my temporary jewellery storage

25 November 2010

Ideally this isn't how i'd like to store my jewellery but i've been having trouble keeping my jewellery holder on the wall and finding space for my other handmade holders and so it will do for now. At least until Shaun and I move into our own house.. then i'll have the room in the walk in wardrobe :)

I should point out that this is not all of my jewellery, I have numerous pieces about the house at the moment. My sephine london owl studs are on shauns desk along with a couple of rings. I have a few favourite necklaces hanging over my dressing table mirror; polly pocket, swarovki heart, giftgirls keep calm and carry on and saras secret ursula to name a few. Along with a collection of rings on my desk.

I used to store my make up in 8 of these drawers until I bought some much prettier white wooden /wicker storage.

The bangles to big for my drawers sit on the top at the moment, I don't have too many so it's the perfect place for them.

I'm not a big wearer of bracelets, I like them simple and pretty in the winter and full and colourful in the summer but
I don't own a lot and I don't wear them often.

This is absolutely not how i'd like to store my necklaces. There's a lot of little boxes that I have accumulated through
buying necklaces online with a few of necklaces in each. This way they don't get tangled and I can sort through them
easier. Of course i'd still rather hang them individually but that can wait.

My most unorganised drawer! I hate this drawer and because of it I tend to wear the same earrings over and over.
I need a larger stud holder and somewhere to hang my drop earrings fabric holder.

I know it's quite easy for my rings to get damaged being stored this way but that's why it's only temporary!

As this is effectively just a storage post if there is anything you see here that'd you'd like more of a detailed look at then please let me know. I really love all my jewellery so am always happy to share and show you.

Thank you for reading. And thank you soooooo much for following! There's over 500 of you now which is just incredible, i'm so happy. I'd like to do a giveaway as a proper thank you but it may be a little difficult on the lead up to christmas. I'll give it a think and keep you updated :)

♥ abby

christmas gift ideas: jewellery

18 November 2010

I'm sure that you are all aware there are a ridiculous number of websites about that sell jewellery, not all can be found on google and not all have shops but blogs and other means of promoting their jewellery. I'll admit i'm a bit of a jewellery fiend and there are a number of places I always keep my eye on. I think it's only fair to share with you my top picks not only for christmas gifts but for myself too.. I'd be incredibly happy with any of these for christmas ;) *nudge*

I had a lot of fun making this post, as always so please, enjoy :)




bracelets and bangles

I hope this gave you a tonne of inspiration! Not only for gifts for other people what for what to put on your wishlists too..

♥ abby xx

incredible boohoo offers

This is a super quick post as I have a jewellery /christmas shopping one scheduled for later on.. Just to let you guys know about the wondrous offers that boohoo have announced. Along with a little shopping inspiration ofcourse! ;)

20% off Party Wear code: PARTY


20% off Knitwear code : COSY


25% off on all Bags


50% off on all Belts


Buy One Get One Free on all jewellery


Have a great night girls!!

♥ abby xx

my must haves : benefit dear john

15 November 2010

I've been using benefit's dear john for about 3 months now and figured it was about time that a raved about it. These photos were taken when I first bought the jar in my local boots for £26 and if I were to take one now there wouldn't be much of a difference in content. I'd say i've used about a quarter, if that! Now that's value for money right there.

I don't use it all over my face a lot of the time because my skin is so combination that I can't. I have to avoid the oily areas of my face as they just do not need the moisture. This being the crease of my chin, either side of the lower part of my nose and hair line.

The scent is a clean one, almost johnson baby lotion inspired.. simple and calming. I hate it when moisturisers to to be fragrant or vanillary, it's too overwhelming and uncalled for in a face moisturiser.

I have tried a few 'good' moisturisers before and even after giving my skin a fortnight to get used to the product I would still break out often. This is the first moisturiser I have used that hasn't done that. In fact I barely broke out at all during my 2 week trial period.

I find it too be creamy and not overly thick. It is a pure white opaque mix that sinks into my skin almost immediately leaving it silky soft and ready to apply my that gal primer. I find that if I were to go a day without using these 2 together then there is a disappointing result at the end of the day. The moisturiser acts as a base or a barrier as well as it's obvious attributes. By using Dear John first it prevents That Gal from sinking into my skin which allows it to do the work of a brilliant primer all day long.

If you like the sound of this then pop to your nearest Benefit counter and ask for a sample.. that's what I did in order to try it for 2 weeks and it was so worth the try! I'm now very happy in my own skin again which is surprising seeing as the nasty winter wind is in.

