laid back and looking gorgeous

30 May 2011

I think many of you will agree with me that there is a greater sense of accomplishment that comes with the less effort gorgeous looks and outfits that we create for ourselves. This is one of the reasons I love the festival, vintage, hippyish look that works so well at the moment. With the weather as finicky as it is it's nice to be able to layer up and down with ease. This printed maxi dress for instance.. layer up with a waistcoat, again with a denim jacket or cardi and then when it's warmer just wear the dress alone. A hanging fringe bag, some simple brown sandals and natural beachy waves and you're on to a very laid back but gorgeous winner.

The same goes for shorts, in fact, anything goes with shorts, crop tops, band t-shirts, bandeau tops, boob tubes, your recent diy venture. Layer up with waistcoats, cardis, kimonos then again with leather or denim jackets, a simple scarf or snood. Add some gladiator sandals, navajo jewellery and you have effortless wearable style. Not just for festivals I say! As some body who doesn't go to festivals I take inspiration from the looks displayed at this time of year for garden parties, beach trips, day trips to the zoo, walks along the sea front etc. Why not!

Inspired items that I have my eye on:

What do you think about this easy wearable style? Let me know if you think i'm talking out of my hooha and it's not easy at all ;)

I need a little favour, if you could take a second to take a look at my poll in the sidebar that would be brilliant. I just want to know a little more about the types of posts of mine that you like and if there is anything you'd like to see more of etc. I'm intrigued to see if you'd like more lifestyle posts and my skincare tips etc or if style and outfit posts are the preferred :)

♥ abby

and she sang; sudo-sudocremm

26 May 2011

Some time ago now I remember reading somewhere online about how sudocrem is one of the most effective moisturising and cleansing masks. I have always had the belief that anything made for babies has to be good for adults too because more often than not they are designed to include less harmful crap (for want of a better word). When I was offered  a sample of their new sudocrem tube I was more than happy to accept because it reminded me that I still hadn't tried the wonders of Sudocrem out. Yes I more often that not use babywipes to remove most of my makeup and johnsons shampoo for my brushes but hadn't stretched from that. Don't worry I'm not going to start trying to convince you of the 'wonders' of a baby food diet! I'm not crazy :)

I was sent a 30g tube of sudocrem which is great because you're not constantly dipping fingers into a pot which can spread germs and generally shorten the life of your moisturiser.

Unlike most thick moisturisers I have tried I never ever wake up with an oily face after using Sudocrem overnight and because of the antibacterial properties it's great for calming and reducing swelling of spots. So this is what I do, and honestly if you get the chance I would recommend trying this even just the once can make such a lovely difference.

remove makeup. I use with baby wipes or boots own cucumber wipes
 cleanse / tone with usual products. I use Liz Earle cleanse & polish or clean and clear cleanser & body shop tea tree toner
 take a pea sized amount of sudocrem for each area of your face (cheek, cheek, nose and chin, forehead and 2 for your neck if you like)
 rub the sudocrem thoroughly into your face making motions that move out towards your ears
 remember sudocrem has a thicker consistency than normal moisturisers so it will take a little longer to sink in. do not worry about looking like a ghost! this is supposed to happen
 now go to bed

It's not often that I do a post like this with my skincare tips etc so i'd love to know what you thought and if you'd be interested in seeing more posts like this :)

♥ abby

there's too much in my bag

24 May 2011

These photos were taken a few weekends ago now, when I went to the Bette Noir Vintage and Handmade fair so apologies for the delay. Along with a what's in my bag feature for you today is my bagologist reading. Basically I uploaded an image of the contents of my bag to the sudocrem facebook page and their resident psychic gave an in depth reading of my personality according to the contents and so here it is for your reading pleasure? Notice the first mistake.. I am far too poor to own a mulberry bag ;) But hey hoe I love my ebay find :)

"Hi there! Your Mulberry bag is a stunner - congratulations for owning such a 'must have' handbag! So what do the contents of your bag say about you? I can see you are a practical, pragmatic person who gets 'stuck in' and will roll up your sleeves at home, work or in the garden (and of course, with your paints!). You seem to be someone who is dependable and will want that from your friends and family. You are a positive 'glass half full' kind of gal which will serve you well when it comes to how you manage and approach your finances. Don't try to be a perfectionist however, balancing the books is good but don't fuss if your finances aren't quite as you want them yet! Balance is in fact another theme coming up from your bag. You like to be busy, and can be single minded and strong willed so make sure you know when to 'back down' (yuk!). You have a warm, friendly kind and generous spirit. I can see that both girlfriends and male friends will enjoy your company. From your bag's contents I can see that you are compassionate and loyal and dedicated especially to work that is practical be that painting, cooking or anything 'hands on'. Just make sure that you know how to turn the same level of compassion and understanding inwards, towards yourself. This means know how to 'give yourself a break'! I do see that you have a wonderful tendency to dream; to follow new pathways and to be opportunistic. Make sure that someone close by isn't jealous of you or your talents or lifestyle. Follow your dreams, and keep on track! I hope you enjoyed your bag reading -"

And there you go.. accurate in places I think you will agree. It's definitely an interesting way of doing things! So onto my bag contents..

