what's in my holiday suitcase?

24 August 2014

I'm now on holiday! So what better time to show you (and tell you) what is in my summer holiday suitcase .. Okay so it's not a suitcase as I use my Dakine holdall from Bagable but you get the gist. I use a holdall instead of a suitcase because it is lighter meaning I can take more and make the most of the baggage limits.

what's in my holiday carry-on bag?

22 August 2014

I don't carry much that I think i'll need on the plane in my carry-on luggage, just the necessities and then I use the rest of the space to carry heavy items - the type that are allowed, no big bottles of suncream!

my health kick: peppermint tea

11 August 2014

I've been drinking peppermint tea for months now and cannot stop raving about how good it is. This tea has had such a wonderfully positive effect on me, my body and my attitude. - Plus it's pretty tasty. So as I'm sat here with my after dinner cup I thought I'd talk about why I love it so.

my health kick: myvitamins supplements

6 August 2014

I've been taking these supplements every day for a month now and I'm enjoying the benefits that I'm getting from the goodness in them. My skin although still spotty is much clearer and more manageable which is great when you consider that I haven't changed my makeup or skincare routine recently, nor have I changed my diet in a way that would contribute to clearer skin.