quick nail polish reviews & goodbye

28 June 2010

I enjoy writing my long in depth reviews but find when it comes to reading others a lot of text can sometimes put me off.. So I am going to try something different and i'd like you to tell me whether you prefer this way of reviewing a product or a little more in depth.

Of course the type of product will reflect the type of review. For instance I have chosen to focus on nail polishes for this post but with other products like moisturisers and hair treatments there will be more aspects to address.

opi dulce de leche

rating: 4
price: £9.95
packaging: 5
value for money: 4
would i buy it again? yes, i adore this colour
would i recommend it? same as above :)

Dulce de Leche is a dusty vintage pink colour with no shimmer, that from what I have experienced can be worn with any outfit. Although an amazing product I find majority of the time it does still need 2 coats for the best coverage other than that I find this polish to be perfect. I just wish the price wasn't so much, then it really would be value for money. For a cheaper alternative try Barry M mulberry pink.

opi coney island cotton candy

rating: 4
price: £9.95
packaging: 5
value for money: 4
would i buy it again? yes
would i recommend it? as the perfect nude, yes

This is a perfect nude shade, not too cream nor too pink. I find because of the tone of this polish it needs around 3 or 4 coats to get full coverage but in saying that it dries quicker than any other polish brand I have used to date, making it effectively hassle free to create these extra layers. In this image I have used 3 relatively thin coats of the polish and as you can see my tips are still showing slightly, 1 more and the coverage would be exactly as it should be.

barry m mulberry pink

rating: 4
price: £2.95
packaging: 5
value for money: 5
would i buy it again? yes, but i'm pretty sure it has been discontinued
would i recommend it? as a dupe for opi's duche de leche it is perfect

A beautiful dusty vintage pink colour like opi's Dulce de Leche. I find that this Barry M polish often offers enough coverage with just one coat and can be quite indestructible especially when topped with the Barry M top coat/ base coat/ nail hardener. The one flaw i find with these polishes is that they can sometimes take a fair amount of time to dry

That's it now for a fortnight! I'm off to Portugal this evening and we won't have the internet or any real contact with the outside world.. Phones off! It's going to be heaven, I hope :)

No doubt i'll have plenty of photos to show you all when I get back and i'm sure a tonne of your gorgeous blogs to read too! Take care everyone

♥ abby

jelly shoes.. really?

22 June 2010

I used to live in a seaside town and remember playing about in pink glitter jelly shoes on the beach, in the garden, through the town and even running through the pub my mum owned at the time. It's funny how things like that can remind you of bits of your childhood.

Another thing I remember about my jelly shoes was blisters.. I was only little and even now i remember the blisters, so I would be very wary of these rubbing if I were to purchase a pair.

first: miss selfridge second: asos third: oli

What do you think of this trend? Have you bought any jelly shoes?

♥ abby xx

those products i swear by

21 June 2010

Do you have any products you rely on, they never fail you and you know you'll always get the results you want from them? Well I have a few and decided it was only fair to share with you these products that I absolutely swear by!

So here you go, first up.. my holy grail of hair care

avon moisture conditioner
I think most of you will agree with me when I say that finding a good conditioner that really works well with your hair can prove to be very difficult! I was been lucky enough to find my perfect conditioner a couple of years ago, though because of the range of shampoos that I used at the time, I didn't realise how good for my hair it really was.

During the last 6 months I have searched for my perfect conditioner whilst I trialed a few shampoos, not the best way to do it because I didn't know which product my hair was reacting badly to (if any) but after discovering lush's big and their ultimate shine solid shampoo bar I went on a hunt for a good conditioner. Again, using them a fortnight at a time and ended up coming back to avon's moisture conditioner and loved it all over again! surprising for a product only £2.65 a time

This is the only conditioner I have tried that leaves my hair both light and fluffy but smooth and manageable because it isn't too light. Used with big or ultimate shine this for me is my perfect hair washing regime! :)

avon advance techniques dry end serum
This dry ends serum is pretty much my staple product for my hair growing process. I have been trying for a long time to get my hair just at the right length and this has really helped me along the way. Of course our hair needs trims here and there to keep it healthy but by using this serum I have been able to prolong my regular hair cuts from 5-6 weeks to around 8-10 weeks.

