lots of outfits

27 July 2012

I'm currently packing up my life ready to move next month and have nowhere to take outfit photos thanks to a mound of boxes. Though, I've been pretty slack lately anyway.. Life really does take over and even though i'm desperate ti update regularly and keep my blog alive, i find myself working more and using any actual free time to do pretty much nothing because except a break from the computer screen.

I wanted to show you a sort of outfit gallery, but not my usual kind. These are all outfits that I have styled using Fantasy Shopper, some include items that I genuinely own and others contain pieces that are on my 'to buy' or wish list. Anyway I figured i'd show you a little collection of these because I find FS really useful when it comes to seeing what works well with clothes that I have and checking that something new that I have my eye on will look good with them too. I fantasy shopped all of these items from real high street stores and created these looks so I hope you like them :)



♥ abby