places to eat: le bistrot pierre

20 October 2013

Last saturday called for a girly day with the bestie, I'd planned to pop to town for a few things anyway, a trip to boots for an emergency skincare change was needed! My friend decided to tag along which meant the usual store hopping, chatting, people watching and discussing trends we hate(!) as well as love. After a bit of a wander and a few too many purchases considering Christmas is pretty much around the corner, we decided to pop out if town for lunch.

I live in Plymouth, I'm not sure that I've mentioned that before so there you go .. I do. There are a couple of great parts with some lovely restaurants and scenery, one of them being the Royal William Yard which actually used to be royal navy victualling buildings. It's a beautiful place with impressive big stone grade 1 listed buildings and views of the waterfront. So we went along to pick out one of the restaurants for our lunch. Yes we could have chosen Wagamamas or Las Iguanas but frankly I just wanted a chunk of meat, sorry to any vegetarians reading but it's true. We decided to try Le Bistrot Pierre as it had been recommended to me a week earlier and wowza it was good! The prices were amazing considering the quality of food, we were so impressed. I can't say what I loved the most because it was all so delicious! So in true blogger style I took photos of everything to share with you all, enjoy :)

what to get me for christmas : designer pieces i love

18 October 2013

Christmas is coming, whether you like it or not. It's the middle of October, the weather is shoddy and getting colder by the day, the gloves are out and chunky snoods on, it must be the most wonderful time of the year soon. I'm getting it from all angles at the moment, everyone wants to know what I want for Christmas .. All I want to say is a hot bath and a bigger wardrobe/room for my clothes, alas these aren't realistic requests so I have decided to take to the interwebs! I'm going to create a few Christmas wishlists to send to my family (yes you, read this and take note!) so that they stop whinging and can get on with their crumbs shopping. Consider this a 'What to get a 23 year old girl/woman for Christmas' series, if you like :)

My first Christmas list is mostly based around style and fashion and all from one place. I can't help but drool over this store so it seemed the best place to start :) As you can tell, I really love rose gold, burgundy, grey and spikes at the moment. It's all about the clean lines and simple finishes for me. And quite appropriately so, this could all be worn as an outfit! Damn that would be good.

♥ abby

craving: oxblood

9 October 2013

New Look Oxblood and Burgundy Wishlist

So it’s not the most appealing name for a colour, but we're all going mad for a bit of oxblood again this autumn - not that i’m complaining! This shade is quite like the trend colour wine from 2011 and 2012 but more of a deep and rich dark red / burgundy shade which I love even more than ever. Growing up I wasn’t much of a fan of red but my Nan always used to tell me that I looked great in it and the many shades of red suited my complexion, back then I thought she was just saying it to wean me off of wearing blue but now that I think about it she was totally right. And you know what, she’d be proud to see how much red I now have in my wardrobe, especially deep rich reds like wine and oxblood shades. Saying that though, I have decided that in order to wear more colour (see my colour-blind wardrobe post) I need to own even more colour and that’s where this blog post comes into play. Oxblood is a great colour for me and for this season, not only is it a flattering shade it’s gothic undertones suit the style I love perfectly. I love it in chunky beanies, oversized tees, contrast sleeves, soft bikers, nail polish, wax coated jeans and basically everything else that you can think of. I have huge love for this trend and need a number of new pieces to get me through the autumn / winter months and so I have created another New Look wishlist! ..... That also counts as yet another collection of ideas for my family because i'm being quite useless with my 'christmas list' this year.

New Look are another one of my go to brands at the moment, every time i’m in a store or on their website I find myself filling my basket with all sorts. They seem to be on it with the trends, offering affordable fashion and upping their game generally really - they even covered street style looks at London Fashion Week this year (check it out here). I love it when brands get involved like this and we already know that I love their midi dresses :D Bring it on New Look, I want more!

♥ abby

look again and again

7 October 2013

One of the best things about being a blogger is being introduced to so many new brands, shops, products and more - Okay so it's not great for the ol' bank balance at the moment but at least I can share these finds with all of you and create big wishlists for my friends and family to look at as my christmas list/s (hint hint). I actually read and watch all press release related emails, it's how I find so many great stores/products etc, along with some truly terrible things too but those are just fun to find. This was one of those emails where I ended up with a behind the scenes video in my hands and a good one at that.

In this Look Again advert there are so so many outfits and the model, Erin, looks fantastic in every look! It also goes to show how much work goes into these adverts we watch. I've had a good look through the site and find quite a few things that I would love to add to my wardrobe. Especially the knit pattern biker, floral vest dress, orange parka and sock knit boots .. i'm creating outfits in my head already (take note family!) There are also a number of super comfy looking chunky knits that I really like the look of. Who wants to go shopping for me first?

floral vest dressboucle biker coat | orange parka | zip heeled boots
turquoise jeans | sock ankle boots | patterned jersey dress | aztec vest dress
ankle boots | knitted front biker jacket | shirt combo dress | ethnic print skirt & cardigan

I just watched this again and think i'm going to have to get hold of the metallic biker jacket seen 1:50 in.

♥ abby