christmas, new years and 2017

31 December 2016

Christmas is all but over and 2017 is fast approaching. The Baileys has run out so the cocktails are being mixed. New years is here so it must mean that it's time for sparkly drinks, confetti and even more sparkly outfits so while I prep my face for a wave of glitter I'm sipping on a sweet tasting cherry Corky's mixed with some lemonade - it tastes exactly like cherryade but better!

craving: black leather

29 December 2016

I've probably blogged about back leather a few times before, relatively unknowingly however. This time I want to focus in on my little obsession with the shoe-drobe (and wardrobe) staple that is black leather, or more appropriately; imitation leather.

beautiful gift ideas for this christmas

21 December 2016

I love a good gift set for Christmas, a luxury gift set even more so. They're great for giving as well as receiving and the savings from buying a more expensive branded set can be impressive which make them well worth looking into.

gift ideas for men this christmas

13 December 2016

If like me you've still got some Christmas shopping to do in this next week then you may find this little gift list somewhat helpful when shopping for the guys in your life.