giving an elephant a home

22 January 2010

My first ever etsy order arrived today & I have already fallen in love with this adorable little elephant doorstop :D

It was only £10.69 :) I have filled it with rice in a bag inside the base and it is currently propping up my door :D Going to look great in my new room.

Inside the package was a note reading;
"Thank you for giving one of my Elephants a new home.
She will be quite happy sitting by your doors!"

Yes it's the little things that please me :)

Click here to go to Ruths Craft Shop and buy one of the many different patterned cuties :)

♥ abby xx

review: body shop lipscuff

I am fully aware that you may not of heard of this product. So introducing Body Shop Lipscuff! It is simply a spearmint smelling lip scrub stick.. Sounds tasty right? Well dont get the little scrubby bits in your mouth because it'll taste and feel like you're eating sand! .. Don't ask how I found that one out..

Throughout the winter months my lips can get quite flaky and tend to split straight down the middle of my top lip in winter and a friend told me she uses lipscrub to keep the layers of skin on her lips down to prevent the splitting. I thought i'd give it a go as avoiding the pain and hideousness of a split lip seemed quite appealing!

My lips were quite well behaved during the first half of the winter season and so I couldn't really judge whether it was doing the extreme job I wanted. And so after using the product a few times I was still a little undecided about its effectiveness on my lips.

However, i'm sure if you are here in the UK you would have noticed that the weather hasn't been the warmest! This definitely wasn't kind to my skin.. lips especially! It took only a couple of days before I noticed that my lips were starting to peel /flake a little then split in the centre (attractive!) This was the one morning I had nothing but a pot of vaseline to keep them hydrated and unfortunately for me, it did nothing! I smile a lot!! & a huge grin after lunch made my top lip split and my eyes water! :( I suffered with i9t for the rest of the day trying so hard not to smile or generally open my mouth too wide .. it's more difficult than it sounds!

When I got in I slapped a tonne of lipscuff on and rubbed my lips together lots! Then wiped away any excess particles with some tissue. I probably shouldn't of rubbed them together as much as I did because they became quite sensitive in areas.. but it worked! Although still split there was less skin split apart leaving it was less painful and a lot less noticeable.

Doing this again in the morning made my split lip disappear completely and it hasnt returned since because of the frequent use of lipscuff (every other day or two weather dependent) and always having a lush lip balm handy

With Lipscuff, like any scrub i find it is key to keep hydrated /moisturised. When it comes to my lips I do this using my Lush Honey Trap Balm and Whip Stick Balm (both brilliant!)

♥ abby xx

review: body shop moisture foundation

20 January 2010

I have been using Body Shop's Moisture Foundation ever since I started wearing makeup. I've quite sensitive, combination skin and so cheaper brands of makeup have never really worked for me, especially when it comes to foundation and concealer. Though in saying that I don't believe that Body Shop is an expensive brand. (This fuondation is £12 exactly) I buy shade 04 every 2-3 months, all throughout the year &no matter what season, it works for me.

There is so much in this tube and because I don't use a lot for the coverage I like it lasts a good amount of time.

As mentioned in earlier posts I have combination skin consisting of dry patches on my cheeks and forehead with an oily teazone and chin. Over the years I have found that this foundation caters for all of these areas without aggravating any existing problems. Although a moisture foundation it doesn't worsen my t-zone yet does have a positive effect on the dier parts of my face.

Body Shop say: "A lightweight moisturising, long-lasting liquid foundation, with SPF 15, that provides light to medium coverage with a flawless finish. Dermatologically tested. Contains Community Trade marula oil. Size: 30ml" -Agreed! :)

To sum it up.. I love this foundation beause I don't need to use a lot for a good coverage, it doesn't look shovelled onto my face, applying it with my fingers works perfectly and there is less waste as apposed to using a sponge or brush and the smell is completely bareable almost pleasant without being floral at all.

