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I think many of you will agree with me that there is a greater sense of accomplishment that comes with the less effort gorgeous looks and outfits that we create for ourselves. This is one of the reasons I love the festival, vintage, hippyish look that works so well at the moment. With the weather as finicky as it is it's nice to be able to layer up and down with ease. This printed maxi dress for instance.. layer up with a waistcoat, again with a denim jacket or cardi and then when it's warmer just wear the dress alone. A hanging fringe bag, some simple brown sandals and natural beachy waves and you're on to a very laid back but gorgeous winner.

The same goes for shorts, in fact, anything goes with shorts, crop tops, band t-shirts, bandeau tops, boob tubes, your recent diy venture. Layer up with waistcoats, cardis, kimonos then again with leather or denim jackets, a simple scarf or snood. Add some gladiator sandals, navajo jewellery and you have effortless wearable style. Not just for festivals I say! As some body who doesn't go to festivals I take inspiration from the looks displayed at this time of year for garden parties, beach trips, day trips to the zoo, walks along the sea front etc. Why not!

Inspired items that I have my eye on:

What do you think about this easy wearable style? Let me know if you think i'm talking out of my hooha and it's not easy at all ;)

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♥ abby


  1. Loving these picks m'dear!

  2. Love the pleated floral print shorts, they are adorable :) so are the dungarees x

  3. AnonymousMay 30, 2011

    completely agree, love love love this trend. and it's the perfect time to show off my inner hippie!

    beth x

  4. i want all of these, esp the floral shorts, it all just looks so effortless!xx

  5. agreed! i love this style, especially for the warmer months! i love all the florals-so gorgeous! :)

  6. Thank you girlies :)

    Haha inner hippie, love that phrase Beth! :) x

    O definitely Leigh. It's really hard to play it in autumn /winter but great for those summer days and warmish nights :) x

  7. what a great blog! you are soooo inspirational! i would love to see what your opinions on my blog are! so if you could check it out i would really apprieciate it. :)

    follow me?


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