my must haves: benefit sugarlicious

28 May 2013

Sugarlicious by Benefit contains a couple of my must have products along with an old favourite and a new discovery. You can have a read about my love for Benetint here. High beam is a little luxurious product that is great to have lying around, it has to be my favourite highlighter of the moment as it goes on so smoothly and leaves a subtle but noticeable shine on my cheekbones. Sugarbomb is an old favourite of mine that I haven't repurchased for a long time but that I used to use every day until Nars deep throat came along - I've just hit pan on my nars so maybe there will be some sugarbomb in a not so distance purchase. The sugarbomb lipgloss is a pretty little subtle pink gloss to add to my collection, it smells yummy and adds a nice shimmery pink sheen to my lips.

All in all I think that the benefit sugarlicious pack is the perfect set of mini luxury travel essentials.

♥ abby

accenting summer fashion

23 May 2013

It's May already, and that means that we're being bombarded with fashion advice coming from everywhere from the billboards and Pinterest, to a fashion blogs, Lookbook and the latest Marie Claire article. It's pretty exciting for those of us who like to stay in tune with the latest styles, but it can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes it's nice to focus on those accessorising trends as they are a bit smaller than the latest clothing style - and, after all, it's the little things that count.

My favourite example for summer 2013 is in looking at different ways to accent one of the main  trends, which is stark colouring. All-white clothes are everywhere heading into this summer, along with the classic styling of plain black and white. I love wearing black and white but rather than telling you which white or monochrome outfits to go for, here are 5 different ways that I like to accent the overall look.

1. neon nail polish
We already know that neon is in this summer, and many runways are crowded with loud neon clothing designs. But you don't need a vibrant yellow dress to join in on this trend. Instead, think about complimenting your all-white outfit with bright neon nails! This gives a bold, noticeable, but not overwhelming look perfect for summer and perfect for me.

2. bold sunglasses
Sunglass styles are pretty loud this season, with frames testing the limit between inventive and just plain mad being launched all over the high street. But, with an all-white or monochrome summer outfit, the right frames can give you just the accent you need. Whether it's neon sunglasses frames, striped frames, or even a vibrant leopard print design, there are so many options this season. If you wear glasses, you may want to invest in some acuvue contact lenses to free up your eyes for some amazing sunglasses and increase your styling options.

3. rose gold jewellery
One of the most attractive accessory trends of the year (as with the past two) is m favourite of all - rose gold jewellery. If you're looking for a more subtle look then rose gold is the perfect compliment to just about anything you might wear this summer. Rose gold catches that relaxed summer attitude in a way other jewellery just can't and I can't get enough of it.

4. hair styling
Pointing out a single hair trend would be to ignore the huge array of styles you'll see this summer, but doing something inventive with your hair can add fun and style to your summer look. Something to consider this summer is wavy or curly blonde hair. From the always-trendy Marilyn Monroe look to this year's Gatsby obsession (and Daisy Buchanan's hair), these looks are super chic and nice and easy which is always a bonus for me.

5. gemstone jewellery
If neon isn't your thing, gemstone jewellery is an easy way to add some colour to a simple and colourless outfit. Fake, real, earrings, necklace, beads or jewels, statement necklaces are not hard to find and are fun options to play with. Time to hunt for some classic Pat Butcher earrings I think ;)

Now bring on the sun!

♥ abby

nude and glitter nails

18 May 2013

I have a growing love for glitter polishes, okay so it's only index nails or on my toes but I love it and I want more! My favourite at the moment is Nicole by Opi Selena named Inner Sparkle, I found it in Target during my america trip. It has a mix of silver, pink and purple different sized glitter flecks making it a relatively subtle yet chunky glitter - If there is such a thing! Here I painted two layers of it over one coat of nude polish on my ring fingers so that it has a suitable simple base. On the rest of my nails I'm wearing essie protein base coat (as normal) with two coats of models own nude beige and the china glaze first and last top coat.

