my must haves: benefit sugarlicious

28 May 2013

Sugarlicious by Benefit contains a couple of my must have products along with an old favourite and a new discovery. You can have a read about my love for Benetint here. High beam is a little luxurious product that is great to have lying around, it has to be my favourite highlighter of the moment as it goes on so smoothly and leaves a subtle but noticeable shine on my cheekbones. Sugarbomb is an old favourite of mine that I haven't repurchased for a long time but that I used to use every day until Nars deep throat came along - I've just hit pan on my nars so maybe there will be some sugarbomb in a not so distance purchase. The sugarbomb lipgloss is a pretty little subtle pink gloss to add to my collection, it smells yummy and adds a nice shimmery pink sheen to my lips.

All in all I think that the benefit sugarlicious pack is the perfect set of mini luxury travel essentials.

♥ abby