I hope I didn't ramble too much in this, I know a lot of text can be a little overwhelming so I tried to keep it short and to the point (tried). You girls know i'm not big on writing reviews.. I hardly ever do it but for Dear John.. totally worth it! Have you tried this moisturiser or are you interested in it now? I'd love to know your experiences with it! :)

♥ abby

recipe : apple and cinammon crumble

12 November 2010

If there's one thing that really de-stresses me it's baking and cooking desserts. Main menus and actual good for you food doesn't work for me as it's not entirely in my comfort zone. But making cakes, cookies, crumbles, ice cream etc is where I get into the the zone and chill out, it's sort of my escape. Plus you get a scrummy treat at the end of it so what isn't to love! :)

Lets get started with one of my favourite dessert dishes, apple crumble. This was my favourite even before I started adding other bits and bobs into the mix and now I seem to love it even more. My apple crumble does not last long in our house!

First you will need to make sure that you have all of the ingredients and aparatus below. I get mine all out and ready which makes the whole process quicker and much easier.

you will need
a large saucepan
a mixing bowl
oven proof dish fit for a finished crumble

4 cooking apples
2 small handfuls of sultanas
a heaped tablespoon of ground cinammon

10oz plain flour
6oz cooking butter, at room temperature
6oz caster sugar
a small teaspoon of cinammon to taste, if you like

Chop your apples into bite sized wedges. I tend to remove the apple core and cut 1 cooking apple into 8 by halving, then again and so on until happy with the size. Repeat this for all 4 apples.

Then put these into a large saucepan on a medium heat with about 3 tablespoons of water. Not too much water otherwise you'll have a very soggy filling! Pop the lid slightly of centre and keep an eye on it. I find 4 apples can take around 15 to 20 minutes to be at the right gooey /hard mixed consistency we need then.

Whilst your apples are cooking it's time to make the topping. This is my favourite part! Other online recipes will tell you do do it differently but through experience I find my way to be the most rewarding.

Chuck all of your topping ingredients into one bowl and start rubbing away with your hands. You need to make sure that the butter is spread out throughout the bowl of powder ingredients and covered by them. Rubbing the mixture between your thumb and two fingers to get this bread crumb appearance. It might take a while, but get stuck in with 2 hands always mixing and rubbing from the bottom of the bowl throughout until you have a topping you're happy with, like this. Don't overdo this part as you could end up with a lumpy gooey mess which will not look cook once cooked!

Now that your topping is ready, you may have to wait on the apples. Once these are done to an almost gooey consistency but where you can still see some wedge shapes, take the pan off of the heat and pour straight into your oven proof serving dish.

Scatter the sultanas over the apple mixture and then the cinammon on top of that. you can use as little or as much of these as you like, the crumble should be completely to your taste.

Now add the topping as evenly as possible and put the finished crumble in the middle of a preheated oven for 20 minutes or until golden.

Unfortunately I don't have a final photo as when this particular crumble came out of the oven, I wasn't quick enough to grab the camera before there was a rather large piece missing courtesy of my boyfriend! Sorry guys .. But that shows you how good it really is, right?

♥ abby xx

essential knits: jumper dresses

10 November 2010

Jumper dresses or jumpers long enough to cover my bum and then some, are an absolute essential for me. My wardrobe could never have enough knitted dresses, they can be dressed up with jewellery, some gorgeous heels and a satin clutch, with over knee socks and fur trim wedges or even some patterned tights and knee high lace up boots. Knitted dresses can be worn with so many things in so many ways, they're one of the most versatile items you could possibly have in your wardrobe! Do you share my love?

♥ abby xx

essential knits: snoods

4 November 2010

Snoods have become one of the most loved knitwear items of the season. I for one love the convinience of slipping it over your head, there's no faffing around with the loose ends trying to make it hang right or making sure they're the right length and the scarf isn't too tight. Over your head and job done!

I love the cranberry and claret colours that are about at the moment which puts those 2 snoods from Matalan and River Island at the top of my wish list.

I'm not sure that I want to continue this 'essential knits' series. I have quite a few planned; jumper dresses, tights, oversized /chunky jumpers, hooded scarves, boyfriend cardigans and cropped jumpers. Is there any of those that you do or don't want to see? I plan on showing you all of my existing, most used and favourite knitwear too. They're pretty much all written but if it's uninteresting I won't bother :P

♥ abby xx