how much do you want this?

30 April 2010

Isn't it such a pretty dress :) I found this while lustfully browsing the asos site on my lunch break. I think the cutest thing about it for me has to be the name of the colour, putty cream. Love it! :)

models own in boots?

24 April 2010

That's right! from the 26th of april Boots are going to be stocking some of the models own range!

You will be able to buy it both online and in larger boots stores :) as somebody who doesn't own any models own at all.. i'm pretty excited :)

♥ abby xx

belated 100 follower contest's! :) :) - NOW CLOSED

23 April 2010

it seems a lot of people are doing giveaways recently, whether they want to boost their followers, follow the trend or thank their existing followers.. everyone seems to be doing it! now i always said that if i ever reached 100 followers i'd be so incredibly greatful and have to do something for you guys & girls. I know i'm now at 247 of you gorgeous people but.. it's been a busy (&damn expensive!) time.

So thank you all for being being patient :P this has been a long time coming! at first i wasn't all that interested in gaining a following, i just like to babble on about things and it was a nice distraction from real life for a little while. but now i'm so glad i've carried on and that you guys like my posts enough to follow and comment :) so, thank you!

i'm going to do things a little differently to other giveaways that are about at the moment, this wont be a simple "enter me" competition, nor a 'style me' one though i love the idea of that!! and although i loved entering annabella's doll faced makeup look contest it won't be like that either. So here goes..

There will be 2 contests..

1st giveaway

moving out has made me think about all of the pretty things i want and need in my bedroom. specifically, on my dressing table.

for this competition i want you to tell me your dream (or existing) dressing table.

it's not all that complicated.. honest :) and you can go as in depth (or not) as you like.

things you can include are;
♥ necessities
♥ wants
♥ you can link me to specific items
♥ take a picture of your existing dressing table
♥ add pictures of items to your email
♥ and so much more.. it's totally upto you!

2nd giveaway

i'd like to add a smaller contest with a smaller prize as i know not everybody will be up for the contest above. soooo..

for this i want you to tell me your most necessary item. the one you use each and every day.. maybe more than once. the item that is on your bedside table, in your pocket, your handbag etc.. all of the time.

for example.. my necessary item is my lush lip balms. honey trap is on my bedside table. whip stick is in my fox racing bag. another whipstick is in my pinky new look bag and there is a honey trap on my desk at work :)

extra credit for;
♥ taking a picture of your item in it's usual place
♥ explaining why you love it so much

conditions for both giveaways;
♥ you must be a follower of my blog 
giveaway 1 can be submitted either via email to or as a post on your blog. but don't forget to link me to it!
giveaway 2 must be submitted as a post on your blog (preferably not the sidebar but if you'd like to put it there as well, feel free) but please do not forget to link me to it!
♥ for those of you emailing entries, the email is and please include the subject title "Dream Dressing Table Competition"
♥ you can enter both competitions if you like
♥ the contests will both close on may 23rd this gives you a whole month to enter

The day the competition closes I will post my own dream dresser and what I have been working on for a little while :)

now for the prizes!

giveaway 1

♥ elf golden bronzer
♥ elf lip plumper and primer
♥ lush honey trap lip balm
♥ vanilla cupcake yankee candle
♥ bourjois blush in rose ambre
♥ cath kidston strawberry mug
♥ barry m nail paint pale yellow (ice cream)
♥ lush ultimate shine solid shampoo

giveaway 2

♥ barry m nail paint pale yellow (ice cream)
♥ lush honey trap lip balm
♥ vanilla cupcake yankee candle
♥ cath kidston floral mug

I'v decided not to put prizes photos up with this post but will do next week some time :)

if you have any trouble or questions at all then feel free to email me at or leave a comment below :)

♥ abby xx

Leather lace up skater boots.. intreagued?