♥ abby xx

sherlock holmes: a review

15 January 2010

Not a post i've done before but as a new and impressive film I decided to share my take on it with you guys :)

I originally went to the cinema with a couple of friends to see avatar 3D but alas.. it was sold out (i wasn't disappointed) I dont go to the cinema very often anymore, seems like a lot of effort and is too over priced majority of the time. We watched Sherclock Holmes on orange wednesday and i have to say I enjoyed it so much that I would be happy to pay full price to see it another time.

It is such an awesome, cleverly made and well thought out film *claps to Guy Ritchie* I loved it. The characters, the plot, the special effects, costumes.. all of it!

Now a bit about the characters..

Sherlock himself - Played by Robert Downey Jr : I havn't seen him in any other films (that I know of) but after his performance as Sherlock i'm tempted to watch a couple of others. Holmes is an incredibly intelligent yet manipulative man, he knows how to twist his way around things and make others do exactly what he wants.. he expects things to go a certain way and they always do.. genius!

DR H Watson - Played by Jude Law: Excellently played by jude law.. I had my doubts about his role but he really impressed me! Watson is Holme's devoted friend, the man who keeps him going and beleives in him but also feels as though they should each get on with their own lives. He made me laugh smile and cry a little at one point..

Irene Adler - Played by Rachel McAdams: I had a love hate relationship with Adler all throughout the film. Love how intelligent she is but hate how manipulative she can be and really quite evil. also love Rachel McAdams as an actress, she'd been great in everything I have seen her in, though next to such strong actors and characters as Holmes and Watson I don't think that she had enough room to shine as much.

Lord Blackwood - Played by Mark Strong: At first Lord Blackwood reminded me of Andy Garcia (Terry Benedict in Oceans 11, 12 & 13) but I was corrected by the credit at the end of the film. Lord Blackwood was easily the creepiest charecter.. I did not get along with this man! Though he played Lord Blackwood well and though very strange I enjoyed watching his relationship with Holmes develop.

Friends of mine raved about the special effects and it wasn't untill I watched the movie that I realised what they were talking about. They really are believable.. It really is quite incredible how real most of them look.

Robert Downey Jr - "Madam, I need you to remain calm and trust me I'm a professional. Beneath this pillow lies the key to my release"

Now I really don't want to reveal much about the plot because I am not one for ruining movies for others.. I will say though, that there are action filled scenes as well as well thought out intelligent thinking ones with a hint of romance and a lot of trickery thrown in there too.

I love murder mystery programes from Murder She Wrote, Midsummer Murders, Frost, Lewis and even CSI. The older shows are my favourite so maybe this is why I enjoyed the fiulm so much I don't know? Watch it and let me know what you think! :)

♥ abby xx

lots of contests!

11 January 2010

There seem to be tonnes of contests going on at the moment so here are links to a few that I know about and have entered.. you can also find them in the side bar untill each contest is over.

Follow Phoebe's blog and enter her contest to win No7, Barry M, elf goodies and more! - Phoebe's Contest

Elle is having a contest! Follow her blog and enter to win some lush goodies &more! - Elle's contest

Enter ChloĆ«'s giveaway for the chance to win rimmel products, thorntons chocolate and more! - ChloĆ«'s contest

Leanne is have a giveaway after hitting 300 followers! Enter to win a tonne of fab goodies - Leannes contest


♥ abby xx

bedroom envy

10 January 2010

Because i'm currently looking to move out with a couple of friends i've decided to think about how I want my room to look when we finally get the place.
I love all of these rooms and hope to pick out different things from them to put my dream room together!

:D Exciting stuff!!

What do you think? What would your dream room comprise of?

♥ abby xx

would you like a contest?

I've been collecting bits and bobs to put into a giveaway that I intend on doing when I get to 150 followers.
It seems I now have enough for a pretty good prize and I have a great concept for the competition.. now all I need are the followers.. the number of you guys that follow my blog is slowly slowly increasing so when I get there keep an eye out for my contest! :)

I'm really excited about it! :D :D

♥ abby xx

winter warmers

8 January 2010

I think by now we all know the deal, it's snowing pretty much all over the uk. &yes we're excited! Though it seems the excitement is fading and now the country is beginning to panic.. we're running out of grit, we're running out of food. C'mon uk.. grow a back bone!

