my must haves: photoready

28 March 2012

Revlon PhotoReady foundation in 004 nude has been my chosen foundation for the last 7-8 months or so now. I've been using the same jar for that entire time as I didn't use it every day to begin with but with the winter weather creeping in my need for coverage grew as my holiday tan faded :( I'm not one for a huge amount of coverage, the caked on look doesn't suit me one bit, plus i'm not keen on covering my natural freckles and things like that. Because of this i've tried a number of drugstore foundations rather than the more expensive range (i've never tried the mac, chanel etc foundations). I also used to use the Body Shop moisture foundation religiously a couple of years ago but grew sick of the smell and gradually stopped wearing foundation so much.

I really love PhotoReady! I love how light it is, how it's easy to apply, how this shade matches me perfectly and evens out my skin tone, that it's just enough coverage to hide my blemishes whilst keeping my freckles alive and weirdly enough I love how it photographs. The teeny tiny glitter flecks are a deal breaker for some people and although they're visible on my hand after applying it I can't see it on my face at all. I notice in my photos when using the flash and in natural daylight, the light reflects well and it gives me a dewy healthy finish without making my face look oily. If that isn't enough reasons for me to keep using this foundation then I don't know what is..

I'd love to know if you're as big a fan :)

♥ abby

my must haves: opi polishes

24 March 2012

Everyone should have some sort of OPI collection, no matter how big or small. In my opinion and experience they are great quality and long lasting! They also come in a stupid amount of gorgeous shades, all with unique names often related to the collection that they belong to, which I love. For instance, I have Ski Teal We Drop from the Swiss collection, which just so happens to be my favourite nail polish :) I love that there is so much choice and that they do sooo many shades.

These are my 3 most recent additions to my collection; Divine Swine, Pepes Purple Passion and Warm Fozzie which is from the Muppets Collection. There are so many more OPI shades I want but at around £10 a piece I can't bring myself to buy them all! I have 6 so far but this is the only downside to the brand in my opinion.. Same goes for China Glaze and Essie, great products and I love them lots but it's hard to love the price. Because of this I often find myself searching ebay for my must have shades, hoping to get them for around £5-£6! If this fails then I tend to resort to a similar Models Own shade if there is one but the choice is seriously limited in comparison, especially in my local boots stores.

I love OPI polishes and am sure i'll continue to spend hours hunting them down!

What do you think of OPI and how big is your collection? :)

♥ abby

my must haves: hoola

18 March 2012

It's not often I talk about products on here which seems silly because I love shopping for makeup, nail bits, hair products etc. There are a lot I use on a day to day basis and others that when do I use, I just love! So I'm introducing this to my blog as a must have series, I'm not great at reviews but I do know what I like and why so this will definitely be a personal opinion based series! Obviously I am no hair and beauty expert so these must haves are for me, myself and I. If you like them then fantastic but if you don't get along with them then it's not my fault. k ;)

It makes sense to start with a product I use religiously when without my summer face tan which is Hoola by benefit. I've never been one for fake tan, in my experience it's too orange and fake looking.. I prefer a more natural tint that highlights and contours the right areas of my face, neck and chest. Fake tans don't do it for me, no matter the price or how strong peoples reviews and recommendations are I just can't get along with them. Plus i'm not really bothered about tanning my body much with anything other than natural sunlight and a pair of primark natural tan hold ups, classy eh ;) Hoola does the job for me! :D

I have a slight aversion to shimmer beauty products, it's not something I reach for often so I love that Hoola has none! And my current makeup routine means that I often use it across my forehead, the bridge of my nose and my chin so a shimmer bronzer would make me look like a shiny fool. Not the best look in my opinion! It took me a while to find the perfect bronzer for me, i've tried a range of brands, prices and shades but not really go along with any before experimenting with benefit. Hoola is the perfect brown shade for me, it's really well pigmented and lasts forever on my face and in the product itself! As many benefit products do! So I don't mind paying out £23.50 every time I need to replace it as the occasion doesn't come around all that often.

Let me know if you're a Hoola lover too and if you like the idea of this sort of thing popping up on the blog now and then :)

♥ abby