mjus embellished booties

I'm always on the look out for new boots, especially new black boots. Not matter what the weather, season or time of year I'm drawn to all sorts of boot style footwear. It seems that my current weakness, when it comes to shoes at least, is a little embellishment detail or even a lot in some cases. Whether part or all of the heel is decorated with pyramid studs, the toe is covered with gold metal, the straps feature decorative metallic patterns or the calf is entirely covered in sequins or glitter - I want a piece of embellishment on my boots and I want it now! So I got some.. Though only a little decoration these boots are cute, comfortable and pretty. When I spotted these heeled black ankle boots by a brand called MJUS (who create so many beautiful ) I knew that they would be mine, I knew because I popped them into my basket and clicked proceed to basket.

You may think I'm made buying boots in August but it makes perfect sense when you consider that there isn't much of a demand and that it's good to be prepared. This does bring my grand total of boots higher then I care to mention but never mind.. You can never have too many pair of shoes right? I hope that's the case anyway because I already have 2 pairs in mind for my next purchase, a pair of deep brown leather ankle boots with a 4 inch block heel and some gorgeous Melissa heeled black ankle boots made from the rubber material that Melissa is known for. I may wait until September to buy those pairs so that the Mr is less likely to notice my consistently growing shoe collection.

Speaking of my shoe collection, I recently blogged about my love for canvas lace up trainer pumps and wondered if you'd like to see any other collection posts like boots or sandals, wedges etc .. Anything really. I'm a boots lover through and through but I do own other shoes I promise! I'm partial to a pair of beautiful chunky wedges and shoes with walking boot textured soles.

♥ abby


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