review: american cream conditioner from lush

6 December 2009

Compared to my other reviews this one will be quite short..

Okay so Lush say that their conditioner, American Cream, is the fruity and creamy product us girls should use to make our hair strokeably soft before dates etc.. Well  i'm not so sure that I would! Don't get me wrong american cream feels as though it is doing as it should and conditions through your hair rather than adding a layer around it like most chemical filled conditioners do. I can tell this as when moving the conditioner through my hair it doesn't feel so silky soft and easy to pull my fingers through. Now that has to be a good thing right? I think so.

Now onto the smell.. This is the only reason that I cannot and will not be purchasing american cream. A lot of people may think that i'm mad but I cannot stand the smell of those parma violet sweets.. I hate the taste, the smell and even the look of those powdery little monsters, the smell especially makes me feel sick! When in the bottle, american cream doesn't seem to have much of a scent but when warm and in contact with my hair it transforms :( I was not impressed! &I have to say if on a date I wouldnt want a guy to remember me as the girl whos hair smelt like parma violets..

I was gutted about the smell of this product being so vile especially after I had blow dried my hair and could feel how light and fluffy it was!

So to recap.. If you like the smell of parma violets then this is definitely worth a shot! But if not.. stay well away!

♥ abby xx