craving: biker jackets

31 October 2016

How I love a good biker jacket. I have a good few now and am always looking for new ones so to find so many in this seasons colours and materials is great. From a deep red velvet to a green leather and a navy suede, I've added loads of these beauties to my wishlist.

little things & happy distractions lately

30 October 2016

It's been a long time since I kept on top of these posts, but it's been a long time since I had a decent blogging schedule so that's to be expected. This collection of 'things' seem to be my happy distractions of late and I found it nice to distract myself from everyday problems by sitting and having a think about some material things I love so I think I'll try harder to publish these posts more regularly.

craving: heeled black boots

28 October 2016

Not an overly exciting topic for most but these heeled black boots are all gorgeous and I'm pretty into every pair so for me they're worth talking about. I really need to buy some new black boots before my go too fringed heeled boots die thanks to being over-worn. Donning my wood block high heeled boots on an almost daily basis is a favourite habit of mine and I'd like to continue to do it so why not add to my shoe collection.

why your everyday style is important when choosing an engagement ring

27 October 2016

With engagement ring shopping for yourself becoming an ever increasing trend today, women who are looking for that perfect ring to symbolise their new chapter in life with their partner are faced with a lot of important things to take into consideration. Along with thinking about things such as your budget for a ring, the type of ring that you’re going to choose and the carat of the gold or diamond, your personal sense of style will be the one overriding thing that you’ll base all your decisions regarding your ring on. We’ve listed just some of the main reasons why your sense of style plays such a crucial part in choosing the perfect engagement ring.

halloween outfit shopping

25 October 2016

Heading out for a halloween night out but don't wanna go all out on dressing up? Sounds like me this year.. I ideally want something that I could wear again this season so I've pulled together some dark pieces from the likes of asos that when paired with certain accessories will look the part without looking over-the-top or a cliche version of sexy. With the odd skull/skeleton bits thrown in that I would absolutely wear out again I'm a big fan of this little collection of bad-ass pieces.

craving: leather and suede skirts

23 October 2016

If there's one thing I've loved for years now it's leather jackets but only recently have I got the appeal of a leather skirt. Be it a stiff leather or soft suede there are a lot of skirts out there right now that I'm seriously lusting over, some of which just so happen to be midi skirts. I just can't get enough good midis!

living in ankle boots this autumn

20 October 2016

So I live in ankle boots all year round and not just in autumn but I thought I'd share some of my boots collection with you, particularly the ones that will be frequenting my feet over the coming months. Seeing as I now that I have my beautiful new dressing room storage shelves especially for my shoes to be displayed in what better way to show you some of my go-to's.

craving: gold details

11 October 2016

I'm really into gold at the moment, rose gold, yellow gold, antique gold - I want it all! So much so that I'm slowly created an outlet for my obsession in each room of the house, so far my lounge and dining room house rose gold shades while my dressing room (and soon to be bedroom) have yellow/antique gold accents everywhere. My jewellery and accessories are no different as I have a healthy collection of gold and rose gold accessories but I can always add more!

asos save list - new season styles

2 October 2016

Lace up, cross over, wrapped, lace trim, cropped, ribbed, bardot, cage and cold shoulder .. All words that call out to me on a daily basis and I know i'm not the only one because these styles are absolutely everywhere at the moment. Not forgetting black, khaki, grey, burgundy and metallics. Is it any wonder that my bank balance is close to tears and all I can do is want for more. Things may have changed around here, sorry about that, but one thing has remained the same and that's that shopping is  still most definitely a past time of mine as is browsing asos on almost a daily basis.