bag: ebay
purse: fox racing via extreme pie
makeup bag: maxfactor false lashes, sigma contour brush, sigma powder brush, eyeko navy liner, boing, erase paste, hoola, georgia, rimmel smoke eyeliner, gosh velvet touch black eyekiner, elf lip prime and plump, mac innocence beware and lush honey trap lip balm
2 x hair bands 
2 x hair grips
coloured pencils
sketch pencil and rubber
fine paint brushes
sketch book
house keys
olbas tissue pack
beechams flu tablets
chewing gum
mcdonalds monopoly voucher
nail file
models own nail polish in purple ash
crown and glory purchases
betty boop compact
mostly eaten milk chocolate covered raisins
mcvities gold chocolate bar
bottle of water
small hairspray: boots
umbrella: primark
snood: h&m

♥ abby

celebration giveaway : 800 followers - CLOSED

22 May 2011

A little something I have put together to show that I appreciate you all for following, reading, commenting and all of the rest of it. 800 followers is just incredible. Thank you so much and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog :) Most of these items have been donated by said companies and i'd like to say thank you to them for their constant support too.

the prizes
Republic: Candy Punk Crop Tank Top
Witch Skincare: Witch Stick
Betsey Johnson: Replica Giraffe Earrings
Crown and Glory: Daisychain Dream Bobby Pins & Garland
Raffles Bizarre: Tiki Necklace
GiftGirls: Silver Cross Double Ring & 4 Vintage Style Stackable Rings
jewelleryzz: Pink Rose Ring & Red Rose Earrings
Rimmel Sexy Curves Brown/Black Mascara
Soap & Glory Girligo Moisturising Body Mist

comment below, make sure you include one of these words somewhere in your comment to be entered (preferably in a sentence):  style blogtomato, giraffe, abergavenny or discombobulated (no random word = no entry)
 you must be a follower of this blog!
include your email in the comment. no email = no entry
you must be aged 16 or over to enter
 if under 16yrs old, must have permission from parent/guardian to enter
giveaway closes Sunday 5th June 22:00 GMT
winner will be selected using
 worldwide entries welcome

extra entries*
follow witch skincare on twitter
like the giftgirls facebook page
like crown and glory facebook page
like raffles bizarre facebook page
follow republic on twitter
follow me on twitter
like abbzzw facebook page
follow abbzzw design blog
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*Please include your full name, blog username and/or twitter username in your comment. Whichever are relevant to your extra entries. Along with the entries you have done. Thank you

That is a total of 10 entries that you could have!

Good luck :)

much love,

i'm craving.. feather jewellery

19 May 2011

Raffles Bizarre feather jewellery in particular. I happened to come across Raffles Bizarre on twitter originally (what a wonderful thing, I love twitter!) and the first item that jumped out at me is actually something that the lovely Jess has now contributed to my giveaway so look out for that in the next couple of days! Whilst searching through the site, as you do when you find a new jewellery shop, I came across the navajo collection. This is a wonderful group of feathers, aztec-esque coins and buttons, gorgeous stones, wooden accessories and just general what I call rural jewellery which I love. To me it looks so natural and authentic and I just love the way that the whole collection has been put together. These first 2 items in particular I find incredible.

I think that i'll let some of my absolute favourites do the rest of the talking;

I would love to know what you think of this range and feather jewellery in general really. Plus as a gift from me to you, okay.. from Jess through me to you we would like to offer all of my readers 10% off your order using the discount code: ABBZZW (it's in my sidebar too)

I've already bought a gorgeous amethyst anklet using it, which I now need the weather for. So enjoy! :) Let me know what you buy!

♥ abby

no worries for the rest of your days

17 May 2011

A few more sketches as promised. I'm loving putting pencil to paper again especially to reminisce of the good old disney days. They're so easy to draw too! I've also painted a couple of disney canvas of late and so i'll probably show you them soon if you like?

I have added a denim lee cooper shirt to my shop page now so please take a look and let me know if you're interested. It's in amazing condition and I wish I could keep it in all honesty but dark denim doesn't seem to suit me very well.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

♥ abby 

but I be done seen about everything when I see an elephant fly

10 May 2011

Some of my disney sketches. More to come because i'm beyond obsessed and haven't photographed them all <3 Let me know what you think :)

♥ abby

i'm craving.. boobtubes

9 May 2011

Although i've always had a trouble with boobtubes due to my bust size I am currently going through a phase where I pretty much want every simple design there is in every colour and pattern, both tops, dresses and all the rest. I don't think that's too much to ask for. Though it's a lot to ask that they all suit my body shape at the moment.. Must remember to lay off the cakes. Skin tight tops and a doughnut shaped belly do not work well together.

I have some quite awful tan lines at the moment, on my upper back and shoulders especially so I think it is completely necessary to live in these tops at least until the lines have disappeared.. :)

Yesterday I went to a car boot but (to assist Shauns parents, not to purchase anything..) It was quite good fun and so Shaun and I are thinking of doing one in the next fortnight to get rid of a portion of the crap we have accumulated between us. Have any of you ever held a carboot sale or something similar? I'd love to hear some haggling tips and things like that if so! There are a few things that I will be adding to my shop page though, my denim lee cooper shirt for one. That's way too good for a smelly car boot!

Also, I have been sketching and painting lots recently so i'm hoping, if the scanner starts working properly, that i'll be able to get some of those on here to share with you all :)

I hope you have had a great weekend! Much love.

♥ abby