5 Great Christmas Presents

8 December 2015

The holiday season means great fun for everyone which includes not only receiving gifts but giving them as well! I always talk about beauty, jewellery and stylish gifts so thought I'd share some more technical and fun gift ideas and help take the guesswork out of your holiday shopping by learning which items are sure to be hit with that someone special!

christmas do outfit shopping

7 December 2015

Chriiiistmas time! Mistletoe and wine... Lots of wine. Party season is here so it's time to pick out your party outfit of the year, the outfit to top all others - unless you happened upon a wedding dress this year in which case, second best is fine. I've been shopping for one particular event and I've come up with 3 quite different styles, all of which I'd love to rock!

outfit one
Image Map Black Caged Heels Black enamel ring set Gold bracelet Bodycon black dress Gold fringe ear cuff Gold hexagon earrings Gold cut out ring

metallic shoe shopping

1 December 2015

It's no secret that I've become pretty obsessed with metallics so for me it's now only natural that I would source and share lots of pretty shiny shoes! Especially seeing as we're getting seriously close to Christmas and there are festive-do's happening pretty much every weekend at the moment. If you ask me I think we all need some sparkle in our lives and on our feet.