retail therapy works!

27 September 2009

It really does! After what has been happening over the last week I felt I really needed a girly day with my best friend so we went shopping and then out in the evening :)

We started off in starbucks for a drink, catch up and to decide where we wanted to go :) We hit soooo many shops and heres what I ended up with..

My purchase of the day is this brillant tank top from Miss Selfridge. I loveeee it! considering whats been going on I thought it was so well suited and wow did we laugh when i picked it up :D

Also bought this Miso cardi in Republic. I wore it today with a simple tank top underneath and it really works. I love the drawstrings on the side too, they allow for it to be pretty much as long or short you like.

I nipped into Lush in hope of getting something that will work with my legs and not bring them out, they're very tempamental you see :s not sure why but I cant seem to use a form of moisturiser on them without a blotchy result! One of the sales assitants kindly advised that maybe I needed something that wasnt a liquid or a cream and so suggested I try King of Skin. Although it exists to help dry skin it has reeeeally helped my legs and i'v only used it twice! (each time i've showered) It really seems to lock in moisture using all of the natural ingredients, I know that Lush are good but the King of Skin really is the king in my house now :)

Necklace £12 Topshop, Clutch £22 Accesorize, Rimmel stay glossy lip gloss in 120
Mac dazzleglass Bare Necessity and the Mac 188 brush

So thats it.. I promised myself that i wouldnt buy any makeup products for a fortnight but i failed.. maybe i'll start this week ;) we'll see lol.

I promise they'll be more blogs from me this week, I have quite a few planned that i will be posting!

Take care!

♥ abby xx

an explanation..

24 September 2009

Having a bit of a pampering evening tonight :) Therefore feeling a bit better!

Sorry my tweets have been a litte depressing over the last week! Having trouble with the boyf and tomorrow we're having a decent chat.. providing he shows up!

I want to look amazing when he sees me! After all it has been a week and he hasnt seen my new hair cut yet. Plus it will definitely make me feel better! (that & a bit of retail therapy on saturday!)

So yeah.. thats why i'v been feeling down and i'm so sorry.. I promise i'm not usually like this!!
I'm generally a happy bubbly person, constantly laughing and bringing life to the party lol, but this week i'v just felt eurrghhh.. good description huh :P

This evenings agenda
  • Shower and some yummy LUSH products including king of skin which is working wonders on my legs!
  • Hair treatments including tresemme treatment masque - which i love!
  • Manicure including ridding of cuticles and using solar oil but only painting strengthener on because my nails are still trying to recover from wearing acrylic nails for so long!
  • Superdrugs watermelon face mask and a tzone nose pore strip
  • & Manicured toe nails
I think thats about it.. but its a lot to me and i'm about half way through (sat with my mask on) and loving it :)

Also bought a few things today;

Tresemme large round volume brush, Tzone Nose Pore Strips,
Boots Cuticle Remover and Garnier Pure SOS pen

and my barry m nail polishes arrived :) - swatches to come..

L-R: 304 Mint Green, 305 Pink Flamingo
& 54 Base Coat, Top Coat & Nail Strengthener All In One

Thanks for reading! :)

♥ abby xx

a few bits & bobs i bought

20 September 2009

so last thursday and friday i ventured into town after work and nabbed a few things from h&m, Boots, superdrug, lush and claires accessories. annnnd i also got some things in the post which i had ordered the sunday before which is brill because i can show you these too :)

first stop was h&m where I went in not looking for anything in particular, I just like to browse through and generally end up buying quite a few things! (my neest favourite shop i think) I actually get so bad sometimes that I just have to put things back.. but here is what I left with..

 sweater dress & that little spot is a ring :P

my pretty ring up close :)

Hello Kitty Nail set & blueberry lip balm

next visit was to claires accesories. i havnt actually been in here for a few years! used to think it was over priced and so avoided it for soo long but I went in to look for a specific pair of earrings and found myself wanting them all! I did however control myself and only buy 2 pair of earrings. but i love love loveee them :)

love these!!

in boots i took advantage of the 3 for 2 on makeup lines offer and grabbed the too faced and dazzle dusts for the deal as well as natural collection loose powder as i use this to catch fall out and have just about ran out.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance & Natural Collection Loose Powder in Cool Translucent

Dazzledusts 8 Silver Iridescent & 89 Oyster Grey

from superdrug I bought gosh darling velvet touch lipstick and my forever loved John Freida Spun Gold Shine Balm because i have run out of the two of them!

eepurchases because i lovee them! :)

also picked up a replacement for my remington crimpers/curlers (which are awful by the way!) These are the Babyliss procurl 200 and i cant wait to try it out!

babyliss procurl 200

popped into lush to buy the dream time temple balm as i'm having real trouble sleeping and am trying anything and everything right now! Also came across the Whoosh temple balm which is supposed to wake up up a bit apparently, i'm yet to try it but will let you know the results of these 2. The third is just a chocolatey lip balm called whipstick that smelt too good to pass up. A review to come on a few of my lush products i think :)

whoosh temple balm, Dream Time temple balm & Whipstick lip balm

my mac purchase wasnt exactly exciting this week.. just some brush cleaner and we all know what that looks like right! So other than that i bought a few things online, all from Ebay actually so incredibly cheap but exactly what i'd expect from a high street shop :)

small black shrug £4.99 & False lashes £1.78

10 pairs.. and they actually fit my eyes perfectly :)

sove these NYX jumbo pencils!
from left to right: pots & pans, milk, baby blue, cottage cheese, oyster & iced mocha

so thats it.. thanks for reading :)

♥ abby xx

sort it outtt..

19 September 2009

Hi! :)

So.. I've never really been one for doing something with my hair, literally my variation of hair styles goesfrom straight to up in a bun to a higher pony tail.. exciting right! :P No I don't think so either.

Infact, after the few years it has taken me to grow my hair down from a very short bob (yes very very short!) I have always had my hair looking the same, same parting, long side fringe that i like to sweep away from my eye 3000 times a day and a few layers.

Its time for a hair cut! My appointment is tomorrow afternoon and i feel is way overdue! Even though i dont want much off of the length at alll i still want it to look different. Different enough that people will notice that I have been to the hairdressers.

My kind of inspiration for the fringe of my hair is the look the olsens seem to styling lately, i'd say its kind of a boho sheekish look? I dont know.. correct me if i'm way off!

(Hopefully it'll look something like this.. mary kate on the left)

I'm wishing for my hair to be long floaty and sexy again, like it was before i lopped it all off :( I miss it! But yeah.. we'll see howmany fingers I have to cross to see that happen.. help a girl out? :)

Anyway, for my next blog i think i'll post before and after pictures? To see if you guys notice i guess and if it looks good or even tips for next time :)

Thanks for reading :)

♥ abby xx

my first!

17 September 2009

Wow my first ever blog! Excitinggg!

So.. I originally signed up so that I could read a few of my favourite peoples reviews, advice, general blogs etc on a daily basis but then thought.. why not write a few myself, there's no harm in that right? :P We'll see!
I may totally mess up and you'll probably find that I won't always write about beauty, style etc.. I have a feeling that they will be all over the place and about everything! Kinda like my tweets :) But hey we all need a little diversity in our lives right?

Oh and i will definitely use too many smileys! ..Sorry. It's a bad habit that i need to cut down i think.. maybe :)

I promise that i will try to make things as exiting and interesting for you guys as i feel they are for me! And that i will do a bit of an intro about me soon so that you can kind of get the jist of who i am and stufff.

Thanks for reading my very first kind of intro blog and i hope that you decide to come back and read more :)


Love Abby ♥x.