festival footwear

26 June 2015

When planning a festival outfit I would bet that a lot of people don't consider their shoes to be of high importance but for me it's the item that I would pick first. Think about it, festivals tend to be a bit muddy wet and gross, you're going to be on your feet for most of the time and maybe wearing the same footwear for a couple of days unless you fancy taking a spare pair. It's actually the item of highest priority to me because of all this, if your feet aren't comfy then you may not have as much of an awesome time as you could. Because of all of this your chosen footwear should be waterproof, comfortable and obviously look good!

April Degustabox Review

12 June 2015

I know this was way back in April and the month is now June but life has taken over all of my available blogging time so here is my delayed (but maybe worth it) review of the April Degustabox! Yummy. :)

Considering my removal of certain things from my diet I didn't eat all of these but relied on the guys as my food and drink testers to taste the things that I couldn't enjoy for myself, it's a hard job but the rose to occasion and drank beer and energy drinks for me.. Someone had to! The April Degustabox was an international themed selection of goodies and mine contained items from both the alcohol and non-alcohol box including a selection of sweet and savoury items so here's a break down of what was in the box and what we thought.

you think you've had a bad day

9 June 2015

I've had a bit of a weird day today, beginning with an earlier start to day which in my experience isn't usually a good thing. I sat down in Costa and an old man decided to sit opposite me and stared whilst I quietly sipped on my cappuccino and practiced my theory test. I then spilled coffee down my white fabric biker coat and proceeded to fail the hazard perception part of my driving theory test, and all of that was just this morning! Picking yourself back up is a skill and yes I've had a fairly miserable morning really but I try to do a number of things to get past crappy moments like this because I know that it could be worse! So I'll eat or drink something that makes me feel good, (like a peppermint tea and a cinnamon swirl) then I'll avoid things that may anger me (e.g. certain horrific twitter hashtag conversations and ungrateful people) and then I look at the good things that are going on around me and on the web. Good news is worth watching and how people help one-another get out of a bad space is so impressive and incredibly moving. I've come across a campaign for children to have safe summer holidays and it's lovely. It's about pulling under-privileged kids out of a miserable time and letting them have some fun - even if it's just getting to experience a day at the beach. As well as the good it does to pull them away from a damaging home life I feel like this is such an important part of growing up because not only are you enjoying yourself when 'on holiday' you're also experiencing different surrounding and situations that you likely wouldn't have before. I also think it's good to be away from your parents from time to time, and not just by going to school, because it gains independence. Most importantly this campaign is targeting vulnerable children who are facing a living nightmare during the summer holidays due to neglect, abuse and other truly horrible living circumstances. It's not fair that these children should have to miss out on important life experiences as well as dealing with such a negative environment when at home! Not fair at all! This video is one that has moved me and whilst it's a truly terrible thing children are going through, campaigns like this one by businesses like 'Kids Company' are a great step in the right direction.

They say that every penny counts when donating to charity and it's true but with this Safe Summer Appeal, every penny counts twice(!) because thanks to The Childhood Trust each donation will be doubled.

I encourage you to watch this video and then if you feel the same way as I do, here's the donate button. It takes no time at all.

Thanks for reading.

♥ abby