Anywho.. :) In my attempt to embrace the snow and icy conditions I have been layering and wrapping up warm to take 'trecherous' and unnecessary walks outside! Shocking I know.. I feel totally rebellious.......... :P

Here are a few of the things that have got me through this pretty nippy weather..

My hat has been my staple accessory this year. I wear it all the time and love how it keeps the rest of my body a little warmer too. My hate is not the one shown above but a cream chunky oversized cable knit beanie that I bought from h&m a couple of months ago. It goes with every ouitfit and is quite possibly my favourite hat of all that I own! :)

I bought a hoody from new look mens section last year with fur on the inside and love the feeling of it being oversized, snuggly and warm! It may need replacing soon and I have my eye on this Jacamo one.. but doubt I will get my hands on it due to the price tag

I live in these dorothy perkins jumpers! I pair them with leggings, skinny jeans, ug boots, cowboy boots or a pair of my many other boots.. :) They're pretty chunky and keep me nice and snug! :) love them!

Knee high socks &leg warmers under my boots! They're warm & they look great partially showing out of the top of my boots.

Ug boots have been keeping my toesies warm this winter! Mine arn't real ofcourse.. I have the river island rip off :)

A nice big chunky scarf! I'm ashamed to say that I ventured into primark this winter hunting for a chunky cheap scarf. I found a mink coloured one and where it most days as it seems to work with most of the things I wear.. plus it's reeeeally warm! :)

Not a huge fan of wearing gloves mainly because I find it impossible to text from my tocco or use my ipod. But with temparatures like -4 i'm so glad a bought these gloves from accessorize! Pretty and practical :):)

So that's it for my winter necessities.. What are your winter warmer essentials right now?

♥ abby xx

review: veganese conditioner from lush

7 January 2010

Okay so when in the Lush store I was told that Veganese is sort of a lighter version of American Cream and so if my hair finds American Cream to be too heavy then I should try Veganese. Now if you managed to read my review of American Cream you would know that I didn't quite get along with it. Not because it was too heavy but because of the horrendous smell!

While using the conditioner the first thing I noticed was that it seemed to be of a thinner consistency than American Cream, more of a lotion as apposed to a cream and so it clicked that this was not going to have the same sort of result. I was very happy however, to find that it did not smell of parma violets! :D More like the small coloured sherbet sweets like parma violets (forgotten the name)

Then for the real test.. I blow tried my hair and ta da...... nothing. No light & fluffy feeling, no added moisture, no controlling frizz, just nothing. I can honestly say that each time I tried it Veganese did nothing what so ever for my hair and so I will not be purchasing it.

Sorry Lush! I'll just have to keep trying.. :)

♥ abby xx

my shampoo experiment

6 January 2010

Image Sources: Lush & Superdrug
I have begun to shop on a budget ready for when I move out and so instead of working out which shampoo is best for my hair (these are all great!) i've decided to conduct a sort of experiment using Lush's Big Shampoo, Aussie's Luscious Long Shampoo and Lush's Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo Bar.

The aim is to find out which shampoo I can get the most washes from.

I have been counting since the beginning of last week (Monday 28th Decemeber) and intend to carry on using each shampoo alternately, counting the number of washes untill they have each been used up completely. My hair likes change recently so hopefully this will give it a little more life as well!

This will probably take a little while to do.. so I hope that you stayed tuned for the results :)

♥ abby xx

2010 already?

4 January 2010

Looking back at 2009 it seems to of passed quite quickly. Even though at the time with everything that went on it didn't seem like it. If i'm honest I am quite glad that 2009 is over as I see the new year as time for a fresh start (or atleast a bit more fresh than the last time I tried).

I intend on being happy, healthy and independant this year, which I suppose is main main resolution.. so lets hope that it all goes to plan!

What is your most important resolution for this year?

Happy New Year Everyone!
and I hope you all had a wonderful christmas

♥ abby xx