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14 April 2010

you may of heard me mention that barry m's mulberry pink is my ultimate favourite nail polish? well it appears that it's been discontinued :( rubbish i know.

but fear not! i have found a dupe for it, opi dulce de leche. and i love it just as much :):)

i haven't taken a photo of mulberry pink to compare but i will next time i paint my nails with it so you can see how close a match they really are!

♥ abby xx


  1. Discontinued?! :O Mulberry Pink is one of my favourite nail polishes of all time ever! Mind you, that OPI one is quite similar too I suppose... my Mulberry Pink is going to be saved for special occasions only now :p Thanks for posting Abby XO

  2. Wow I love this colour!!
    Its a must buy xxx

  3. Lovely colour. So pretty. I really like that OPI one, would be in my collection now if I had the dosh. x

  4. They're suprisingly close michelle. i'll take a photo over the weekend to show you :) xx

    Claire i bought this one off of ebay for about £3.. that's how i had the money for it :) nice and cheap xx

  5. Such a nice colour!!! Can't believe it-I wanted to try that barry M one! The name drew me too it! xoxo

  6. ooohh I wanted Barry m's mulberry, guess I'll have to get this one now :) xx

  7. Hi its TAK from BeautyJudge, I'm finally getting around to adding everyones's blogs!



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