craving: michael kors footwear

Michael Kors is the first designer brand I set my heart on, it's the original designer I craved after not just because I loved everything in their collections but also because I found the pieces to be within reach though not too easily accessed that everyone would have it. I aspired to own an MK watch and handbag along with some other accessories and still now I find myself working towards my next purchase, be it a purse, item of jewellery or a very important a pair of shoes - Specifically my wedding shoes.

While I am supposed to be shopping for my heels for the big day it's hard to keep focus because there are so many awesome looking pairs of totally unsuitable heels that I want to add to my collection.

I can't fault the MK shoe range; the heels, sandals, trainers and everything in between have me craving after their perfect stitching, solid build and beautiful design. I love that out of all of the footwear I've bookmarked there is something for every occasion and outfit style, though it makes my shopping decisions that bit harder because I can picture myself wearing so many of them. The navy courts to work, the white platform sandals to lunch on holiday, the tan buckle platforms with flared jeans to a dinner with friends and the trainers on a casual day shopping or a trip to the supermarket.

Click here to see all of the Michael Kors shoes that I've been shopping and loving!

♥ abby


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