craving: new look dresses

26 May 2015

New Look dresses are some of the most cost effective, pretty and on trend pieces on the high street. The store is easily my go-to when wandering around town for up to date style to add to my wardrobe as it never really breaks the bank - unless I buy too much at once!

healthy eating and why it's awesome for me

22 May 2015

I've been incredibly lazy for the last month and a half. I've really slacked in my exercise routine as well as with food. It's really effected me mentally and physically so I've made the decision to get back into the routine I was in before we went to America. Last week I encouraged myself to exercise again and eat the meals I used to eat a lot then this week I've been cutting things out of my diet again. So no more crisps, no coffee, different milk, no snacking, no chocolate. That may seem a bit strict but I will not miss these things, none of them, and I'll be so much happier and healthier for doing it.

rose gold summer sandals

20 May 2015

Over the last week or so I've felt like summer is so far away what with the weather being really quite awful down here. With no real sign of things improving it hasn't stopped me from dreaming about footwear for the warmer weather that is set to come (hopefully) and in my dreams I may have ordered a couple of great looking pairs of shoes and sandals for summer. oops.. I know it's not hot and I'm sorry but I couldn't wait to share these with you, besides, there's nothing wrong with being prepared!

Tasting the new Yo!Sushi menu

17 May 2015

Myself and a friend recently attended a fab VIP evening at our local Yo! Sushi where we got to give some amazing new additions to their menu. I'm a massive fan of Yo! anyway, ever since I took part in a masterclass at the Plymouth restaurant late last year (You can see a zillion photos of the experience here.)