our beauty resolutions

14 December 2009

So we all have our resolutions for 2010 right? What about your beauty resolutions? Now I know that you wont all have them, so here are mine for some inspiration :) Let's see how many I can keep!

  • First off i'm going to go for the usual, drink a lot more water. I have been trying to do it recently.. but admittedly havn't tried very hard! I hate tap water and so it has to be filtered first, whether that means through a brita filter or I must buy bottled water it just makes it a little less convenient.
  • I feel as though I should moisturise my body more.. i've been focussing a lot of my attention on my legs over the last 6months and now that I have found a product theat doesn't bring them out blotchy and nasty I can get the rest of my body upto scratch too :)
  • I recently heard that liquid foundations can clog your pores and am not entirely sure how I was so unaware of this! So I have decided that when the weather lightens up a bit and my skin doesn't need so much moisture that I will swap my makeup routine around a bit. I've heard a lot about bare minerals and am intreagued to see how it could work for me, maybe as well as other similar products.. we will see :)
  • I have been working on my eyebrows for a couple of months now. Yes I made the fatal mistake of plucking on top rather than below! You dont need to tell me i'm an idiot.. I was a clueless 14 year old that actually thought I knew a lot :P Anyway.. I am determined to grow them in fully in the new year! Without using any assistance from regrowth products though, sorry girls i've heard many non-biased professionals say they are complete pishtosh! I must learn to be more patient and not get so frustrated.
  • I'd like to remember to wear perfume more often. I own about 10 - 15 yummy bottles of perfume and yet each day I wear impulse siren body spray.. Even when I go out on the town or to meals.. everywhere! I'm not sure why I do it but a friend mentioned to me that it may be because perfume doesnt last as long and I am subconcious that I may smell not so nice.. lol sounds lovely right! Anyway, I'm going to wear perfume more often but would love it if any of you had any tips or tricks on making the scent last longer? That way I may remember more often.. Maybe :)
  • I will have a make up clean up when I move out in the new year, I will I will I will! Rid of the old makeup.. clean my tweezers, brushes (not that I don't anyway) & eyelash curlers and even sharpen my many eyeliners!
  • Finally.. but I feel most importantly, my main resolution for the new year is to get fit and healthy and stay that way. It will not only include drinking lots more water but also eating more of a healthy and balanced diet, I intend to start eating a healthy breakfast each morning and excercising a whole tonne more seeing as right now I do no form of excercise other than walking to work in the mornings. It isnt enough, I don't feel healthy and I don't want this unhealthyness to be reflected on my skin. I will do it.. even if it means some how becoming able to afford to go to the gym!!
 What are your beauty resolutions? &if you don't have any yet.. i'd love to hear your general new years resolutions too! :)

♥ abby xx

review: american cream conditioner from lush

6 December 2009

Compared to my other reviews this one will be quite short..

Okay so Lush say that their conditioner, American Cream, is the fruity and creamy product us girls should use to make our hair strokeably soft before dates etc.. Well  i'm not so sure that I would! Don't get me wrong american cream feels as though it is doing as it should and conditions through your hair rather than adding a layer around it like most chemical filled conditioners do. I can tell this as when moving the conditioner through my hair it doesn't feel so silky soft and easy to pull my fingers through. Now that has to be a good thing right? I think so.

Now onto the smell.. This is the only reason that I cannot and will not be purchasing american cream. A lot of people may think that i'm mad but I cannot stand the smell of those parma violet sweets.. I hate the taste, the smell and even the look of those powdery little monsters, the smell especially makes me feel sick! When in the bottle, american cream doesn't seem to have much of a scent but when warm and in contact with my hair it transforms :( I was not impressed! &I have to say if on a date I wouldnt want a guy to remember me as the girl whos hair smelt like parma violets..

I was gutted about the smell of this product being so vile especially after I had blow dried my hair and could feel how light and fluffy it was!

So to recap.. If you like the smell of parma violets then this is definitely worth a shot! But if not.. stay well away!

♥ abby xx

review: big from lush

2 December 2009

Love love love love loving big! & how big it's making my hair at the moment.

Normally i'm just a straighten it and leave it kinda girl but before using big I had started to want more volume and began to blow dry my hair mostly upside down, teasing the roots of my hair in places and using hairspray! (which I never ever resort to) But after using big a few times I feel I wont have to resort to this very often anymore.. Yes i'm still hanging upside down when I  blow dry my hair but thats half because of the fun of doing it
and because I look kinda crazy when I stand up properly :p

I found the consistency of this shampoo extremely bizarre! To me it just feels like a tonne of rock salt in a tub with a bit of liquid in there to kinda hold it together.. and that is exactly what it is! Because of the amount of salt in this product I was extremely unsure on how much I was going to need to work with my hair and get enough of a lather going.. it turns out not a lot. Though it does feel extremely odd and takes a lot of effort to get a lather going. I've learnt that if you make sure your hair it drenched through completely and then add a dollop of the shampoo it lathers at its best (but don't expect a lot from it!)

As for washing 'big' out.. it isnt the easiest task in the world, atleast not for me. I find that the salt is washed away easily enough but it almost doesnt feel as though the residue from lathering has gone. This isnt you conditioner-like soft and smooth feeling oh no.. it's starchy and almost feels like you havnt brushed you hair for a few winter windy days. It doesnt feel great! I was a little scared when I first used it, thought i may of damaged my hair from the amount of salt! But don't fret.. it's fine! :)

What's in it? Lush say that Big contains 50% salt (though it feels like a lot more!) But what else is it this shampoo? well the things that i recognise the names of are.. Fresh Organic Lemon Infusuion, Fresh Sea Water, Toothed Wrack Seaweed Infusion, Fresh Organice Lime Juice, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Mandarin Oil & Vanilla Absolute :)

I think thats about all i have to say about this product. Just don't be afraid of the amount of salt and the lack of frothy bubbly-ness.. it really does work at adding volume and ofcourse cleaning your hair.

♥ abby xx