I use around 2 pumps a time on towel dry hair avoiding my roots and the majority of the body of my hair and focussing on the ends. When using the serum on blow dried hair I will only use one pump as my hair just doesn't need any more at this stage. Another bonus to this product is the price.. only £4.80 but it is almost always on offer!

lush mud flats soap
Although this is a retro lush product I was pleased that I managed to purchase mud flats in store! The purpose of buying this product was to clear up bumps and blemishes on my chest. Mud flats contains mud, rosemary and sage and is said to detoxify and deep cleanse your skin so I thought this would be the perfect product to do this and it is! 

I love how cleansed my skin feels after using this product. I use it everytime I shower and it really keeps any lumps or blemishes at bay :) One of my staple products, much like the next lush item. 

Mud flats can only be bought online at £2.85 a piece because it is part of the retro range. But why not try in your local store, that way you can avoid the annoying postage charge :)

lush king of skin
This is such a brilliant product! I wouldn't dare use anything on my legs anymore because this works so well. It's the only moisturiser that doesn't react badly with the super sensitive skin on my legs. It also smells pretty damn yummy thanks to the use of cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut butter i think :)

King of skin also contains some lovely naturally soothing and moisturising products like almond oil, jojoba, avocado and oatmeal.. No wonder I love this product so much! :) £4.45 is such a small price to pay for great skin don't you think?

palmers cocoa butter
I have 3 huge bottles of this stuff and yet still didn't get around to taking a picture.. rubbish I know but i'm sure that majority of you know what the packaging looks like :) Palmers Cocoa Butter is quite a popular product and for good reason! It some how manages to not only moisturise my body but make areas like my bum and tummy feel more toned. It is also good for treating sun burn, recently I used almost a full 400ml bottle on my awful sun burn! Amazing stuff :) I'll definitely be taking some away with me.

As mentioned, I have 3 bottles of palmers tucked away in a drawer and that's because I tend to go through it quite quickly, I love it so much :P and it is around £4.99+ for a 400ml bottle. so almost everytime I see that superdrug or boots have an offer on it, I stock up on a significant amount!

 lush honey trap & whipstick
Both of these Lush lip balms are amazing and not only moisturising, but like lip treatments too. Unlike vaseline these balms feel as though they are repairing my lips and moisturising deep into my skin. Buy one and you'll understand completely :)

On top of that they both smell amazing in the tin and on your lips. Honey trap smells of the obvious, honey, and it contains white chocolate, honey, butter and vanilla. Then Whipstick is sort of chocolatey.. a little harder to explain though Lush say it is chocolate-orange scented. It'd be best to pop along to your local Lush and catch a whiff of it for yourself :)

£4.95 for a lip balm does seem like a lot but they really do work so so well and they last forever! I use both balms regularly and wear a small amount under my lipstick and still have tonnes left.

benefit erase paste
This was after a month and a half of using Benefit Erase Paste. It just goes to show how little you actually need to cover up those dark circles, discolouration and blemishes. I use it every days as it is the perfect shade for my skin tone and makes my makeup seem more naturally flawless.

Erase Paste is also great fore those days where I am feeling a little more brave and just want to use some concealer and blusher as it blends very well over my skin whether I have used a primer or not. Although I wasn't sure at the time of purchase, it is so worth the £18 it costs!

As written in my disclaimer, I strive to be as honest as possible in my posts. If I didn't believe that these products worked wonders for me then I simply wouldn't include them :) (I'd also like to add that all of these products were bought by myself or my parents.)

I'd love to know if there are any products in this post that you haven't considered buying before that have caught your eye?

♥ abby

shoe porn

18 June 2010

You have all probably seen me talk a little about shoes in the past.. and after watching Claire's video on some of her favourite shoes I was inspired to write a post on some of the shoes that are on my wishlist at the moment. It's only recently that I have become such a big shoe fan and I love love love them! As i'm sure most of you do too ;) Below are just some of the heels I want.. boots will be in another post if you like.. as they are my main obsession!