♥ abby

my summer wishlist

14 May 2013

It's time for a wishlist, one that will perk us up and encourage the horrible rain and cold to go away! Well we can but hope .. These are things I'm after that the spring summer trends are kicking out and the coachella style photos all over pinterest have made me crave.

Not quite the Kim K floral top to toe look! I'm opting for a twist on that so as not to overdo it .. A floral jacket of some sort has been on my wishlist for sometime but now that summer is rolling in I think that it's time to act on it. Be it a ditsy blazer, large flower biker or this amazing sleeveless biker from asos - I need one in my life.
I've wanted a coral lippy for a pretty long time but feel as though I need a good tan in order to pull it off that's why it's on my summer wishlist - bring on the vitamin d! I've also wanted to try topshop makeup for a little while now, any direction in terms of good/bad products would be appreciated :)

Who'd have thought dressing like a tea cup could be cool? Well it totally is and I love love love these pastel blue and white paisley print and high waisted shorts - good job Motel! These shorts couldn't be much more on trend if you tried.

My true love for chunky glitter polishes began in Target when I bought Nicole by Opi Inner Sparkle and Sally Hansen Copper Penny and now I want more! These few glitter nail polishes are at the top of my 'nail polishes to get' list. OPI When Monkeys Fly,  Nicole By OPI Rainbow In The S-KylieEssie Luxe Effects A Stroke of Brilliance and Essie Luxe Effects A Cut Above.

I have always had a thing for wooden heels, a pair of my favourite summer wedges feature a cut out wooden heel and they're just awesome so it's great to see all of these new wood heel designs on the high street. The 'almost a wedge' look is great too and I can see how easy they'll be to walk in- i'll take a chunky heel over a stilletto anyday for my weak ass ankles.

It's totally tropical this summer with vibrant and chunky palm and Hawaiian prints, loving the vibrance but being a bit scared of the loud colours and print combination I'm leaning more towards the toned down and pastel designs. They're a little more subtle and a lot more me.

Nautical seems to be one of those trend that just won't leave us alone, year on year it comes back and back again - Maybe it's our growing love with old english and vintage that keeps the fire burning. Whatever it is, I haven't really wanted to get involved with nautical until this year on the discovery of stripes. I actually don't hate them like I thought I did and feel I need to wear this crop with denim cut offs and a chunky belt.

The tie dye is back and on track but as with other patterns I like to go a little more conservative by sticking to neutrals, pastels and black and white - boring it may be but I like it. A tie dye crop is perfect for summer, add in the roll neck and it's great for all year round, then the price makes it a no brainer (I hate that phrase but you get the idea).

Baseball shirt, the king (or queen) of androgyny, it's everywhere right now and this is the first crop i've seen, I must have it! It's obviously dying to be worn with shorts :)

There's no denying my addiction to bracelets has grown the last twelve months but now I need some light, summery and colourful pieces to stack on my wrists. This collection of friendship bracelets is perfect for summer because I love the combination of gold with coloured suede and bright chains so lots of these are a must have for me.

I've been skirting around brights and prints so it's time to jump in - preferably wearing a pair of these statement wedges. Footwear is crucial, no matter what anyone says, If you have the right shoes then you're sure to feel fantastic. I bet you that these shoes have that effect on everyone that wears them. The wedge is a perfect place for a fab design and I love the blue abstract dye pattern or large pink flowers that these two pairs offer.

♥ abby

back to that bikini lust

11 May 2013


It's that time of year again when I go on the hunt for a gorgeous new bikini and this website and their Instagram has me dreaming all to often, their bikinis, their bodies, the locations .. It's all quite ridiculous really and I love it. I long for all of these things - sea, sun, sand and sexy please! The name? Boutique Tutu. I thought I'd share this swimwear with you lot so that you can drool over their Instagram account as much as I do!

Only a short one from me today - I'm going to get back to bikini shopping and watching malamutes on vine :) Another outfit post will be up very soon, until then here's a video of Milo from last night.

♥ abby