and the winner isssss...

A huge thankyou to all of you who entered both the dream dressing table and necessity contests! There have been some really original and creative ideas coming through and it's really interesting! Plus it seems like you all enjoyed yourself doing them :) So thankyou so so much for entering! :)

Now onto the winners.. these were picked by myself and my best friend (click here for her scrummy food blog) the winner of the dream dressing table contest will receive the prizes in the first image and the winner of the necessity contest will receive the prizes in the second image.

winner of the dream dressing table contest:
i was suprised at how similar your ideas were to mine and how you managed to pick out the exact dressing table i have been lusting over for months. i also 
thought it was brilliant how you not only showed me what you would want but what you have now and the things you'd change, like the photo frames to 

winner of the necessity contest:
you really do take plumpy everywhere with you huh! I loved your entry hun it really made me giggle how your gloss is like your little buddy :P
click here to go to plumpy's story

Congratulations girls, if you could email me the name and address you'd like me to send your prizes too that would be brilliant :)

♥ abby


  1. Eeeee thank you so much abby :)))) i'm so excited about my prizes! & I'm moving house in July so might even be able to start making my dream dressing table, heeheee xxxx

  2. Yaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!! Oohh that's made my bloomin' day!! I shall email you my address tomorrow as my office wont let me on Hotmail and i'm away tonight!



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