my must haves: witch beauty balm

28 April 2013

I'm laying here surrounded by cushions, a hot water bottle, packets of meds and a whole tonne of self pity. Yesterday I stepped on one of Milo's toys on the stairs and fell almost all the way down injuring my lower back and coccyx. It's thrown my whole weekend out, I had two full days of walking, cleaning, blogging and crafting scheduled that has turned into watching hustle back to back on netflix .. not the most productive. So here I am with a little review of the one product that is keeping me fresh and looking better than I feel. 

I was late on the BB cream scene so on deciding to purchase one I went straight to a brand that I already love. Now i've been using Witch anti-blemish beauty balm for a little while, sometimes as a base beneath my foundation instead of primer and sometimes just instead of foundation - It depends on how clear my skin is looking and on the weather - the brighter the sun, the less likely I am to wear foundation you see. The moisturising and spf properties make it the perfect summer base and it was great for the slopes too, my skin was protected from the wind, hydrated and protected from the sun :) I can see myself using this for some time to come, that is, unless someone sticks something better under my nose.

Have you tried the witch bb cream? What are your thoughts?

♥ abby

craving: a bit of gunmetal

24 April 2013

There's something sweet and grungey about gunmetal that draws me in. I do have a few much loved gunmetal pieces but not nearly enough and no clothing of shoes .. I believe that I have some spending to do! I'd love some more rings that I can wear with my every day silver. Clashing silver and gunmetal look great on fingers and I can see it working really well when worn with the two tone chain necklace above. I set out to find this necklace - or something like it - and that's why I decided to write this post, as always there are SO many things that I want to own and accessorise with.

where to find a bit of gunmetal
gunmetal and silver chain necklace | mango jewelled bib necklace | asos gunmetal fine cross bracelet
mango gunmetal chunky chain necklace | pieces gunmetal collar | gunmetal spike drop earrings
chunky gunmetal id necklace | crystals, pearls and gunmetal chain necklace | gunmetal spike ring
nelly multi chain gunmetal bracelet | chunky gunmetal id bracelet | rag & bone metallic ankle boots | cheap monday pearl and cuff gunmetal earrings | gunmetal chunky chain bracelet
gunmetal and black arty ring | gunmetal foil jeans | warehouse metallic gunmetal jeggings

♥ abby

that neon trend

17 April 2013

Whilst writing this post I have been distracted by the likes of french connection, mango, sian's youtube, asos and more - why must I want so many beautiful things?! I'm going to have to start some savings in order to buy every item on my many wish lists. Speaking of which, I was getting distracted again ..There are so many fab neon accessories out there at the moment and i'm excited to get my hand on a beanie or two, some belts, polishes and even a clutch bag. The neon trend is one that i'm feeling brave enough to hit, though maybe not in full on dress terms, i'm not feeling that brave! Taking inspiration from some fabulous blogger friends, I have hunted down (and ordered, shh) some neon treats for you to feast your eyes upon.

where to find these gorgeous neon pieces
little neon bag | stacked neon rings | neon yellow watch | neon yellow and grey beanie | neon rings
neon orange lace clutch | neon necklace | neon pink leather marc jacobs bracelet | neon bracelets
neon marc jacobs phone case | neon pink cambridge satchel | neon yellow skinny belt

I think Kavita from She Wears Fashion might just be the queen on neon styling, did you see how much she got papped at London Fashion Week? Mental! ♥ Anyway, I love the way that she's worn everything and these are outfits that i'll take inspiration from. I also love a bit of Saraluxe neon style in her bright jumper dressed with mostly black, I think if I were to be brave enough for a neon jumper then wearing it with leather trousers or my french connection jacket would be perfect!

image credits: and (with permission)

I hope that you liked this post! Let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more like it :)

♥ abby

what's in my makeup bag

14 April 2013

Or rather, what's busting out of my makeup bag .. This is pretty much my every day makeup at the moment. Plus my morning application on that gal or witch primer and a bit of benetint to see me through the day.

e.l.f colour stick  - lilac petal
nars blush - deep throat
mac innocence beware lipstick
maxfactor false lashes - black waterproof
benefit tweezers

A bit of a random one but I love seeing what's in my bag or makeup bag blog posts so I thought i'd share the contents of my makeup bag with you for a little nose :)

This is also the last of my scheduled blog posts, i'm home from my holiday very soon!

♥ abby

craving: a statement neckpiece

11 April 2013

I've taken a shine to larger statement necklaces, moving on from my super long pendant addiction now that I've built up a sizeable collection I seem to find myself lusting after chunky chains, bunting, embellished collars, large jewels and strung together pearls. Because of this I often find myself frequenting the likes of French Connection, Mango, Asos, Etsy and of course the always inspirational (and dangerous to your bank balance) Pinterest to source the latest oversized spikes and id chains.

If you had to choose a favourite statement necklace which would it be?

♥ abby

my must haves: two faced shadow insurance

8 April 2013

I haven't tried Urban Decay Primer Potion so I have no comparison product, I can tell you only that I love the Two Faced Shadow Insurance. It makes such a difference to prolonging the stay of my eye makeup when I wear it. You only need the tiniest amount for each eye lid and it glides across the skin, smoothing over in seconds. I find it colour matches my skin and sorts out any discolouration of my eyelids up to my brow bone and inner corner.

This is such a lovely product, i'd recommend two faced shadow insurance to anybody that wants more staying power from their eye makeup :)

♥ abby

maxfactor smoky eye effect

3 April 2013

I happened upon this two step smokey eye eyeshadow stick by chance when stocking up on my much loved maxfactor false lashes, it was a freebie deal so I went for it and chose the silver storm shade, a blue-y grey as step 1 and dusky purple for step 2. This smoky eye effect product is great for lazy days where i'm okay with being less precise, it's creamy without being too soft and so it goes onto the eye lid easily then blends but doesn't crease as much as the average cream shadow. Don't get your hopes up too much though because it does crease, I've found that after about half a day or so of wear I need to retouch with the stick because the cream has gathered slightly on my lid making for a pretty unattractive look! Setting it with a combination of similar eyeshadow shades seems to do the trick in preventing such makeup mishaps.

The smokey eye effect stick is available in a few different shades and I opted for the Silver Storm. I probably wouldn't repurchase this because I don't love it, but it does the job so maybe i'll grab another shade and a freebie or half price deal, the bronze haze looks pretty nice :)

♥ abby

craving: easy to wear tees

2 April 2013

I love an easy to wear tshirt, a loose cropped, fitted or oversized simple and plain tee ♥ Asos have an awesome selection of these and i've not once been disappointed with the quality or the fit of a tee I've ordered from asos. The majority of this wishlist therefore originates from here, okay all of it does but once again I'm using this craving feature to decide which tee's I will buy next and I love a cheeky asos order. You can help me choose if you like :)

There's something about grey, beige and white that I'm drawn to. Some of you are probably thinking about how boring I must be to love 'dull' colours but I love their simplicity. These shades can be so easily dressed up or down and I think that's why they are perfect for me. A greige oversized cropped crew neck tee with a statement turquoise stone and gold chain necklace is just the best styling combo right now. Bring on the easy tee's!

♥ abby