beautiful new wedge trainers

I recently bought some awesome new trainers that I just have to share with you, they can't wait for an outfit post!

Ta da! Aren't they pretty?! I knew that I wanted some studded shoes but I wasn't sure which way to go, whether I picked up a heavy pair of studded boots, some jewel heels or diamant√© speckled shoes. Plus you may have noticed that I've wanted a pair of wedge trainers for a long time and when I saw these beautiful suede black trainers by Les Tropeziennes they fell straight into my basket and wouldn't leave until an order was made. They're just beautiful. I feel like my photographs don't do these beauties nearly enough justice which is a little bit gutting as I tried hard to capture the shine on the diamantes but it didn't really work the way I wanted. I'll just have to try harder when I feature them in an outfit post I think. :)

I've worn these comfy wedge trainers a couple of times already - dress down Friday being one of them - and I've found that they go well with so many styles. It's hard to believe that they have a such a big heel in them really because as far as heeled shoes go these fit so nicely and don't  make my feet ache at all.

♥ abby


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