how to maintain the holiday look

29 July 2010

When choosing a holiday destination a lot of us will decide to go somewhere a lot hotter than home, living in England this obviously isn't that hard! Now I’m sure most of you will agree that when you're on holiday, surrounded by another culture and in a very different climate your attitude towards a number of things will change. I am going to go through how my style, hair, body and makeup transformed and how I am maintaining these changes even now that I’m home again. You may even gain some tips on how to get the holiday look without going abroad!

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so how d'you think i did for my first guest post? be honest!

♥ abby

my rings obsession

25 July 2010

That's right i've developed a problem.. I can feel myself collecting a lot of these in the near future! Though i'm not complaining. Shaun seems to be quite good at picking out those i'd like too :) He picked most of those we bought in Portimao, Portugal. So he must have pretty good taste huh :P

Before showing you the absolute ton of rings I have on my wishlist at the moment I thought i'd share the ones I bought in Portugal.

from left to right: snakey 4.95 - diamonte sheild 3 - daisy dome 3 - half finger 9.95 - gold leaf 6.95 - silver rose 5.95

from left to right - top: real sterling silver talon claw ring 32euros - disney couture bitten tea cup ring £10.80 
from left to right - bottom: asos angel wing ring £6 - asos statement chunky spikes ring £8

What do you think? Any favourites?? :)

Also, can anybody recommend any jewellery sites with unique rings? I have found a few but it's always great to find more :P

♥ abby