my must haves: witch beauty balm

28 April 2013

I'm laying here surrounded by cushions, a hot water bottle, packets of meds and a whole tonne of self pity. Yesterday I stepped on one of Milo's toys on the stairs and fell almost all the way down injuring my lower back and coccyx. It's thrown my whole weekend out, I had two full days of walking, cleaning, blogging and crafting scheduled that has turned into watching hustle back to back on netflix .. not the most productive. So here I am with a little review of the one product that is keeping me fresh and looking better than I feel. 

I was late on the BB cream scene so on deciding to purchase one I went straight to a brand that I already love. Now i've been using Witch anti-blemish beauty balm for a little while, sometimes as a base beneath my foundation instead of primer and sometimes just instead of foundation - It depends on how clear my skin is looking and on the weather - the brighter the sun, the less likely I am to wear foundation you see. The moisturising and spf properties make it the perfect summer base and it was great for the slopes too, my skin was protected from the wind, hydrated and protected from the sun :) I can see myself using this for some time to come, that is, unless someone sticks something better under my nose.

Have you tried the witch bb cream? What are your thoughts?

♥ abby