retail therapy works!

It really does! After what has been happening over the last week I felt I really needed a girly day with my best friend so we went shopping and then out in the evening :)

We started off in starbucks for a drink, catch up and to decide where we wanted to go :) We hit soooo many shops and heres what I ended up with..

My purchase of the day is this brillant tank top from Miss Selfridge. I loveeee it! Considering whats been going on I thought it was so well suited and wow did we laugh when i picked it up :D

Also bought this Miso cardi in Republic. I wore it today with a simple tank top underneath and it really works. I love the drawstrings on the side too, they allow for it to be pretty much as long or short you like.

I nipped into Lush in hope of getting something that will work with my legs and not bring them out, they're very tempamental you see :s not sure why but I cant seem to use a form of moisturiser on them without a blotchy result! One of the sales assitants kindly advised that maybe I needed something that wasnt a liquid or a cream and so suggested I try King of Skin. Although it exists to help dry skin it has reeeeally helped my legs and i'v only used it twice! (each time i've showered) It really seems to lock in moisture using all of the natural ingredients, I know that Lush are good but the King of Skin really is the king in my house now :)

Necklace £12 Topshop, Clutch £22 Accesorize, Rimmel stay glossy lip gloss in 120
Mac dazzleglass Bare Necessity and the Mac 188 brush

So thats it.. I promised myself that i wouldnt buy any makeup products for a fortnight but i failed.. maybe i'll start this week ;) we'll see lol.

I promise they'll be more blogs from me this week, I have quite a few planned that i will be posting!

Take care!

♥ abby xx


  1. For me retail is more of a prison but that is probably because I work in a retail store :P

  2. Haha well fair enough. I used to work in superdrug and that was enough retail for me!!

  3. Hey I stumbled here and oh my gosh girl! You are so cute.

    I worked in retail for 12 years. Ugh. I will never go back to that even if I can't afford a loaf of bread. I definitely can't handle the rude ones if you know what I mean.

  4. Lol omygosh I love that tshirt!
    Great haul! x

  5. :) thankyou! I know how you mean with the rude customers.. it really was hard for me not to answer back & tell them to stop being so rude! I was there for 2 years.. that was enough for me

    &thanks Lauren I love it too :D xx


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