sparkly trainers are dreamy

25 February 2016

Metallic and sparkly trainers are the epitome of dressy and casual mashed together and I want them all. Recently I've been trying to mix up my weekend wardrobe to feature a bit more of a casual vibe but rather than simply wear my Nikes all the time I'd like to be able to add a little something more to an outfit.

wedding planning: picking a venue

24 February 2016

Who knew that this would be say difficult?! I've had a read of many bride experiences on browsing and choosing their venues and yet I still wasn't prepared for what hit me. I wasn't ready for the variety of ways in which we would be received, from blaze to well structured and quite frankly a bit odd. I wasn't expected to be made to feel unworthy of a location or on the flipside to catch a cold from a freezing cold old (and very dirty) country house. I wasn't expecting to fall in love with a place the moment we stepped through the doors. But all of these things happened and they made me want to put together a list of things to do and consider when looking for your wedding venue.

I will point out now that this post is talking about either a full day venue or a reception venue as we decided from the very beginning that we didn't want to get married in a church.

shopping: new-in

22 February 2016

One thing remains while there is so much going on around me; my obsession with all things ASOS. I find myself in the 'New in' category more often than I'd care to admit and don't get my started on my love for their clearance section.

I thought I'd throw together some of my new-in favourites for a quick post in between my current busy schedule. Hope you like. :)