backpacks for all

28 August 2017

With ‘back to school’ being the theme of the summer there are some great looking rucksacks about. Granted the majority of businesses are targeting kids and teenagers but with that are some quite grown-up looking contemporary and simply styled pieces as well as backpacks with pretty and on trend patterns. As an adult having a rucksack is a good idea for a multitude of reasons from picnics on the moor to beach days and day trips to theme parks. You don’t have to have a young family for a rucksack to be useful and you don’t have to suffer with childish or ugly designs either as this little selection shows.

Reasons why women want tape in hair extensions

22 August 2017

There are a great many reasons why women want tape in extensions though some of the more popular reasoning why we opt for extensions may not be as clear to us or our stylists.

changing colour & style
At the moment it's extremely popular to have colourful highlights of tape in hair put in. Regular highlights and ombre effects are also on trend but because constantly colouring your hair can be very unhealthy it's worth looking into other options. If you choose to use tape in extensions, you can use coloured tape in extensions or mix different colours of extensions to create the look and hair style you really want. Stylists may even desire to deposit colour on the extensions to get the look you're after. Using this method, you are adding the colour to the head of hair without causing damage to it from chemicals that are in hair dye.

growing hair out
When deciding to grow your hair out, almost always, there is a period of time when the hair style just doesn't seem to look right but there are temporary things that you can do to make your hair look so much better. The simplest option for improved length and volume would be to make use of some shorter tape in extensions.

body jewellery

9 August 2017

source:pinterest - click for original imageSince ancient times body jewellery has been a part of the culture and heritage of different religions. It has been known to be an essential part of the clothing and appearance of the people in many regions of the world and at different parts of time throughout the centuries it was also used to signify the class demarcations prevalent in society at that point of time.

In recent times body jewellery has acquired a new dimension. It has never been in such high demand. The human body is not merely a body but a piece of art which has its own innate beauty. Birthstone rings can be a great way to enhance the beauty of your body. Not only can you decorate your body with it, but you can also use it to bring into focus or enhance the beauty of certain parts.

Body jewellery items are usually designed specifically for particular places on the human body and these more common places for body jewellery include the nose, eyebrow, nipple, ear lobes and naval, along with ear plugs (both curved and straight barbells). As fashion trends keep changing, the varying parts where you can use body jewellery and the way in which you can use it also keeps changing and developing and people seek to be more adventurous and original with their piercings.