20 April 2010

i think it's more fear than intreague for me. a pair of these boot / trainer / wedges in mint or blush will set you back £150 in topshop (if you dare)

the designer? unique. and yes they definitely are just that! these shoes, remind me of those huge trainers you used to get with the wheels in the bottom before heeleys came about and the base of the shoe had to be really chunky..

they also remind me of the brand irregular choicewhose shoes are all quite crazy and out there.. just click here to take a look.

my opinion? gross :/ sorry if i offend anyone! but we're all entitled to our opinion right? :)

so would you wear these? or would do even have them or any of the irregular choice shoes?? feel free to share, i won't judge :) (there's actually one set of wedges i sort of like, see if you can find them)

♥ abby xx

pretty much my favourite notd

14 April 2010

you may of heard me mention that barry m's mulberry pink is my ultimate favourite nail polish? well it appears that it's been discontinued :( rubbish i know.

but fear not! i have found a dupe for it, opi dulce de leche. and i love it just as much :):)

i haven't taken a photo of mulberry pink to compare but i will next time i paint my nails with it so you can see how close a match they really are!

♥ abby xx

pink cupcakes and irish buttercream

11 April 2010

i can't think of a better way to spend bank holiday than shopping, eating subway and baking with my best friend, kirsten :)

For the sponge we used:
4 free-range eggs
225g/8oz sugar
225g/8oz self-raising flour
225g/8oz butter, melted
a load of vanilla flavouring :P
this gave us enough to make 24 buns

yummeh buns baking :)
left: buttercream with 2 cap fulls of irish cream (baileys) right: simple pink icing

all of the pretty decorative goodies we used :):)

and these are the finished buns.. the decorating was quite rushed as both kirsten and i had places to be and people to see but i think they look great conidering :)

they were very tasty too!! my house mates and their mates would agree..........

done any baking recently? tell me about it :)

♥ abby xx

would this work for me?

10 April 2010

where i live i haven't seen any girls close to my figure wearing a dress like this and i don't currently own a dress like this or any lace at all so i thought i'd put the question out to you guys!

okay so here's a quick overview of my body shape. i'm a size 10 - 12 with size e boobs. i'm 5ft 3, my legs arn't exactly long and i have an average length torso. i'm toned so no lumps and bumps to show except my hips.

i'm nervous about spending the money. because frankly.. i'm worried about my boobs looking silly in it :/

what do you think?

♥ abby xx

april's in and outs

8 April 2010

settling in. i still really miss my mum but i feel settled into my new flat now which is nice :)

working on my canvas. yes i'v been doing it and i'm really enjoying taking afternoons to do more creative things throughout my sketchbooks :)

baking. after monday's baking of the yummy cakes with kirsten i'v decided it must happen more often!

ocean salt from lush. i'm using it every other shower now because it works so well with my skin. yes it stings a  fair bit when it comes to spots but i man up.. it rids of them for me! :D

summer shopping. i'm loving it :D posts to come....

through out march i came across a few posts and emails talking about how to wear harem pants. my advice.. don't

not being in a routine. i really need to get it sorted because i just find myself rushing around all the time and being late. it' not nice :/

being ill. as you may know i haven't been well recently. well i get my blood test results on the 12th and hopefully will be on a road to recovery from then!!

not eating chilli, jalepenos and general spicy-ness. this must stop. i must have it again! my health has gone down hill since i stopped eating it i swear :s

♥ abby xx

thinking of easter

1 April 2010

what pops into your head when easter's around? for me it's spring.. the thoughts of florals and pastels everywhere you look,
and i don't just mean fashion.

at easter i think of chicks and eggs and a fresh breeze. the lush chick bath bomb? has anybody tried it? i'm intreagued.. it looks pretty cute :)

but this time i'v been distracted.. none of these wonderful thoughts have been popping into my head because it is jam packed
full of chocolate eggs!

i feel as though hotel chocolat have bombarded me with eggs promotion this year! post, email, leaflets the lot! but they do look seriously scrummy don't you think??

eton mess easter egg sandwich £7 each or 4 for £24

hope you enjoyed the chocolaty post! sorry if i'v made you hungry :P

happy easter!

♥ abby xx