :D 

Primer: Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer - I dont rate this too much for me it's a bit hit and miss.
Foundation: Body Shop Moisture Foundation in shade 04 I loveee this! I have tried so many different foundations and always come back to this very one. Plan to review this soon just to get across to you guys how much I loveeee it :D
Foundation brush: For other foundations that i've tried I use either Gosh or Sigmas Foundation brush, Sigma being the better of the two. But I find with my Body Shop foundation i dont need to use a lot and it seems in order to get the most out of the product it is best for me to apply it with my ring and middle finger. I know how against the rules it is but they just work best honest :)
Concealer: If i do feel the need to use a bit under my eyes or on blemishes then i reach for Famous in their lightest shade. I havnt had to use this for a while though because thanks to my skincare routine right now I have no spots or blemishes or even undereye circles :) yay!
Powder: Gosh Pressed Powder 02 So Natural
Blusher: A mixture of both Bourjois 54 Rose Frisson & 85 Sienne, but I think that I am in line for a new blush because although these are handy to pop into a mini makeup bag i'd just rather use something a bit more accessible and of a similar shade while at home.
Bronzer: Using Avons Bronzing Pearls as i love the multi-tones however they are extremely inconvinient to pop in my bag so I plan to purchase something different over the next few days, if you have any recommendations let me know :)
Highlighter: I know there are plenty of great highlighters out there but everytime i want a bit of a highlight I reach for Bourjois Little Round in 90 Blanc which is a nice bright white that appears as a sheer and pretty highlight :)
Eyeshadow base: Too Faced Shadow Insurance for no other reason than I locate it first in the morning. Tomorrow I am planning to wear MAC's Constructivist - yes I have actually planned :)
Eyeshadows: In love with my NYX jumbo pencils at the moment! Milk and Baby Blue look amazing together with a little help from coastal scents 88 pallette. Other than that i tend to reach for my Bourjois Little Rounds collection in the softer Beige and Brown shades (05 Brun, 08 Beige Rose & 54 Marron) 
Eyeliner: I have sooo many eyeliners in every shade it really is quite ridiculous but I suppose those that I use the most would have to be Bourjois Khol & Contour Duo which is a double ended eyeline, one white one black, Rimmel Soft Khol Kajal in Stormy Grey and Barry M black liquid liner.
Eyelash curler: Had mine so long that I dont even remember the brand
Eyelash base: I dont tend to use one especially when wearing maxfactor mascaras they seem to last all day so I have no need for an eyelash base.
Mascara: I've had Maxfactor False Lashes in Brown/Black ever since it was launched here last year and i love it so much that i've repurchased it twice!
Lipstick: GOSH Velvet Touch 134 Darling. Originally discovered this when i was working in Superdrug and have loved it ever since!
Lipgloss: Either Mac Dazzleglass in Bare Necessity or Barry M Glossy Tube 1 in pink sparkle (love the smell of this!)
Nail colour: My nails are extremely pathetic right now.. I recently gave up my addiction to acrylic nails and since then they have been extremely thin and brittle leaving me with rubbish mainly nails.. makes me sad :( So i simply use a coat of Barry M's Nail Hardener /Top Coat /Base Coat.. exciting right!

Feel free to do this tag if you like! I'm interested to see what you guys are using right now too :)

Thanks for reading!

♥ abby xx