review of Degustabox - a box of foods

19 December 2013

Yes, foods. :)  I've had a number of beauty boxes now and although I've enjoyed experiencing new products and the idea of it all, I can only use so many beauty products at a time so currently don't have a subscription.. Food however, now that is something that I always need.

I love to experience new food and be forced to try new tastes and flavours so a box like Degustabox* is a great idea for me. Each month subscription costs only £9.99 (!!) plus delivery and you receive 17 products for that!

The idea behind these subscription boxes is what I love about them, introducing me to new flavours and foods is something that I always like to do because my taste buds seem to be adjusting as I get older so to have it delivered to me without a second thought is fab! My favourites from this box that I was a little unsure about at first are the Drink Me Chai - Chai Latte, Belvita Breakfast Duo Crunch - Apricot and Yogurt filling and Levi Roots - Smoky Jerk Chicken Sauce .. all very yummy so I will and have repurchased! Shaun scoffed down all of the Yu! granola fruit clusters because I even had the chance but he assures me that they were tasty and we are making our way through the surprise gift of Green & Blacks - Spiced Chilli Chocolate as we speak :D

All in all this was a great box and I have now subscribed to Degustabox for another month or so. That's another thing worth noting .. The cancellation policy is better than the average subscription deal in my opinion as you can cancel anytime before the payment is due on the 10th of each month.

If allllll of that hasn't convinced you that this is a good idea then how about a £3 discount? Just use code: abbzzw999 You're welcome ;)

If you have any questions re Degustabox i'm happy to answer them otherwise you can go to their facebook or twitter.

♥ abby