i'm craving.. somewhat essential makeup

25 April 2011

This doesn't happen all that often as I seem to be surrounded by too much makeup that I do not use. I am however in need of a few new things and some of your advice too.

lipstick | my mac vv innocence beware is ruuning dangerously low so it's time for me to purchase a new mac nude lippie.. IB is the only mac nude I have owned to date so i'm wondering what on earth to buy to replace it. Currently oggling over creme d'nude which sounds boring but I really like it. What's your favourite mac nude? Preferably a cremesheen..

blush brush | currently using the sigma angled brush as my blush brush but it's dying on me. I love angled brushes for my blusher as the seem to get my desired result every time. Can any of you recommend any other than sigma and possibly not mac either as i'm not flush with cash at the moment. I really like the idea of this elf brush but i'm not sure on the quality. If any of you have any of the elf bamboo brushes or even the angled specifically i'd love to know what you think of it.

contour brush | beauty bloggers you may laugh at this one.. I currently contour with a powder brush. The sigma f20 to be precise. It's just not good for what I want it for and i'm ending up with the dirty face look almost every other day, I need help. This one i'm willing to spend out for so mac is acceptable.. any recommendations or advice?

opi oplishes | ski teal we drop is a necessity yes.. I've been craving it since the witch skincare event and still haven't got my hands on it! This amongst a number of other opi polishes on my wishlist but is definitely right at the top.

eyeko graffiti liner | my navy liner is drying out so plain and simply it's time to buy replace it. I may buy a couple of other things whilst on the eyeko site so is there anything that jumps out at you at the moment that I should definitely try?

Okay so that's a lot of questions directed out at you guys.. I'd love to get some product feedback and know what you love or deem as must haves at the moment!

Hope you have all had a fantastic sunny long weekend! :) Oh and that you like the further changes to the blog!

♥ abby

i'm craving.. shorts

2 April 2011

I have fallen in love with shorts. Like, head over heels I need so many pairs in my life right now, love. This however is a massive shame as i'm almost definite that most types do not suit my thighs.. -_- However I shall strive to get some more that do!

There are so many beautifully styled pictures of beautiful girls wearing beautiful shorts around at the moment. It kills me. and that's why this post is so picture heavy! It was a nightmare trying to pick my favourites so I and these are under half of those I have accumulated from tumblr, flickr and lookbook (p.s if you'd like me to credit you please let me know as i absolutely did not keep track. sorry!) Because of the masses of photos this is such an inspirational post for me on not only how to wear shorts but the legs I want to wear them with.. Blake Lively's and Erin Wasson's legs are unrealistic goals but we'll see ;)

After drooling over all of these i've done a lot of shopping for shorts..


Amongst buying paper bag, tweed, cord and floral shorts etc I have decided to take it upon myself to create shorts to my own specifications using old levi jeans and other such pairs bought from the likes of ebay and charity shops. For only a couple of pound they're perfect for those denim roughed up cut up cut offs. As I showed with my diy post last summer it is so easy to do! I'd just like some a little longer and in different shades. I get wait for my first £2.50 pair of black Levi's to arrive ;)

And so here comes my first fitness aim: I will tone up my thighs so that I feel comfortable in most types of shorts. Denim hotpants being the final destination. Any tips? Throw them my way please!

If you'd like to see more of these inspirational outfit /shorts photographs then pop on over to my tumblr as it is covered at the moment <3 You should also definitely visit this blog because Heather really knows how to rock her shorts!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

♥ abby
p.s exciting giveaway coming soooon. watch this space!