If you want to click through to the product pages of any of these shoes then just click on the image

ASOS POSH Bow Heeled Shoe £45
They only have these left in white now which makes me sad because i have been drooling over the pink pair for a little while now

Black Denim Wooden Platform Studded Strappy Heel £35
I love that these are a dark denim and the different types of studs against a wooden heel are what really drew me to them

Floral Tie Clog from Miss Selfridge £45
It's such a shame that the pink have sold out! but the blue are just as gorgeous i think :)
Belle & Mimi Wooden Heel Gladiator Sandal £40
These belle & mimi shoes can be found in dorothy perkins, miss selfridge, barrats and many more. I have tried on a pair but not got around to buying them. they were very comfy and quite stable too :)

Cream Vintage Tie Clog from Miss Selfridge £55
How incredible are these?! I am really loving the vintage platform look and the girly floral bow on the front. There is not one thing about these shoes that I would change. They're gorgeous and I want them! My favourite :)

Tan Vintage Print Clog from Miss Selfridge £55
I think these have more of an older vintage look to them whilst looking quite formal yet pretty. They're smart and I really want them too!

Kirsten's Beige Plait Platform Shoes £40
Kirsten bought these gorgeous shoes recently so we thought that we'd share them with you. They look amazing on! :)

♥ abby

my holiday essentials checklist

14 June 2010

I wanted to share with you guys what I feel are my essentials for a 2 week holiday in the algarve.. though not having been anywhere hot since i was about 9 years old and never having been on holiday without my parents I am aware that I won't be spot on with these.

I also want to ask your advice. These are items that I am pretty sure i'll be taking, that I feel are important for me, but what would you never go on holiday without?

for the first time ever i'll be wearing shorts out in public.. i have white cargo shorts, white jersey shorts and some distressed denim shorts

♥ an oversized lightweight white shirt will be pretty diverse i think and i was thinking about getting a denim one too but this might be over kill right?

♥ my white linen trousers will be perfect to hide my legs from any midges or mosquitos in the evenings i thought

♥ as with a couple of lightweight cardigans to cover my arms if needed

♥ floaty floral bandeau top and white cotton gypsy top along with a few hanky hem tanks will be perfect over shorts

♥ some of my many fitted tank tops will be great for wearing tucked into skirts or on top of shorts

♥ dresses wise, i have one white maxi dress to take, a white and blue striped bandeau dress and a shorter white cotton dress

♥ i have a lightweight white skirt and a floral floaty tiered skirt only

depending on how long your going a number of bikini's is pretty essential. i'm going for 12 days and have a white bandeau karen millen, cheap teal strappy and magenta bandeau halter from la senza

♥ of course it is important to protect your head and eyes, you don't want sun stroke after all. i'll be sporting a cowboy hat and a variety of aviators and visor sunglasses

♥ because of the heat i am going to stick to wooden, fabric or plastic necklaces, bracelets and rings

♥ plenty of comfortable flip flops. i have black, white, gold and a tan pair of gladiator sandals

♥ i only own 2 pairs of heeled sandals, the tanned carvela shoes i recently received and a pair of white clog like sandals

♥ i'm going to take a small pair of ankle boots to add some style to an outfit or if i know i'm to be doing a lot of walking or climbing

in my giant toiletry bag..
♥ shower: shower milk/gel, shampoo bar, conditioner, exfoliating glove, razor, spare blade

♥ face: mud flats soap, king of skin, clarins hydraquench cream, spot treatment, facial wipes, toner, cotton wool pads, ear buds

♥ teeth: toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss

♥ body: deodorant, body spray, palmers cocoa butter, aloe vera gel

♥ hair: serum, hairspray, salt spray, hair brush, straighteners

♥ just in case: anthisan bite cream, mini antiseptic cream, tampons

♥ sun cream is a vital toiletry that both shaun and i will be stocking up on before we leave. i'll be using regular strength sun cream and a sun block stick for my tattoo, to avoid fading

in my makeup bag..
♥ face: elf mineralised face primer, tinted moisturiser, powder, concealer, blush, bronzer, powder brush, kabuki brush

♥ eyes: waterproof mascara, nude and brown eyeshadow shades, colourful liquid & pencil liners, grey, black and white eyeliner, sigma eye brushes - shading, pencil, blending and angled.

