mid week craving: printed legs

19 December 2012

I never thought that I'd like patterns on my legs but lately I've seen some fantastic jeans that I would love to get my pins into! I think that because these pairs are a lot more muted than the norm in patterned trousers I'm somewhat attracted to them. I can see them on me in an oversized tee and blazer or biker with statement jewellery and looking pretty good.

What do you think? Yay or Nay on the patterned jeans trend? Judge me.

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♥ abby

collaring in

18 December 2012

Studded. Plain. Sequined. Round. Pointed. Contrast. If you play a game of word association with anyone remotely interested in fashion this season, the word that’s most likely to follow all of these is collar. This season, the humble collar has been given Statement status, becoming the focal point for many an outfit.

One of the greatest ambassadors for the collar is Carven. Two years ago the brand included a silk peter pan collar in the AW10 collection, and it sold out everywhere within days. The success of this collar did not go unnoticed by Carven, and since then they have designed different styles, embellished shirt collars and added micro white cotton collars to wool dresses and tops alike. It’s these quirky details that have earned Carven a cult celebrity following, including 3 time winner of the British Fashion Awards ‘Style Icon’ gong, Alexa Chung.

Carven is not the only champion of the collar. For PRE SS13 Equipment have added gold tips to a black silk shirt, infusing a classic day piece with a touch of rock n’ roll edge. On the high-street you can find similar designs at Zara. The collar doesn’t have to be embellished to be the focus. There’s a growing trend for a contrast collar on a plain cotton shirt. Again, this is Carven territory, but Mr. Start Woman has also included a contrast collar shirt in the brands first ever collection.

Collars play a big part in the Mr. Start Woman Collection A. Mr. Start has built an entire shirt collection based on different collar sizes, so it’s only natural that the female counterpart, Mr. Start Woman, places the same emphasis on the collar. As part of Collection A, the Mr. Start Woman shirts exhibits two different point collar sizes – the fashion collar and the slightly larger sixties collar, a round collar and a contrast collar. But the stand out pieces are probably the 3 collars: Astrid, Abby and Amber. The Astrid, a sequin and crystal embellished point collar with a grosgrain ribbon and button fastening, is a great way to dress up a simple sweater this festive season, taking you from work to party in one fell swoop. The Amber white cotton point collar, as featured in Grazia, and the Abby white round collar can be worn poking out of your favourite knitwear pieces, creating a cute, preppy look without the bulkiness of wearing a full shirt.

As we know, Alexa Chung is a big fan of the embellished collars, but she isn’t the only stylish celebrity that has been spotted sporting a statement collar. Sartorially adept actresses Natalie Portman, Hailee Steinfeld and Emma Watson all channel the trend with aplomb.
Author Bio: Charlotte Rivington is a freelance writer and enjoys writing about fashion and sharing her experiences as she travels through the depths of the world, exposing her adventures whilst in search for her clothing. She is currently in love with boutiques in London.
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making cash for christmas

14 December 2012

The holidays can be stressful, your shopping list keeps growing but your funds seem to be disappearing. You’re not the only one who is strapped for cash this season. The best thing to do is to try not to panic.. With a little extra effort and creativity, you can easily earn some extra cash just in time for Christmas. :)

take on extra work
Perhaps the most obvious way to make more money is to work extra hours or get another part-time job. Time permitting; taking on a little extra work will reap great benefits. Several restaurants, bars and retail stores are hiring for the holidays. They need the extra help just as much as you need the money. If you can, try to stick around after the holidays pass to help out with exchanges and returns and post-holiday sales.

If you don’t want to add on taxing hours to your daytime job, try freelancing. There are numerous opportunities to write, take pictures and perform other services. This enables you more flexibility in terms of scheduling and how much work you accept.

turn clutter into cash
Go through your house and look for things you no longer use. It could be old clothes, toys, furniture, jewellery - basically anything - and you could find someone who is willing to pay for it. Try popping up a blog sale, notify friends and family, or even try hosting a car boot sale.

trade in gadgets
Selling stuff online is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money! Recycling sites like Music Magpie will give you money for your old electronics. Depending on the model and condition, they will pay you for giving them old computers, televisions, CDs, DVDs, gaming consoles and games, phones and other gadgets.

offer your talent
Maybe you play an instrument, can sing or are a great cook. Take advantage of your skills this holiday season by performing for people so if someone is throwing a holiday party, offer to provide the entertainment or bake a cake. Then advertise your product or service on blogs and social media to get the word out.

lend your neighbour a hand
The winter weather means that yards and walkways are covered in leaves and snow. If your neighbours don’t have the time or the stamina to do their yard work, offer to do it for them for a small fee. Raking, shovelling and cleaning the neighbour’s yard is a great way for kids and teenagers to earn extra cash. Doing any other kind of house work, babysitting and pet sitting or even gift wrapping for family friends and neighbours is also quick way to increase your funds.

With all the extra shopping and expenses, the holidays can be a little stressful. But, remember that this time of year is about being grateful for what you have and helping others. It just so happens that there are numerous ways to help benefit others this holiday and earn some earn some extra cash at the same time.

Happy Holidays everyone!

♥ abby
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giving: for him

3 December 2012

Seeing as it is now officially the season to be jolly, I think it's time to start thinking about present giving - properly this time. Throughout October and November I find myself making lists of vague ideas on what to buy my friends and family but it isn't until December that I actually get a kick up my bum and and decide to buy things. So with that in mind, let's consider the males in our lives and what on earth to buy them. I always find guys the most awkward to give to so this is why I am starting my christmas giving series with them.

1. For the man who likes tan - but not of the fake kind. This iPhone case is a gorgeous leather and comes in a swish box which makes it a lovely present.

2. Every guy needs some sort of christmas jumper and okay this cream knit may not be that christmassy but I challenge you not to picture the guys in your family wearing it whilst holding a mulled wine and singing carols - It's brilliant!

3. A great joke/completely functional present - These pop phones are great fun ad work with laptops, tablets and phones. I use mine with my iPhone 5 and love it! You'd be surprised how much we have genuinely been using it around the house.. pretty good for a joke present. And if you need to convince your Mr that it's a good idea show him the picture of Lenny Kravitz wandering the streets with his!

4. Every year, someone will receive a bag from me and that bag will be stuffed full of their other gifts. Last year it was my sister but this year i'm eyeing up the mens bags. This brown airline bag is a good size and would fit a number of my other picks in it.. hmmm.

5. We seem to have a thing about breaking and losing headphones in our house and i'm sure we're not the only people that can't seem to keep a pair of headphones for longer than 6 months. They are a small and easy thing to give at christmas so why not pop a red, blue or black pair under the tree.

6 & 8. You can't get more basic than boxers and a belt but the boys need them so we buy them. Maybe throw some chunky socks in the mix as well.

7. A hat is a great present because it's unlikely that they'll buy one themselves. I see so many guys wandering the streets with bright red and very cold ears and it makes me want to hand out cosy beanies.

9. I have learnt that men like functional things recently and I think that it may be an instinct thing because even my younger brother doesn't seem to care about the brand names so long as the product in question is functional in some cool way. These Dubarry Galway boots are just that.. they have the durability of a walking boot and are waterproof like wells, great for those long dog walks.

I hope this christmas giving blog post has helped you with the men in your life as much as it seems to have helped me :)

If you have any tips or ideas yourself, i'd love to hear them.

Thanks for reading! :)

♥ abby