Personalised Chocolate Slab from YUCOCO

30 January 2015

You may have seen my recent post on how I love to give a personalised gift and well.. this is another one of those things but whilst it's not a gift that your loved one will keep and treasure I can assure you that they will love it just as much and appreciate how much you know them by covering their favourite type of chocolate in all of their favourite goodies!

organising a hen weekend

28 January 2015

You may have noticed that this place has been lacking in frequent blog posts over the last few weeks (or maybe you haven't because your lives are much busier than mine..) either way it's true and the reason is that I've been focused on a number of other things, my main distraction being the planning of my best friends hen do which has now become a hen weekend.

Wicked was wicked!

25 January 2015

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to have two tickets to go and see Wicked On Tour at the theatre. I'll start by saying that to my knowledge I have never actually been to see a production at the theatre that was not a pantomime so this was a pretty big deal for me - It was my first 'proper' musical and I admit that I was pretty apprehensive about how it was going to go and if I would like it but guess what - I LOVED IT!

#abzski winter boots wishlist

21 January 2015

In March I'm heading out to the US again to go skiing and I can't wait! So I thought I'd get a little blog series going all about the preparations that I'm going through for it the trip; i.e. shopping for winter boots or getting back on my fitness regime to strengthen my knees and now my back. I'm calling it #abzski 'coz I'm cool like that.

craving: a swiss wrist

15 January 2015

I don't often wear a bracelet but I do always wear a watch. A watch is one of my constant accessories that I reach for every morning and that I pretty much feel naked without having on me. There are a number of things that are important to me when shopping for a watch, it's all about the quality.

craving: astrid and miyu jewellery

6 January 2015

I am drawn to all things shiny, glittery and rose right now. My friends will tell you, every time we go shopping I edge towards the sequin dresses, bronzey tees, metallic jeans and beaded clutch bags. Rose and bronze shades are my weakness, so much in fact, that I may not even like the style of the dress covered in matte rose sequins and yet I still feel that it would take pride of place in my wardrobe so I need it.. That's where my mates keep me in check and tell me straight up that it's hideous or I'd look awful in the sparkles I'm drooling over. Thank god for good friends eh!