♥ lips: elf primer, a couple of glosses, lush lip balms

♥ nails: some brightly coloured nail varnishes and a small amount of nail varnish remover

to do..
we have so many things to do over in portugal and to be honest, in each others company we won't need a whole lot so i'll be taking a pack of cards, a couple of books for the evenings or by the poolside, a sketch pad, a few pencils and my ipod speakers

waiting for us at the villa.. so i don't need to pack it!
towels, inflatables loungers & rings for the pool, plug adaptors, hair dryer, full first aid kit, pool & jacuzzi hehe

have i missed anything? .. i suspect i have! or am i going overboard and taking too much for 12 days?

thanks for reading, please leave your comments and suggestions below, i don't want to be unprepared :)

♥ abby

my desired summer vibe

10 June 2010

I've been shopping a lot for my trip to portugal recently as a don't have a lot of summery clothes. So because of this i've been looking across the internet for summery inspiration. These are the kinds of looks that I want to be able to pull off this summer! .. mainly in Portugal :)

left: I'll have a simple black and always flattering bikini
right: I'll be living in a bikini, cowboy hat and aviators like this girl on the republic bikini shop page

How gorgeous is this bikini of ashley tisdales?! i love it! if only i could wear bandeau bikini's :( oh & the aviators.. good choice :D

left: Jessica Stroup.. love her! And this floaty ensemble 
right: Jessica Stroup again.. how is it that she looks so gorgeous in the most simple outfits! I think it's about accessorizing your look well. Must do this!

left: simple.. legs out, lace frills and tan shoes. love it :) 
middle: i love the combination of light denim, white and tan. yum
right: i love white! all year round it's so pure, clean and fresh. it's my favourite colour to wear

left: so pretty, light and floaty. a lot of light colours will be worn this summer
middle: can anybody point me in the direction of a floral dress kinda like this one for around £20?
right: floral is a must. this photo makes me wish i was brunette

top left: simple white shirt over shorts mostly hiding them is a great look i think, almost looks like a dress but you are still covered!
top right: simple.. skinnys and a tank top, got plenty of those :)
bottom left: i love how shorts and these boots look together, feel as though i should invest in a pair
bottom right: matching the top with the boots but not making it too much of a heavy dark colour really works because of the shorts

left: love her or hate her i don't care.. just love the outfit to be honest :)
right: white tee, shorts and biker jacket will definitely be out this summer. i love this girls look. maybe not for portugal though

this floral bikini.. yumI and yes its another aviators and bikini shot. that'll be me! :D

Do you think i'll be able to pull off looks like this? if you've got any tips or different styles that you're going for this summer let me know, i'd love to hear about your summer style too

♥ abby xx

delivery from the boyfriend.. ♥

7 June 2010

That's right i've got them! :D I've been talking about these gorgeous Carvela Krista sandals for weeks! :) yum

My boyfriend knew how badly I wanted them and we noticed that house of fraser had upto 20% off this bank holiday weekend so Shaun ordered the shoes for me as a present :):) Aren't I lucky!

I loveeeeee them. And cannot wait to wear them on holiday :)

Thank you for all of your help trying to find a similar pair, there's some pretty yummy shoes out there at the moment!

♥ abby

and the winner isssss...

3 June 2010

A huge thankyou to all of you who entered both the dream dressing table and necessity contests! There have been some really original and creative ideas coming through and it's really interesting! Plus it seems like you all enjoyed yourself doing them :) So thankyou so so much for entering! :)

Now onto the winners.. these were picked by myself and my best friend (click here for her scrummy food blog) the winner of the dream dressing table contest will receive the prizes in the first image and the winner of the necessity contest will receive the prizes in the second image.

winner of the dream dressing table contest:
i was suprised at how similar your ideas were to mine and how you managed to pick out the exact dressing table i have been lusting over for months. i also 
thought it was brilliant how you not only showed me what you would want but what you have now and the things you'd change, like the photo frames to 

winner of the necessity contest:
you really do take plumpy everywhere with you huh! I loved your entry hun it really made me giggle how your gloss is like your little buddy :P
click here to go to plumpy's story

Congratulations girls, if you could email me the name and address you'd like me to send your prizes too that would be brilliant :)

♥ abby