i'm craving: rose gold watches

24 November 2011

Let's face it, the only rose gold watches worth having are michael kors so this may as well be titled i'm craving michael kors, give me them now but hey ho ;) These are all on my christmas list, though i'd only like one and it would make me a very very happy lady! We don't all get what we wish for but if we didn't wish then life would be pretty boring.

1 2 3 4 

Okay so you mayyy of noticed my festive new header and the snowflakes dotted around my sidebar. Earlier on today I launched a special offer on my design blog for some 'Blog Christmas Decorations' There are only a limited number of spaces for this offer due to limited time and resources. The first 10 people to email me at abbzzwdesign@hotmail.co.uk with the words 'Please christmas decorate my blog' will get christmas header decorations for just £2, sidebar decorations for £1 and/or a new christmas header for only £3!

There are only a small number of places for this special offer so get your email in fast!!

♥ abby
*payment to be made by bank transfer or paypal. any fees to be paid by buyer
**offer likely to extend depending on level of interest

the £100 outfit challenge from ashllyd : h&m

22 November 2011

Presenting Ashleigh's £100 outfit challenge entry for h&m.. I like it! Hope you do too :)

shoes £19.99 | jumper £19.99 | skirt £19.99 | shirt £7.99 / £3.99 sale | bag £14.99 | tights £6.99 2pack 40denier | earrings £5.99 | owl ring £3.99 | pink ring £3.99

I knew as soon as I began this challenge that I wanted to make an outfit using a black midi skirt. I fell in love with it's femininity straight away. I decided to opt for the slight mix of feminine and masculine materials because I think they look great together and can really dress up and down an outfit. The jumper is one of my Autumn favourites from H&M's collection and I knew I wanted to layer it with a plain white shirt. You could even pair it with a mustard shirt to match the animal motif, however I couldn't find one and I do think the white shirt breaks it all down a little so it's a muted outfit, perfect for a date, for a meal with friends or even shopping. I saw these wedges in my local H&M last week and knew they would be comfortable. They're super light and have a chunky platform both at the front of back which makes them easy to walk in and perfect for any occasion. They also do a lovely grey colour! I don't think I'd personally buy the tights from H&M as you can get a lot cheaper at somewhere like Primark (I could have chosen a little something else too, damn!). I love the rings. I think it's important to add a little bit of colour into a black and white outfit; even if it's just a nail colour or even a lipstick. I love the way the owl's eyes match in with everything. I didn't choose a necklace because of the animal motif; you don't want to look too overdone!

total: my outfit comes in at a total of £99.91 so I shall leave it at that! Huge thank you to Abby for involving me in the £100 outfit challenge!

lots of love, Ashleigh x - www.ashllyd.com

a christmas giveaway from raffles bizarre - CLOSED

17 November 2011

I have teamed up with Raffles Bizarre again to offer you another giveaway, aren't you lucky buggars! This time one of my readers has the chance to win some special pieces from the RB christmas collection, including some specially made earrings that are one of a kind. The collection is made up of a lot of handmade one off pieces and totally worth a look! Especially the gingerbread man necklace, christmas tree brooch, candy cane necklace and of course the necklace you could win here.

If you'd like to win this set for yourself (or as a gift?) all you have to do is be follower of my blog via gfc, be in the uk, follow @rafflesbizarre on twitter OR like them on facebook (let me know which) and comment below with your email address by 30th of November 10pm gmt. easy!

I love doing all of these giveaways for you guys at the moment, it's so nice to give you something back as a massive thank you for following! There are so many of you now it's crazy and I really appreciate it, so thank you :)

Good luck again!

♥ abby

my christmas wish list

16 November 2011

It's becoming more apparent that I am difficult to buy for.. but I don't really understand that! I'm always talking about things I want :P So to make it easier for friends and family and to give you guys some ideas, here is my massive wishlist! It ranges from cheap as chips to a less sensible £225/£219 (yes you guessed it, that'll be the lulu guinness lips clutch and amazing michael kors watch) But to help along the way it is complete with links, pictures, sizes and all ;) Easy!

Of course there is lots lots more I would like, as with most girls my list is never ending but this will do for now ;)

On a similar note.. holidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming.. have you seen the coca cola advert yet? Apparently it's lingering about!

♥ abby

i'm craving: affordable fashion

9 November 2011

I feel like its been forever since I last blogged, but in reality it's only been 5 days. The weird thing is that I didn't really notice, I have so many things going on in my life at the moment I actually struggle finding time to do the one thing that is the reason I'm so busy. I owe a lot to be blog, it's bought me a second income (sort of), opportunities such as visiting london and bristol here and there, involvement in things like fantasy shopper and I'm always meeting / talking to new people. My blog definitely needs a bit of nurturing, especially seeing as I went and gave it a makeover recently. So my pledge to you that I will try to blog more regularly :)

In saying that, this post is about an online store that I have ordered basics from a number of times before but on recently visiting their site i've noticed they have massively upped their game. Chiara fashion is affordable fashion down to a t, literally and I love it ;) Too corny? Good..

I am still loving the colour wine and although it makes me look as pale as a babies backside (evidence) I can't pull myself away from this rich luxurious colour. Odd seeing as I have always hated red, my nan has been trying to make me wear it for years! (and years and years..) I can picture myself wearing and layering a lot of the pieces above with one another and because of that I know I could get an awesome outfit for under £100! So.. My challenge for you (though it isn't much of a challenge, let's be honest) is to send me your £100 Chiara Fashion outfit, see here for past challenge entries /inspiration. Email your outfit to abbzzw@hotmail.co.uk - with some text if you like! - and all entries received by wednesday november 16th will be featured on my blog. (psst don't forget to tell me you name and blog name!)

♥ abby