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Last saturday called for a girly day with the bestie, I'd planned to pop to town for a few things anyway, a trip to boots for an emergency skincare change was needed! My friend decided to tag along which meant the usual store hopping, chatting, people watching and discussing trends we hate(!) as well as love. After a bit of a wander and a few too many purchases considering Christmas is pretty much around the corner, we decided to pop out if town for lunch.

I live in Plymouth, I'm not sure that I've mentioned that before so there you go .. I do. There are a couple of great parts with some lovely restaurants and scenery, one of them being the Royal William Yard which actually used to be royal navy victualling buildings. It's a beautiful place with impressive big stone grade 1 listed buildings and views of the waterfront. So we went along to pick out one of the restaurants for our lunch. Yes we could have chosen Wagamamas or Las Iguanas but frankly I just wanted a chunk of meat, sorry to any vegetarians reading but it's true. We decided to try Le Bistrot Pierre as it had been recommended to me a week earlier and wowza it was good! The prices were amazing considering the quality of food, we were so impressed. I can't say what I loved the most because it was all so delicious! So in true blogger style I took photos of everything to share with you all, enjoy :)

We shared a little ramekin of mini chorizos roasted in honey.

I had calamari to start as I tend to do when trying a new restaurant.

Kir had a mushroom ramekin with Gruyère cheese, which I tried and was delicious.

We both had pork with parsnip puree and apple cider sauce for our main.

Kir had white chocolate and raspberry B.. (I can't remember the name!!) for dessert

Feeling pretty stuffed I had a lovely creamy latte and mini biscotti.

Check out the bill! And we have loyalty stamps. Win.

It's not often that I enjoy food so much that I need to blog about it so thank you Le Bistro Pierre. I'll definitely be revisiting. :)

Maybe I should talk about restaurants I like a little more often, what do you think?

♥ abby


  1. Great blog post about a great restaurant.

  2. Food looks lovely! My dad lives in Plymouth, I'll ask to go up here next time I visit. :)

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    Heidi ♡

  3. Omg that food looks so good! xo

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