new in: molly bracken trainers

30 October 2017

Molly Bracken is a brand that you may not have come across before as it doesn't feature prominently on many of the websites where their range is sold. That doesn't mean the brand should be overlooked. While this write up focusses on their shoes, Molly Bracken have some unique and stylish clothing that could easily become a staple or special piece in your wardrobe.

Introducing The Molly Bracken 'Dales'; a pair of velvet low top trainers with ribbon laces.

asos save list

16 October 2017

Today we're throwing back to a feature launched last year but not yet touched on in 2017 despite asos being an (almost) daily lookup for style inspiration, personal shopping and gift buying.

Asos is a constantly updating source of great style and a huge variety of brands so it's no wonder that we all use the save list as much as we do. That, combined with the rewards scheme, everyone loves an asos delivery.

So here are some top picks from sale and new in at the moment that are likely to turn your head this autumn or even be the perfect gift for a friend (dare you think about Christmas this early??)

craving: statement boots

8 October 2017

Statement shoes is hardly a new idea to fall upon the fashion world with velvet and hi-shine boots in particular having been around for many years. However this year has seen an increase in the stand-out shoe and the way it's worn. With basic and sport luxe outfits becoming, what seems like, more widely worn than ever before it's a good time for the statement shoes to step into the limelight. Focussing on boots in particular because that's where my mind goes when thinking of any shoes, not just the stand-out styles it's clear that the high street shops and online store have upped their game recently and are offering a variety of gorgeous accessories that weren't designed to blend in.

This particular collection that attracted attention from the mountain of variety on category pages are from Zara, New Look, Kate Spade, Missguided, Asos, Topshop, Nasty Gal and others. (All links are listed below)