essential knits: snoods

4 November 2010

Snoods have become one of the most loved knitwear items of the season. I for one love the convinience of slipping it over your head, there's no faffing around with the loose ends trying to make it hang right or making sure they're the right length and the scarf isn't too tight. Over your head and job done!

I love the cranberry and claret colours that are about at the moment which puts those 2 snoods from Matalan and River Island at the top of my wish list.

I'm not sure that I want to continue this 'essential knits' series. I have quite a few planned; jumper dresses, tights, oversized /chunky jumpers, hooded scarves, boyfriend cardigans and cropped jumpers. Is there any of those that you do or don't want to see? I plan on showing you all of my existing, most used and favourite knitwear too. They're pretty much all written but if it's uninteresting I won't bother :P

♥ abby xx