craving: christmas treats

21 December 2013

Pinterest is a huge christmas inspiration and i've found so many things that I want to try and make/bake but realistically they can't all be done, especially because some of the bizarre american ingredients cannot be found over here in the UK. I thought that i'd create another one of my wish list collages but this time as a kind of to do/to try list.

review of Degustabox - a box of foods

19 December 2013

Yes, foods. :)  I've had a number of beauty boxes now and although I've enjoyed experiencing new products and the idea of it all, I can only use so many beauty products at a time so currently don't have a subscription.. Food however, now that is something that I always need.

what to get me for christmas: the stocking addition

17 December 2013

I've compiled this rather large collage of things that I would love to receive in my stocking and are great stocking gifts for girls. Including some tips that I don't think everyone considers when thinking about stocking shopping. I've loved shopping for Shaun's stocking this year and getting odds and ends for my brother and sisters too so thought it would be nice to share a little post like this for you last minute shoppers out there! Consider it a guide for the main man in your life to 'do good' if you like :)

craving: white noise

5 December 2013

It may be a spring and summer trend but I still absolutely love to wear white. It's such a pure shade that is so easy to wear and not to forget, snow-like!