new in: asos black caged heels

28 March 2016

New shoes are kind of my thing recently, they're what I shop for more often than clothes and find myself craving after very often. Pointed heels seem to be my kryptonite so pair that with shopping on asos and I'm pretty much sold on purchasing.

craving: michael kors footwear

27 March 2016

Michael Kors is the first designer brand I set my heart on, it's the original designer I craved after not just because I loved everything in their collections but also because I found the pieces to be within reach though not too easily accessed that everyone would have it. I aspired to own an MK watch and handbag along with some other accessories and still now I find myself working towards my next purchase, be it a purse, item of jewellery or a very important a pair of shoes - Specifically my wedding shoes.

While I am supposed to be shopping for my heels for the big day it's hard to keep focus because there are so many awesome looking pairs of totally unsuitable heels that I want to add to my collection.

craving: wedding guest outfits

16 March 2016

So many of my friends are getting married that I find myself in need of the perfect outfit pretty often these days. Because of that I thought I'd start sharing some of my finds and some of the dresses, co-ords and pencil skirt crop top combos that are in the running to be my next wedding guest outfit in a series of posts. First-up I've been browsing the Esprit website for something simply pretty or a stand-out piece that I could wear to a wedding reception I'm attending in May.

I love the idea of wearing a smart jumpsuit to a wedding, this black tuxedo one has such flattering lines and paired with some hot caged heels would look awesome at an evening do.

Alternatively if I decide on a more girly vibe then the pink lace and bow dress would be the ultimate choice. I'm a growing fan of high necklines, as you can see from almost all of the other dresses I've picked out, and paired with the tied bow waist I know this dress would be a complimentary and pretty piece in whichever colour I picked out.

Along with a higher style of neckline there is trend in material as I find myself drawn to full lace dresses and lace applique embellishment which are both perfectly suitable for attendance of a wedding all day as well as for a reception only.

From one shoulder bodycon dresses to high neck fit and flare or cinched in maxi dresses I'm certainly not stuck for ideas or choices on Esprit and can't wait to actually make a decision on my outfit for this wedding reception. :)

♥ abby

craving: flats by Melissa

11 March 2016

Anyone who knows me will know my obsession with boots and how I've always been opposed to wearing any sort of ballet flats at all. It's been a strong opinion of mine for a very long time, but then so was my hate for pointed shoes and now I won't shop for a pair of heels that are without a point to them. These flats (along with pointed cut out pairs) have changed my mind about the ballet flat style shoe.