craving: ipad mini cases

21 January 2014

My iPad mini has become my pride possession, now there's something that I never ever thought I would say! When the mini's came out I thought they were a joke, not that much bigger than the iPhone nor smaller than the original iPad and how wrong I was - I put my hands up to that, I was wrong.

craving: ash ankle boots

13 January 2014

I have loved these boots for two years, craving all of the colours, wishing, wanting and now it's finally time. It’s time that I made something of my lust and saved a little to get these gorgeous bad boys! Of course i'm speaking about the beautiful Ash ankle boots, Jalouse in particular. 

animal tops tees and jumpers

3 January 2014

Whilst perusing the asos sale last night, as i'm sure we have all done fairly recently, I came across some fantastic animal tees (and jumper) that I thought were worth sharing.