my favourite body moisturisers

31 May 2014

As I'm trying to moisturise more often and take better care of my skin I thought that I'd show you my favourite moisturisers from the past couple of years as well as a new love. As you can probably tell I like neutral smells, something that doesn't linger too much or battle with my perfume and these four do the job perfectly.

building your confidence

30 May 2014

It doesn't surprise me at all to know that a high percentage of people say they feel so much more confident with fresh breath, it's definitely a contributing factor to feeling approachable and confident enough to chat to new people or even existing friends. There's nothing worse than being aware of something you not happy about whether it's an odour (I really don't like that word), body issues or even clothing you're not happy with.

I love confidence boosting campaigns like this because I don't think we do it enough, so many people are quick to put others down whether it's to there face or trolling the interwebs so it's lovely to see people encouraged to get out of their comfort zone and be rewarded for it. CB12 asked people to complete small tasks in order to receive a free sample of their new boost chewing gum and this video shows how the public responded to their challenges, it's such a happy video I love it.

Confidence is such an important thing to me, on a number of occasions I've just lost it and not felt myself. Whether it's been my mind or body, something has needed fixing and it's little things like the simple task of doing a cartwheel in the middle of a mall, freshening your breath or even working out that make a world of difference.

I'd love to hear about the little things that you do to boost your confidence. :)

♥ abby

craving: colourful bikers

25 May 2014

urban decay vice 2 eyeshadow palette

I love Urban Decay eyeshadows anyway, the Naked 2 palette can take credit for that so when I received the Vice 2 palette for christmas I was pleased to be able to try some colours other than the neutrals I'm used to. I've been pretty impressed with the shades and even the way the palette is put together, the large mirror and twin ended brush.

tan optimisers and enhancers

24 May 2014

Since reading a bit about tanning enhancers and oils in the May issue of Company I figured it was worth looking into a little further. There are a number of different products that seem to enhance or prolong your natural tan rather than faking it all the way, be it a body polish, oil, serum or simple moisturiser so I've picked out a few that I think could be worth a try.

body shop strawberry body butter review

8 May 2014

Following my pamper day and mineral salt scrub I've been taking much better care of my skin and one of the main things i've changed is moisturising my body more regularly. This is what I've been using for the past week or so, one of the famous Body Shop body butters.

my essie collection

7 May 2014

With all of the love that I have for Essie I honestly thought that I had more of their nail polishes but fourteen colours and two treatments isn't a bad start so I thought that I would share my collection with you. :)

beautiful new wedge trainers

4 May 2014

I recently bought some awesome new trainers that I just have to share with you, they can't wait for an outfit post!

ciate london ferris wheel nails

1 May 2014

My nails are currently this beautiful baby blue by Ciate London which you may have noticed from my outfit post over the weekend so I thought I'd give you a closer look.