My Autumn Boots Need-list

20 September 2015

Fall is upon us! As one of my favourite seasons I look forward to autumn shopping because it's a brilliant excuse to stock up on new boots and grow my collection. The ankle boots, calf boots and knee high boots obsession lives on and I'm convinced that I won't be happy until I have a wall full of them! Quite literally if my interior plans work out. :)  I realised yesterday that I had put 9 pairs of boots in my shopping cart on Spartoo with the view to purchasing them all. I know that is pretty ridiculous but I can't help myself, especially when they're such bargain finds.

I require (yes I actually NEED) a new pair of dark brown boots suitable for both work and casual weekend wear which is why this blog posts is more of a 'need-list' than a 'wishlist'. Ideally they need to sit high enough up my calf to cover the base of my jeans but I wouldn't class them as calf boots necessarily. They need to be a cross between calf boots and ankle boots in order to be my perfect 'everyday' shoes so I've been having a good hunt around my favourite online shoe store.

The problem is, when you browse a website that has so many pairs (over 25,000 shoes just for women) it's easy to get distracted from your mission...