what's in my long-haul flight carry on #abzski

25 March 2015

We fly out in a few days and I'm packed and ready. My hold-all luggage and my carry on are sat waiting to go which I know is sad but I really like to be prepared and not be faffing around last minute wondering where my gloves are or if I've remembered to take my lip balm. So I've been writing a list or two since the beginning of the month to make sure that I have all of the right gear and then over the last week I've sorted everything out and packed it.

what's in my ski holiday luggage #abzski

22 March 2015

Aside from the two bikini's I've just packed this holiday pack list couldn't be any further away from my summer holiday suitcase blog post from last year. This one is jam packed full of waterproof and cosy good-ness which is why I thought I'd blog my packing list for my ski holiday coming up as part of the #abzski series I've been writing. Today I started packing into my wonderful new Animal and Dakine luggage because we leave in a week! (Eeek!) I pulled out all of my ski gear, a handful of hats and my base layers then as this week goes by I'll gradually pack my everyday clothes along with my toiletries and shoes and so on. So here's the full list..

craving: H&M accessories

21 March 2015

I can't get over how much of the h&m accessories range I just put in my online basket, it's a little ridiculous. They have so many beautiful pieces of jewellery, detailed leather bags and awesome boots and heels.

Lush product reviews part 1

Last weeks Lush event sent me away with some wonderful goodies including a body spray, bubble bar and shower jelly as well as other pretties that I wanted to try and needed to repurchase.

#abzski health kick: food to keep you on track

19 March 2015

Last week I was talking with a friend about the food I love to eat and it was at that point that I realised how much my diet has changed for the better over recent years. Because of this I thought I'd talk about some of the meals and food that I love to eat and how they help me to stay healthy and feel good. Before I do I'd like to stress that I'm not an expert on nutrition, exercise or anything else and I'm not vegetarian, vegan or anything like that. I like a wide range of food from around the world am and always looking for new things to try. I do however have a problem where I can't eat certain foods and I can only take others in small doses. For example certain types of dairy are becoming a no-no for me and I can't ingest more than one acidic item a day, i.e. an orange or something spicy.

an evening at #LushPlymouth

16 March 2015

Last Tuesday I got to attend my second ever local blogger event. I've been to a few brand events and meet ups before but they hardly ever happen local to me. The evening was set to be full of beautiful smells, ethically sound products and an introduction to both the Mother's Day and Easter gift collections as well as some of the perfumes.

glitter nail obsession

12 March 2015

I can't seem to wear normal plain ol' coloured nail varnish alone on my nails anymore, for a long time I've always had a feature glitter nail, full glitter manicure or some sort of glitter nail art adorning my little fingers.

craving: white dresses

11 March 2015

I'm drawn to white every time I shop, it's pure, clean and simple so whilst I'm loving dresses a hell of a lot at the moment I thought it was only suitable to create another white dresses wishlist.