review: body shop lipscuff

I am fully aware that you may not of heard of this product. So introducing Body Shop Lipscuff! It is simply a spearmint smelling lip scrub stick.. Sounds tasty right? Well dont get the little scrubby bits in your mouth because it'll taste and feel like you're eating sand! .. Don't ask how I found that one out..

Throughout the winter months my lips can get quite flaky and tend to split straight down the middle of my top lip in winter and a friend told me she uses lipscrub to keep the layers of skin on her lips down to prevent the splitting. I thought i'd give it a go as avoiding the pain and hideousness of a split lip seemed quite appealing!

My lips were quite well behaved during the first half of the winter season and so I couldn't really judge whether it was doing the extreme job I wanted. And so after using the product a few times I was still a little undecided about its effectiveness on my lips.

However, i'm sure if you are here in the UK you would have noticed that the weather hasn't been the warmest! This definitely wasn't kind to my skin.. lips especially! It took only a couple of days before I noticed that my lips were starting to peel /flake a little then split in the centre (attractive!) This was the one morning I had nothing but a pot of vaseline to keep them hydrated and unfortunately for me, it did nothing! I smile a lot!! & a huge grin after lunch made my top lip split and my eyes water! :( I suffered with i9t for the rest of the day trying so hard not to smile or generally open my mouth too wide .. it's more difficult than it sounds!

When I got in I slapped a tonne of lipscuff on and rubbed my lips together lots! Then wiped away any excess particles with some tissue. I probably shouldn't of rubbed them together as much as I did because they became quite sensitive in areas.. but it worked! Although still split there was less skin split apart leaving it was less painful and a lot less noticeable.

Doing this again in the morning made my split lip disappear completely and it hasnt returned since because of the frequent use of lipscuff (every other day or two weather dependent) and always having a lush lip balm handy

With Lipscuff, like any scrub i find it is key to keep hydrated /moisturised. When it comes to my lips I do this using my Lush Honey Trap Balm and Whip Stick Balm (both brilliant!)

♥ abby xx


  1. Great review and lovely blog.
    New follower here! XX

  2. Nice review! I've been looking for something like this :)

  3. Your right, never heard of this! but my god it sounds fab.
    like you my lips go down hill around winter time.

    ouchy that must have been horrible, i wanted to try the honey trap balm but now i want to try this!

    glad it worked for you xxx

  4. Thankyou for the comments :):)

    It works wonders yes.. but i'm now intreagued about the Lush Lips Scubs.. I think i'll behave and wait for my Lipscuff to run out first :) xx

  5. I have wanted to try this for so long, but i always thought that it wouldn't work.. Now i'm definetly going to try it out, but i also want to try out the Lush lip scrubs! This was so helpful <3


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